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The Role Of The Extended Family In Child Development



The Role Of The Extended Family In Child Development

Maintaining positive relationships between children and their extended family members should be encouraged and continued. Failure to do so can result in another loss for the children. The benefits for the children in keeping these relationships are.

How Important Is An Extended Family To Your Child?

Raising a child in a family surrounded by loved ones, parents, relations, friends, and grandparents helps them to be an individual who is self-assured, affirmative, has a strong sense of self and self-esteem. They understand the parental care, sac...

How The Extended Family Can Contribute To A Child's Growth

Try to take advantage of your extended family as far as your kids are concerned. Read on to know about these many benefits...

Family Impact On Early Childhood Development

During early childhood, a parent's attitudes and values can be passed on to the child. During this time their self concept is forming, and can be heavily influenced by their parents, according to Heather Weiss, Founder and Director of the Harvard ...

The Value Of The Extended Family In Raising Children

Having the support of an extended family can help parents through many of the tougher times with child raising. Extended families play an important part in at least three areas of parenting. The extended family can assist with childcare needs on a...

Raising Babies: The Role Of The Extended Family

Your extended family can be a great help once a new baby arrives. A new mom needs to focus on sleep, good eating and caring for the baby. Let others bring you food and make sure there is enough in the fridge when you don’t have time to cook. Let o...

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