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    Baby boy names starting with the letter Y

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    Written by V Saravana Kumar and published on 10 June 2021.

    Are you looking for unique and trendy baby names starting with Y for your little son? Our list of boy baby names will help you with the task

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    Baby boy names starting with the letter Y

    As parents welcome the newborn into the family, they face the challenging task of naming the child. But, choosing a modern and latest Indian name for the baby is not easy. Family members, friends and everyone around come up with their own suggestions, making the job tougher.

    To help you out and make your job easier, we present a list of baby boy names that start with Y, the twenty-fifth letter of the English alphabet. Browse through our list that includes unique Hindu, Christian and Muslim names, and choose the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

    Etymology of the names: Etymology refers to the study of the origin and history of words. Most of the Christian names have Biblical origin, and the Muslim names have Arabic or Persian origin.

    Hindu baby boy names starting with Y

    Yajin - Worshipper

    Yaksh - Representative of God; God of snakes

    Yatan - Devotee

    Yukt - Precious

    Yadan - Honest; God's gift

    Yuvan - Young; healthy; strong

    Yashas - King; glory; fame

    Yinesh - Intelligent; genius

    Yojith - A positive thinker

    Yutish - Charming; handsome

    Yuvesh - Youthful king; prince

    Yuwant - Evergreen

    Yajatra - Adorable

    Yakshit - One who exists forever; permanent

    Yashith - Famous; glorious

    Yashraj - King with a lot of fame

    Yashvik - Fame

    Yashvir - Brave; glorious

    Yathvik - Traditional; successful; one who loves God

    Yavnish - Youthful; lord of the universe

    Yedhant - Brightness

    Yudhvir - Victorious warrior

    Yajnadev - Lord of the sacred fire

    Yashansh - Fame; prosperity

    Yashasvi - One who achieves eternal success without obstacles

    Yashovar - Famous; glorious

    Yajvendra - Lovable

    Yudishtra - One who is firm and brave in battle; the eldest of the Pandavas

    Yashomitra - Lord of glory and fame

    Yatin - Lord Shiva

    Yogeswar - Lord Shiva

    Yashneel - Lord Shiva

    Yuktesh - Lord Shiva

    Yashank - Lord Shiva

    Yashil - Lord Shiva

    Yashiv - Lord Shiva

    Yatish - Lord Shiva

    Yajat - Lord Shiva

    Yajnu - Lord Shiva

    Yayin - Lord Shiva

    Yogit - Lord Shiva

    Yokshith - Lord Vishnu

    Yokshit - Lord Vishnu

    Yajnesh - Lord Vishnu

    Yujith - Lord Vishnu

    Yashpal - Lord Krishna

    Yaduvir - Lord Krishna

    Yadhu - Lord Krishna

    Yagnesh - Lord Ganesh

    Yugan - Lord Muruga / Subramanya

    Yatindra - Lord Indra

    Yateendra - Lord Raghavendra

    Christian baby boy names starting with Y

    Yorick - A farmer

    Yohann - God is merciful; form of Johan; simple; merciful; naughty; humorous; intelligent; one who loves nature

    Yannick - Pure soul; God is gracious

    Yacob - Patriarch of the Israelites; to follow; to supplant

    Yosef - Yacob's eleventh son; God shall add

    Yanis - God is merciful

    Yaron - Filled with joy

    Yonas - A dove

    Muslim baby boy names starting with Y

    Yaafi - Young man

    Yaaqoot - Ruby,a precious stone

    Yaaseen - A title of The Holy Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him)

    Yahuda - Praised

    Yaqin - Belief; confidence; trust

    Yaqiz - Awake; alert

    Yaqzan - Vigilant; awake; on the alert

    Yasar - Wealth; affluence; prosperity; ease

    Yaar - Good friend; lover; companion

    Yadin - One who has the power to build, as well as destroy

    Yafid - Cuteness

    Yafir - A star

    Yafiz - Strong

    Yalid - Beautiful

    Yaqiz - Awake

    Yasim - Blessed

    Yasin - Famous; wealthy

    Yasir - Wealthy; modest; leader; ruler

    Yosuf - Chosen by God

    Yuzin - Famous; wealthy

    Yaakob - Name of Prophet

    Yameer - Moon

    Yaseem - Blessed

    Yashif - Famous; courageous

    Yashiq - Famous; glorious

    With such a unique collection of names starting with Y, your task of choosing the right name for your baby becomes a lot easier. Go ahead and give your little one a name that he will feel proud of, as he grows up.

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