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    Fine Motor Skills Milestones for Two Year Olds

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    Here is a list of fine motor skills milestones that your toddler is likely to achieve in her second year of life.

    Fine Motor Skills Milestones for Two Year Olds

    The first year of your baby was an eventful one for her. She learned to pick up and drop objects. Her dexterity improved to such an extent that she could use the pincer grasp. Now, she is two and her fine motor skills are going to reach new milestones. Let's take a quick look at them!

    Milestones between 12 and18 months

    Between 12 and 18 months, your toddler will be able to

    • stack two or three blocks
    • use her hands together to hold a toy
    • scribble with a crayon
    • point with her index finger
    • hold her own cup and try to drink from it
    • hold a spoon and try to feed herself
    • pull off her shoes

    Red flags to watch out for after 2 years

    • your toddler is not able to use a pincer grasp (thumb and index finger)
    • he does not point at things using his index finger
    • he is not able to put things into containers
    • he is not able to use both hands while playing
    • his movements seem off-balance

    Milestones between 18 months and 2 years

    Between 18 and 24 months, your child will be able to

    • stack 4-6 blocks
    • put four rings on a stick
    • turn the pages of a book, one at a time
    • scribble with a pencil held in the writing position
    • Make vertical, horizontal and circular strokes (may not be accurate) with a pencil or crayon
    • turn knobs and rotating handles
    • paint on paper using his whole arm to move the paintbrush
    • begin to string large beads
    • feed himself using a fork and spoon
    • pull up a large zipper
    • start holding crayons with his fingers
    • put large shapes into a shape sorter

    Red flags to watch out for after 2 years

    • she cannot imitate you drawing a vertical line
    • she is not able to put a simple, large puzzle piece into a wooden puzzle
    • she is not able to put a simple shape into a shape sorter
    • she is unable to hold a spoon and eat with it
    • she cannot stack two or three blocks on top of one another

    At this stage, your child will be very interested in activities such as drawing, building and manipulating objects. You can get him toys such as building blocks, construction sets and crayons. In this way, you can enhance his learning and also engage him in a way that's fun!

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