10 Ways You can Surprise Your Child this Children's Day

It’s a special day for all kids and parents need to make the most of it by planning something unique. We give you some awesome celebration ideas, which they will remember for a long time

By Sahana Charan  • 9 min read

10 Ways You can Surprise Your Child this Children's Day

Children love surprises and they get excited when you make a celebration of something simple, especially in the middle of the week. Normally, all parents are quite caught up with chores and work during the weekdays and children are busy with school and extra-curricular activities. There is hardly time to pause and have some fun. So, Children’s Day can provide you with the perfect opportunity to make your little one feel cherished.

Read on for some smashing ideas to surprise your child on Children’s Day. Go ahead and make it a blast.

1. Plan a treasure hunt 

When you come back from work, wish your youngster a hearty Children’s Day and announce to him that you are conducting a treasure hunt to mark the occasion. Hide a newly-bought toy or book in a corner of the house and leave clues all over. Prompt her with encouraging cheers and she will be happy to see the little gift at the end of the hunt.

Ages:  5 - 10 years

2. Have a surprise party with cake 

We all love to get a cake on our child’s birthday and wake them up in the midnight to cut it. Why not do that on Children’s Day and have a surprise party to celebrate? Get a small cake with Happy Children’s Day and your child’s name written on it. Call out to her in the night and ask her to cut it. If possible, have some of her close friends over. Her joy and surprise will be worth the effort. Thrown in some kiddy snacks, put on dance music and make it a party! 

Ages: 3 - 10 years

3. Gift a DIY crayon holder* 

Children are always eager to receive interesting presents from their loved ones and a handmade gift from a parent definitely tops their list of most lovable things. Here’s how you can make it --   

Things you will need: Fevicol MR, Rangeela Tempera colours, Old tissue roll, pencil


  • Take an empty tissue roll, make few holes using a pencil for holding the crayons.
  • Paint/sponge dab it completely using paints of your choice from the Rangeela range of colours.
  • Cut a base of 4” in square and sponge dab it too, with a colour of your choice. Stick the tissue roll to the base using Fevicol MR.
  • Beautify it by making patterns of your choice such as dots, flower shapes, and so on.

Ages: 3 - 6 years

4. Take them for an impromptu ice-cream treat 

Who does not relish a yummy ice-cream bonanza, that too when you are least expecting it? As soon as you are back from work, tell your children that you are taking them for a short drive and once you are out, surprise them with a visit to their favourite ice-cream parlour. The looks of approval will melt your heart.

Ages: All 

5. Make slime at home* 

Even though it is the latest craze among children, most parents turn up their nose at slime and do not want to have anything to do with it. So imagine your preteen’s amazement, when she realises that you took the effort to help him make slime. Here’s how you can do it --

Things you will need: Fevicol MR - 100 g, Rangeela Tempera colour, concentrated liquid dish wash, baking soda/ boric powder (carom board powder), spoon, bowl.


  • Take a bowl and add 100 g of Fevicol MR.
  • Mix any Rangeela Tempera colour of your choice. Use a spoon to form an even mixture.
  • Add 2 tsp of liquid dish wash to the mixture.
  • In another bowl make a solution by adding ½ tsp boric powder and ½ tsp baking soda to 4 tsp of water.
  • Add the solution to the Fevicol mixture and stir well till it forms a slimy consistency.
  • Have loads of fun making it with your young one!

Ages: 8 - 15 years 

6. Serve dessert for breakfast 

Once in a while, it is fun to let your child forget the routine and do something different. Most children religiously eat a set, healthy breakfast that parents serve them. So, trust them to be totally floored when you make an exception on Children’s Day. Serve them dessert for breakfast -- it could be some delicious Banana Bread or muffins topped with chocolate sauce, even a yummy bowl of pudding. These are not overtly unhealthy and it is fine to indulge them once in a while.

Ages: All 

7. Leave encouraging messages for them 

Once your children are out of the house and off to school, get some sticky notes and write encouraging messages addressed to the little ones. It could be simple ones such as -- “You bring endless sunshine to our lives” or “Every day is bright and beautiful with you around.” Stick these all around their room, on the desk, in their wardrobes, near the bed and so on. Have one saying -- “It’s Children’s Day and we are celebrating you”

Ages: 5 - 15 years

8. Set up a movie theatre experience 

Kids love watching their favourite animation shows over and over again but on weekdays they are too busy to do that. On Children’s Day, record a favourite show and play it for them. Surprise your little ones by arranging your living room like a theatre and make the experience complete by serving popcorn and giving them home-made movie tickets. Their happiness will be unsurpassed.

Ages: 5 -12 years

9. Leave a surprise under the pillow  

When your little one is off to sleep in the night, quietly slip a small surprise gift for her under the pillow, neatly wrapped and with Happy Children’s Day written on it. The gift needn’t be an expensive one, a book or some stationery items will do. It is the thought that matters. Watching her amazed face when she discovers the gift under the pillow will be a treat.

Ages: All

10. Organise a family talent show 

This one will be a Children’s Day celebration involving the whole family and a great way to bond. Get all the members of the household in the living room and ask them to show off some talent such as singing, dancing, mimicry, fashion catwalk, mime and so on. You can tell them in advance so they have time to prepare. Get your child to also put up a performance. The camaraderie between family members that this activity will bring out, will be unforgettable for your little one.

Ages: 5 - 15 years 

So, go surprise the youngest member of your family this Children’s Day. After all, there is nothing more priceless than watching those wondrous, bright eyes and that big smile of appreciation.

*DIY ideas given by the Fevicol MR team

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