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    Best Science Apps and Videos for Kids

    Aarthi Arun Aarthi Arun 16 Mins Read

    Aarthi Arun Aarthi Arun


    Written by Aarthi Arun and published on 20 July 2021.

    Trying to raise a science enthusiast? It's never been easier with these futuristic science learning apps. Trust us, it's not rocket science!

    Pre-schooler to Teen
    Best Science Apps and Videos for Kids

    It is not far-fetched to say that technology runs the world. For better prospects and a bright future in the 21st century, your child would need to be good in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. And, that's exactly why we are sharing with you the list of the best science learning apps. These educational apps are full of interesting information to help your little scientist or young engineer get a head start.

    Ages 6 to 9

    1. DIY Sun Science (Free for download)

    Developer: The Lawrence Hall of Science

    Operating system: iOS


    • Includes more than 12 activities with detailed instructions
    • Includes Sun Observatory where your child can view live images of the sun taken from a NASA satellite
    • Provides access to images and videos of the sun from various observatories

    This is an exciting, one-of-a-kind app funded by NASA. There are activities, images and videos for your child to learn all about the Sun in a practical and engaging manner.

    Download link:


    2. iTooch (Free with in-app purchases)

    Developer: EduPad

    Operating systems: Android, iOS


    • Has a virtual blackboard to practise lessons
    • Includes a summary at the end of each lesson
    • Includes images, tips and clear explanations

    The popular iTooch app offers science lessons for children of grades 3, 4 and 5. With a friendly interface and multi-player options, this app will surely make your child fall in love with Science.

    Download links:



    3. Plum's Creaturizer (Free for download)

    Developer: PBS Kids

    Operating system: iOS


    • Includes over a hundred different body parts of animals - that translates to the possibility of creating over a billion creatures
    • Your child can create missions for each of his creatures, where he has to plan about its diet, habitat and characteristics
    • Has a handy questionnaire about the creatures that will get your child thinking

    This innovative app is perfect for your little zoologist. It will help him create unique creatures with special abilities. And, by doing this, your child can understand how different animals go about their daily routine.

    Download link:


    4. Earth School (Free with in-app purchases)

    Developer: Yateland

    Operating systems: Android, iOS


    • Includes 14 games to learn about the universe
    • Interactive with original artwork and fun sound effects
    • No ads

    Is your child a space fanatic? Then, this is the perfect app to teach her all about the universe. Earth School explains everything from the origins of the universe to the blackholes in an easy, age-appropriate language.

    Download links:



    5. Pepi Tree Lite (Free for download)

    Developer: Pepi Play

    Operating systems: Android, iOS


    • Includes two different games with an original soundtrack
    • Non-competitive games where the focus is on learning instead of winning or losing

    Your child can learn all about forest habitat and tree-dwelling animals like squirrels, owls, hedgehog with this cheerful learning app. Geared towards younger elementary school-aged kids, this science learning app explores science in a fun way.

    Download links:



    Ages 10 to 12

    1. iNaturalist (Free for download)

    Developer: iNaturalist

    Operating systems: Android, iOS


    • An educational app which is an initiative by the National Geographic Society
    • Interactive map to discover new plants and animals from everywhere in the world
    • Your child will spend more time with nature, observing and recording different plants and animals

    iNaturalist is a science app that will urge your child to look around him and appreciate nature. This app is like a huge repository where your child can upload pictures of various flora and fauna in your neighbourhood. The iNaturalist will match them to the related species. If not, the community and experts can help identify it.

    Download links:



    2. Little Alchemy (Free for download)

    Developer: Jakub Koziol

    Operating systems: Android, iOS


    • Includes 560 elements to try combinations
    • Your child can create surprising items like an alien, tsunami, zombie and so on

    In this novel learning app, your child will be creating new elements from the four basic items: earth, fire, water and air. With more than 500 elements, there is a whole new world of items that your child can create with his imagination.

    Download links:



    3. BrainPOP Featured Movie (Free for download)

    Developer: BrainPOP

    Download links: Android, iOS


    • An award-winning app from a reputed educational company
    • Includes a humorous robot character that is relatable for children
    • Includes sub-titles to help children read along

    As the name suggests, this app plays an animated video every day on various subjects that include many science topics. At the end of the video, there is also a quiz session to check how well your child has understood the topic.

    Download links:



    4. NSF Science Zone (Free for download)

    Developer: National Science Foundation

    Operating systems: Android, iOS


    • Filters to choose your child's areas of interests
    • High-resolution images and videos to captivate your child's interests
    • Your child can download the images and share them with friends and family

    This app, by the National Science Foundation, has a wealth of information on all things related to Science. Your child can navigate the entire universe from deep space to the arid ice deserts of Antarctica in this visually stunning science learning app.

