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Baby boy names starting with F

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Are you searching for a unique boy baby name starting with the letter F? Look no further. Here's a list of boy names starting with letter F for you to choose from

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Baby boy names starting with F

As parents welcome the newborn into the family, they face the challenging task of naming the child. But, choosing a modern and unique Indian name for the baby is not easy. Family members, friends and everyone around come up with their own suggestions, making the job tougher.

To help you out and make your job easier, we present a list of baby boy names starting with F, the sixth letter of the English alphabet. Browse through our list that includes trending and traditional Hindu, Christian and Muslim names, and choose the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

Etymology of the names: Etymology refers to the study of the origin and history of words. Most of the Hindu names given here have their roots in Sanskrit. Likewise, the Christian names have Biblical origin, and the Muslim names have Arabic or Persian origin.

Hindu baby boy names starting with F

Fanibhushan - Lord Shiva; one who wears a serpent as an ornament

Faneesh - Cosmic serpent 'Shesh'

Falish - Indian tulip

Fanindranath - Lord Vishnu

Fauji - Soldier

Fatehdeep - Lamp of victory

Fanindra - Cosmic serpent 'Shesh'

Falgu - Lovely; springtime; a river

Fulki - Spark

Christian (Biblical) baby boy names starting with F

Felix - (A descendant of the Greek Kings of Arcadia); successful; happy; lucky

Festus - (Procurator of Judea); joyful; festive

English baby boy names starting with F

Fletcher - Maker of arrows

Faine - Joyous; happy

Febin - Moonlight

Freddie - Calm monarch; peaceful ruler

Fabian -Grower of beans

Fausto - Fortunate

Fergus - Man with energy

Ferris - Man of vigor

Muslim baby boy names starting with F

Faiyaz - Artistic; a good donor

Fakhir - Superior; magnificent; honorable; precious; proud

Farhan - Joyful; cheerful; happy; delighted

Firdaus - Garden; paradise

Faheem - Intelligent; judicious; erudite

Fareed - Unique; a precious pearl; incomparable

Faaz - Successful; victorious

Falak - The sky; cosmos

Fravash - Guardian angel

Modern baby boy names starting with F

Fali - God who heals

Fariel - Star

Fizan - Breeze; popularity

Flavio - Golden-haired man

Trending baby boy names starting with F

Forrest - Woodsman

Finn - Fair or white

Frick - Bold; brave

Falgun - Springtime month in the Hindu calendar

Traditional baby boy names starting with F

Fanishwar - Lord of the serpents

Faisal - The decider; judge; resolute; strong; handsome

Francis - A free man; Frenchman

Fernando - Bold voyager; prepared for an adventurous journey

With such a huge collection of names starting with F, your task of choosing the right name for your baby becomes a lot easier. Go ahead and give your little one a name that he will feel proud of, as he grows up.

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