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Best Building Block Toys for Toddlers

Amruta Deshpande Amruta Deshpande 8 Mins Read

Amruta Deshpande Amruta Deshpande


Nurturing through games and toys is an important part of the development process for little children. Building blocks not only help parents keep a toddler engaged but also teach various skills

Best Building Block Toys for Toddlers

They say the toddler phase is one of the most challenging for parents. It is no wonder that many people talk about the terrible twos with dread and find it difficult to keep the little ones engaged and out of trouble.

Toddlers, aged between 1 and 3 years, are mostly very active and have loads of energy to burn. Also, their attention span is less and they want to explore many things at the same time. Children at this age are good at grasping and learning new things. There are many games in the market, which cater to the vibrant energy of toddlers and have some learning value, apart from being entertaining.

Wouldn't it be great to teach them while they play? Several studies have proved that a child's brain develops quickly in the first five years of their life. Social, emotional, linguistic and other skills develop rapidly at this age. Parents can encourage their little ones to play with educational toys and participate in the fun themselves. This stimulates their brains and helps in learning new things the fun way.

Among the many learning aids, one of the important educational toys are building blocks that aid in developing motor, cognitive and social skills. Here we give you a low down of the different types of building block toys and how they aid in a child's growth:

1. Alphabet Blocks

A creative way to introduce alphabets and words to your toddler. Make short words with them, teach them put the blocks together to make their name or build names of animals and birds, the options are unlimited. Activities with alphabet blocks open up a whole new world for your toddler, in terms of learning. In some of the sets, the alphabets blocks are accompanied by pictures and numbers. This makes it a lot of fun for the little tyke, who will be occupied with this toy for long.

2. Building Blocks

Building toys give wings to the imagination of children. The benefits of building toys are many and your child may get really involved building different things for long periods of time, without uttering the word "bored." Be it making a bungalow or a car, let the children loose with these toys and you would always be amazed with what they create. The building blocks can be available in plastic form or in the form of wooden blocks. Get good quality ones, which are safe for children to use.

3. Soft Starlinks

These are connecting toys and can be used to make interlinked structures and various types of chains, or you child could just to spin them. Starlinks are great for children to learn how to fix and untangle. This toy can help the children develop problem solving as they will be twisting and turning the starlinks around to separate them. These toys are also soft to use and big enough that the children won't swallow it.

4. Foam Blocks

Foam blocks are great for small children because they are soft and lightweight for them to handle, yet large enough to be safe for playing. They come in different shapes and sizes, so apart from building with them, parents can introduce the concept of big and small, shapes and colours to their toddlers. Some sets are really large but medium ones are perfect for this age group.

5. Brick Box Set

This is the most common ones that children use these days to play and the more pieces they can have, the better. Brick toys are snap-together plastic bricks and there are unlimited ways in which your child can create her own masterpiece. This brick box set is huge enough for the kids to explore their artistry and create a big city or castle. There won't any complaints that they couldn't finish their house because the pieces were all used up. Some large set have as many as 700 to 800 pieces, but for a toddler, a 200-piece set should suffice.

6. Castle Building Box

Let your kid explore their inner Viking, with the castle building set. The colourful set is made of plastic and the pieces have smooth ends. While the construction of castle is underway, you can ask the children to make a story to go with it. Even better you can join in to help them build something majestic. These colourful toys are a lot of fun and keep the child engaged.

7. Log House Building Box

Don't we all love those warm log houses and big barns and stables? Well, this log house set has almost 100 pieces of wooden logs and will let your toddler create the same. Let the children make stables for their horses and barns to keep their toy tractors and trucks. This set a great for teaching them about the country life and also learn about farming.

8. City Building Kit

Children absorb what they see and then they emulate the same. The city building kit will help them in doing the same. With this kit, children can learn to make the garden they go to or their grandparent's home or the office their daddy go to. It will help in improving their memory and increase their observation skills.

9. Round Connecting Gear

A change from the usual square blocks, this round gear would encourage the children to think and create something innovative. The round gear are made of plastic and they mesh easily with the other pieces. This unique game would pose a challenge which the toddler would enjoy to solve.

Building blocks is one of the most common and most useful game set. Not only does it entertain, but also a source of education. Children learn coordination while connecting the blocks and removing them. They also learn to concentrate on a particular thing for a long time.

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