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Valentine's Day

CONTEST ALERT! Valentine's Day Special | Parent-Child Role Swap Photo Contest

Valentine's Day

CONTEST ALERT! Valentine's Day Special | Parent-Child Role Swap Photo Contest

Parents & kids, how fun would it be to swap roles with each other for a little while and get into some action in our new roles? So get ready for some creative connection! Reverse roles, get dressed up, show some love, click pictures, and share them with us!

Rules for the contest: 1) One entry per person. 2) If you have more pictures to share, kindly make a collage 3) It is deemed that participants are responsible for the pictures/content that they post. 4) ParentCircle may use the pictures for publishing purposes in the future at its discretion 5) The decision of judges stands final 6) There is no age limit for the children. Top entries stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers! The contest closes on February 28, 2021. ... more

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  • Feb 12, 2021


Prabha Feb 21, 2021

My son Sooriya Mridhan(4 year old)always been super active in all ways and grasps everything well! His all time favorite game to play was "teacher-student" game/ "mom - son" (imitation) game . He always ties my dhupata/ Saree on him and starts taking classes like his teacher does , else starts questioning me like the way I do to him !

I see another mother in him those times !

As parent , I have always been proud of him about how he respects and reacts to every individual he comes across in his life. He grasps literally all the simple advices I tell him and uses them back to me when needed. This has always been surprising for me .....and I literally go speechless .
I once told him to wash his hands and legs after playtime while entering home , ( I sware I just told him this once )... from then , when I enter home after work from outside , he stands near the gate , pulls me near the tap and says "Amma first go wash your legs and enter the house ".....and so...many more like this from sunrise to sunset , in many ways he has always been imitating me and has been another mother to me !
So My usual regular life has always been swapped between my son and myself ! Now I totally feel proud of it .... I personally would like to thank parents circle for identifying every minute characterists between a child and the parent and make them feel proud of it ! ? #parentcircle.com#proudmom#momandson

Team ParentCircle Mar 3, 2021


This is so lovely! Thank you Sindhu for sharing this with us :)

Jisha Varghese Feb 23, 2021

Lockdown was a blessing for me because work from home gave me more time to spend with my little one,swapping roles.Truth is that she took advantage of the situation forcing me most of the time to be her baby girl and drink milk.

Team ParentCircle Mar 3, 2021

@Jisha Varghese

How cute! Thanks for sharing :)

Shannon Almeida Feb 22, 2021

It was such a joy to wear my daughter's school uniform and carry her school bag with her water bottle. She was so elated to see me in her uniform that she had tears of joy. It was surely an emotional yet an irreplaceable moment for us as a Mother and Daughter.

Team ParentCircle Mar 3, 2021

@Shannon Almeida

I'm sure your daughter would have felt so happy! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Saju Johnson Feb 21, 2021

So I am your Mommy,go take out your slate,books and pencil.Let us revise what teacher has taught us today.
This is what my daughter loves to play whenever we have free time.
And mind you I get few beat ups with the tiny cane stick she has if I don't get full marks.
My wify starts complaining all her churidhaar shawls are wrinkled after our mother son revision time.
Best part is that I get chocolates if do well in the studies.That itself throws a light on how small perks encourage a child!

Team ParentCircle Mar 3, 2021

@Saju Johnson

This is so heartwarming! Thank you for sharing this with us! :)

Anni Feb 18, 2021


Team ParentCircle Mar 3, 2021


I hope you loved getting back into school clothes and reminiscing those memories! :) Thanks for sharing!

Smitha.R P Feb 17, 2021

Myself with my daughters Heeral and Sinchal .Thank you parent circle .We enjoyed a lot doing this role swap ..

Team ParentCircle Mar 3, 2021

@Smitha.R P

Thank you for sharing! This is very cute! :)

Team ParentCircle Mar 2, 2021

Thanks to all our participants! The contest is closed!

Watch out this space for updates on the results :)