    Download links:



    5. Nova Elements (Free for download)

    Developer: PBS

    Operating system: iOS


    • Includes an interactive Periodic Table
    • Hosted by Emmy-winning TV personality, David Pogue

    What is Science without atoms, molecules and matter? Your child is going to learn all about elements and the Periodic Table in this interactive app. This learning app also has a two-hour movie, 'Hunting the Elements'.

    Download link:


    Ages 13 to 18

    1. Codeacademy (Free with in-app purchases)

    Developer: Codeacademy

    Operating systems: Android, iOS


    • A handy list of flashcards to brush up knowledge
    • Day-to-day advice from the industry leaders

    For any aspiring Software Engineer, Codeacademy is a boon. HTML, Javascript, SQL and Python are some of the skills your child can practise with this highly-rated app.

    Download links:



    2. Space Station Research Explorer (Free for download)

    Developer: NASA

    Operating systems: Android, iOS


    • Includes a highly detailed model of the International Space Station
    • Superior graphics to visualise microgravity
    • Has filter and search options to find a particular mission or expedition

    Through Space Station Research Explorer, your teen can see the experiments happening at the International Space Station. With photos, videos, interactive activities and detailed explanations, this science learning app will equip your child with everything he needs for his Space research.

    Download links:



    3. Zooniverse (Free for download)

    Developer: Chris Lintott

    Operating systems: Android, iOS


    • Your child gets notifications and updates on projects
    • Access to scientific publications

    Zooniverse is an app that is similar to iNaturalist. It works by the concept of Citizen Science or people-powered-research. Your child can involve himself in projects voluntarily to collect data or observe things. This educational app is sure to arouse your teen's curiosity and boost her self-confidence a notch higher.

    Download links:



    4. Brilliant (Free with in-app purchases)

    Developer: Brilliant

    Operating systems: Android, iOS


    • An award-winning learning app designed by experts
    • Short sessions to hone problem-solving skills
    • Encourages life-long learning

    This 'brilliant' app aims to make your child a better problem-solver by developing his quantitative intuition. The app invokes your child's innate curiosity and lets him learn concepts interactively without relying on memorising facts.

    Download links:



    5. Biomes Viewer (Free for download)

    Developer: Howard Hughes Medical Institute

    Operating system: iOS


    • Includes details of around 16,000 animals
    • Has historical climate data for all the biomes
    • Maps depicting changes in the ecosystem in the past 300 years
    • A handy guide for educators and parents

    Your teen can take a wild ride around the world with Biomes Viewer. The science learning app teaches your child all about the various ecosystems of our planet. Your child can observe the climate and wildlife of any particular location on this interactive app.

    Download link:


    Top learning videos

    Looking for educational science videos? Here is a list of channels that feature engaging science content.

    Ages 6 to 9

    National Geographic Kids

    From weird to funny to interesting, Nat Geo Kids has videos about amazing animals and fascinating Science stuff. Age-appropriate and engaging, there is nothing better than National Geographic to instil a love for Science in your child.

    Download link:


    Sick Science

    Steve Spangler is the owner of a Science toy company. He gives interesting science experiment ideas on his channel for both parents and educators. Watch them along with your child and have fun experimenting.

    Download link:



    Based on a book series, the Quirkles are 26 imaginary scientists who aim to make Science fun for children. With all the fun experiments, you can seamlessly teach scientific concepts to your child.

    Download link:


    Bill Nye

    Bill Nye the Science Guy is a popular television series from the 1990s. In the YouTube channel version, your child can watch over 100 hours of the popular series where Bill Nye combines humour and science to make magic.

    Download link:



    MinuteEarth is a fun channel for your child to watch animated videos related to science. The channel has various topics to choose from, like Evolution, Energy and Climate Change, Geology, Anatomy and Health and many more.

    Download link:


    Ages 10+

    NASA Channel

    With Q and A sessions and live streaming from the ISS, NASA has everything to keep young scientists' minds motivated and awed. Your child can join NASA's magnificent journey through the Solar System and learn all about space exploration.

    Download link:



    Get all your child's science questions answered in this friendly channel. The channel has talk shows, mini dose videos and news to keep your preteen's curious mind occupied.

    Download link:


    The Backyard Scientist

    The Backyard Scientist does some dangerous stuff. So, it is important to warn your child to not to try them at home. He has enough curious videos to engage and entertain your teen.

    Download link:



    Is your child interested to know where the sun gets its energy or to know the world's roundest object? Get her to watch Veritasium, a fun and engaging science channel that will answer all her science questions.

    Download link:


    Physics Girl

    Dianna Cowern, the Physics Girl, motivates young girls to pick up physics on her popular channel. Your child can join Dianna's adventurous journey as she explores the unknown and does cool science stuff.

    Download link:


    Periodic Videos

    This is a Chemistry channel where there is a video for every element of the Periodic Table. With fun experiments and interesting info, this channel will get your child excited about learning Chemistry.

    Download link:


    About the author:

    Written by Aarthi Arun on 22 November 2019

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