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    Easy-To-Do And Super Cool Hairstyles For Young Girls

    Team ParentCircle Monali Bordoloi Team ParentCircle and Monali Bordoloi 3 Mins Read

    Team ParentCircle Team ParentCircle


    Written by Team ParentCircle and published on 03 May 2021.

    Monali Bordoloi Monali Bordoloi


    Written by Monali Bordoloi and published on 03 May 2021.

    Want your little girl to be the center of attention and look her best at her next outing? Dressing her hair up with the most funky hairstyles is now going to be a breeze. Read on to see how

    Easy-To-Do And Super Cool Hairstyles For Young Girls

    Most young girls are very particular that their hair is well taken care of and love to adorn it with various accessories such as headbands and flower clips. They like being trendy and ask their mothers to try different hairstyles on them so that they look their best on any occasion. Festivals, parties or family gatherings are the best time to go fancy with young girls' hair. If you are looking for trendy hairstyles, check out this article.

    So what's the biggest hairstyle trend for young girls for the festive season? According to hair experts, braids are the hottest trend this season for little girls and you can make innumerable different styles for her with braids that are not just cool, but also easy-to-do.

    Just tie a simple Princess Elsa-inspired braid, a top braid, a French plait or a fishtail — the options are limitless.

    Here, we show you some really stunning, no-sweat, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) styles that are going to turn you into a super mother overnight. Try them on your daughter and see how she jumps up in joy.

    Space bun (image on top)

    This easy-to-do style will make your girl look like a diva. One of the most popular styles of the season, the space bun not just looks funky and cool but is a good no-fuss hairdo to keep the hair away from the face.

    How to do it: 

    • Make a middle partition from the top of the head all the way to the nape
    • Tie a high ponytail, each on both sides tightly above the ear and secure with a black rubber band
    • Now tie a fishtail or a regular plait with both sections of the hair, securing with rubber bands at the end
    • Wrap the plaits around and tie with a band to create a high bun on each side

    Wear it to: A play date, to the park or just playing outdoors.

    French braid high bun

    This beautiful hairdo combines two different styles and turns it into one awesome hairstyle. It suits both shoulder length and long hair and seems to give the hair more volume. Your little one will look as pretty as a peach.

    How to do it: 

    • Make a V-section and take hair from the front part of the head
    • Clip this section over the head
    • Tie a high ponytail with the remaining hair at the back of the head and secure with a rubber band
    • Using a doughnut stuffing over the ponytail, spread the hair to make a smooth round bun. Secure with a rubber band
    • French braid the V-section of hair and conceal the ends around the bun
    • Smooth any stray hairs with a fine comb and tie a beautiful ribbon around the bun

    Wear it to: Formal get-togethers, festivals, special occasions, party

    Roll up with flower

    This hairdo is very chic and has a kind of fairy tale aura to it. Girls look really cherubic and dainty in this hairstyle which is not very difficult to do at home. The flower adds pizazz and looks really perfect for a formal outing.

    How to do it:

    • Take a side partition from the front to halfway down the head
    • From the other side, take a small section of hair and twist it neatly
    • Take the twisted section towards the back and pin it securely
    • Neatly comb down the remaining hair from the back and carefully roll it up from the tip upwards, till the nape. It should look like a roll of hair
    • Holding it carefully, pin it from the inside and the side in such a way that it creates a slight curve at the base of the neck
    • Once the hairstyle is held tightly pin a hair flower in the middle of the roll-up

    Wear it to: Formal parties, weddings, special occasions

    Also see this funky and casual DIY Cross Plait hairstyle that will look really cool on your little girl!


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