10 Ways To Know If You Have Chosen The Right CBSE School For Your Child

Your child has gone through the admission process and is ready to begin a new session in June. But, is the school the right one for your child?

By Leena Ghosh

10 Ways To Know If You Have Chosen The Right CBSE School For Your Child

For a parent, choosing the right CBSE school for his child is a very important decision. Many factors come into consideration while making the decision about CBSE admission.From a school’s geographical location to its reputed faculty, parents weigh all the pros and cons before finally selecting the best CBSE school for their child. But how do you know if the CBSE school you have decided upon will nurture your child’s talents and skills and provide him an enriching learning experience? Here are some pointers to know this.

Criteria that indicate you’ve chosen the right CBSE school

The school -

  1. Has a good reputation for its academics: This factor is a given in any good school. The academic track record of the school and the awards it has received for excellence is a crucial factor in deciding if a school makes it to the top 10 list of best CBSE schools in the city. Also, the school strictly follows the CBSE syllabus.
  2. Believes in both theoretical and practical experience: A top CBSE school does not just focus on the academics. Extracurricular activities and field trips are essential for the development of a student and the school must provide opportunities for both.
  3. Offers state-of-the-art facilities: The infrastructure provided by the school plays a very important role in the development of a child’s various skills. A good school focusses on providing the best facilities to its students to enable a rich learning environment.
  4. Doesn’t leave a hole in your pocket: A good CBSE school focusses on the education and development of the child rather than making a profit. While education is expensive, as a parent, you need to decide if you are getting the value for money.
  5. Offers avenues for overall development: A good school will invest time and expenses in the overall development of its students by encouraging extracurricular activities and competitions.
10 Ways To Know If You Have Chosen The Right CBSE School For Your Child

Your child -

  1. Enjoys the process of learning: Learning continues even after school. And, one of the goals of a good school is to inculcate the love for learning in a child. If your child’s school does that he is on the sure path to success.
  2. Has immense respect for his teachers: After parents, teachers are the greatest role models to children and are integral to how a child’s personality develops over the years. A good CBSE school will have faculty who inspire children to learn and teach them important life skills and lessons to help them grow up to be individuals who are respected and admired.
  3. Feels challenged and strives to do better: You know you’ve chosen the right school if the institution challenges your child to do better every day through interesting activities and competitions. It is essential that a child strives to become better with the passing of each academic year.
  4. Is treated as an individual: Each child is unique, and the education system should be such that it nurtures every child’s individuality and unique abilities. A good CBSE school will offer your child plenty of opportunities to identify and cultivate her talents.
  5. Has opportunities to develop non-academic skills: A good school will provide its students opportunities to enhance his non-academic skills like singing, painting or sports. These opportunities help in the overall development of a child.

A school that is the right fit for your child will help him become a happy, confident and successful individual. So, don’t just go for a top brand. Rather, focus on the right school based on your child’s skills and aptitude.

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