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Having a party at home soon? Try these 5 couple games that are sure to add to the fun

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Aditi Sheoran Chhajta Aditi Sheoran Chhajta


To all those who are baffled and clueless about how to make your upcoming party a big hit we've got news for you! Read on to know the five best couple games that will smash your house party!

Having a party at home soon? Try these 5 couple games that are sure to add to the fun

Anyone with kids will agree that around the clock, your little ones need your constant supervision, attention and care. And this can take a toll on you. We get that! So, sometimes you need to pause your role as mom and dad and focus on yourself and your well-being.

So, every once in a while, in your busy lives, take some time away from your kids. Wanting this time away does not negate you as a parent. In fact, this little break will do you more good than harm. It will help you bounce back to your role as parents in a better, reenergized way.

And instead of a movie or a dinner out, host a couples-only party and enjoy a kids-free evening together. You will be doing the other parents a favor by giving them some time away from their kids too!

And no party is complete without games! So throw in some party games to help the guests relax and have some good fun, leaving a lot to talk about and some hilarious moments to remember. And if you are having trouble finding the right games, you have come to the right place. Here are our top handpicked games for couples. Read on!

1. Find your ring

This game is bound to make couples reminiscence their wedding day.

How to play

Blindfold everyone and only then give instructions on how to play the game. Take a bowl and ask all the couples to put their wedding rings in it. Mix the rings well. You could add some thermocol balls or confetti to make the bowl fuller and add to the challenge.

Now, call the couples one by one. First, ask the wife to find her husband's rings and then vice versa. The couples who get both rings right, receive a gift that celebrates their marriage. For those who get just one right, give a gift that matches the mood. For example, if the wife got the right ring and the husband didn't, you could gift something funny that glorifies the wife and vice versa. You can add twists to this game however you like!

2. Dumb charades

Dumb charades is one of the most exciting age-old, classic party games that you can never go wrong with. It is highly engaging and fun. And what's more? People get to test their acting skills as much as their teamwork and patience. It's undoubtedly one of the most hilariously competitive party games.

How to play

Divide the group into two, make sure spouses are in opposing teams for stage 1. Now give 2 pre-decided movie titles or names of personalities per group, one by one. While one tries to enact the movie or personality name, the rest of the team tries to guess the title correctly. Each team gets two minutes to guess the right answer. For stage 2, reorganize the groups by pairing spouses together this time and see the fun unfold. This game gets even more enjoyable when everyone is a few drinks down!

3. Who's your mate?

This game is a test of how well people know their partners' likes and dislikes. Many times it ends up making spouses see each other in a new way. They learn something new about their partner!

How to play

Make two mixed groups, by splitting the couples. One group is asked to leave the room. A questionnaire related to 'the lady' is handed out to the two groups separately. The men are supposed to answer each question the way they think their partner would respond. The idea is for them to write each answer down, so that when their partner returns they can give their own answer to each question. Award point values for each question that is a match. Then reverse roles of the couples for the next set of questions. The couple with the most points wins the prize!

4. Poets and lovers

This is a highly creative and funny game. It not just tests everyone's rhyming skills, but also forces them to come up with illogical & bizarre poems for their spouses. This is one game that the couples are sure to remember long after the party is over.

How to play

Write 25 romantic or suggestive words on index cards, such as love, lips, candlelight, hot, passion, roses, chocolate, anniversary and so on. On another 25 index cards, write some not so appealing words or tasks such as ironing board, laundry, phenyl, dusting, waxing, petrol, dishes, bills and so on. Stack the two piles of cards separately, and give each participant a paper and pencil. Have each of them draw out a card from each pile. When everyone has two cards, ask them to make up a silly love poem using the two words or phrases they have drawn. For example: 'Your lips are red, but when I see our bills I am dead!' Now have everyone read out aloud, their poems to their spouses. You will have the room in splits!

5. Never have I ever

This game is by far one of the best ice-breakers to get the party started. It's a great way for everyone to get to know each other in a fun, humorous way. This game is sure to reveal the silly and undiscovered side of participants, even if the group has people who know each other.

How to play

If the group knows each other well then the way to play 'Never have I ever...' is to stand or sit in a circle. Then one person begins by saying something that they have never done - 'Never have I ever driven a car without a license. If anyone in the group has done so, then they gain one point. The couple with the minimum points in the end wins.

If the group is new to each other, it begins with one person saying something outlandish they have done, but prefixing the statement with 'Never have I ever'. For example, if they have lost something that belonged to their wife, they would start by saying 'Never have I ever, lost any of my wife's things and not told her'. They gain one point for this. If the statement is really outlandish then they gain 3 points. The couple with the maximum points wins. This game is a show stealer and leaves a lot for everyone to talk about later on.

So go ahead and pick a game or two from the list, and see your party liven up with loads of fun and roars of laughter and excitement!

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