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    Best Storybooks On 'Back To School' For Kids

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    Your child might not be looking forward to going back to school given the fun summer she had. Here are fun some story books about going back to school get your child exited about school.

    Best Storybooks On 'Back To School' For Kids

    Saying goodbye to the summer vacations and gearing up for the reopening of school is enough to give anyone the blues. Here are a few back-to-school reads to get your children back in the mood for school.

    3-5 Years

    Clifford's First School Day

    By Norman Bridwell

    Clifford-the big, red dog is an old favourite with little children. For years, the Clifford series has been teaching children valuable lessons on kindness, sharing and more, in a warm, endearing way. Clifford's first day of school, sees little Emily Elizabeth taking Clifford, the little puppy to her school for show-and-tell. Oh, what fun they all have! This colourful, cheerful storybook takes you through the various fun activities pre-schoolers enjoy like, finger-painting, water-play, and even baking. The book is great for toddlers who are just getting set to start school.

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    The Berenstain Bears Go to School

    By Sam and Jen Berenstain

    The school year is beginning and Sister Bear is getting ready to accompany her brother to school for the very first time. She is just starting kindergarten and is nervous and excited about it! She has always wanted to go to school like her brother but is worried about what school will be like. When Mother Bear takes her to school however, she finds her fears melting away. With a wonderful teacher and a whole bunch of new friends, Sister Bear discovers that school is a lot of fun! The book is ideal for kids starting school, since it is beautifully illustrated with attractive activities. The book also deals with some of the anxieties that children face when they are starting school.

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    6-9 Years

    Go Girl Back To School!

    By Meredith Badger

    Another school year and Chloe finds herself in a new class, with a new teacher. Only, Mrs Clarke's classroom is the last place that Chloe wants to be in. To top it all, there is so much work that needs to be done. Chloe finds herself struggling to keep up with what's being taught in Math. She is afraid to say anything for fear that she may come away looking dumb. All this appears to be the makings of a rocky start to her school year. The book addresses a lot of the anxieties that children face in school. Illustrations by Ash Oswald make the book a light, entertaining read.

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    Miss Nelson is Missing!

    By Harry G. Allard

    When Miss Nelson goes on leave for a few days, the 8-year-olds of class 207 have plenty of room to plan their mischief. The book follows the misadventures and pranks played out by a naughty group of children who will go to any length to avoid having a horrible substitute teacher. With spunky illustrations, especially of the principal Mr Blandsworth, complete with his short stature, buck teeth and even a tie with a palm tree on it, the book is extremely entertaining and fun. It gives young readers a sense of the adventures that lie waiting for them at school, with friends and teachers alike.

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    10-12 Years

    Return to Ribblestrop

    By Andy Mulligan

    Follow the adventures of Millie and her friends at their unusual school, Ribblestrop Towers. The girls who seem to spend their time chasing trouble at its coattails have many adventures like surviving car crashes, setting hostels on fire and even confronting an angry jungle cat. In the dark, mysterious and even sinister school, the students are set to start another term that is packed to the brim with adventure! With an upside-down logic and mind-boggling absurdity, the central characters of the book are caught in an endless flux of action. The tongue-in-cheek humour of the author is just the right medicine to drive away from the end-of-vacation gloom!

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