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Amazing Hacks to Make Life Easier With Children

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Have you had your little girl coming home with chewing gum in her hair or your toddler locking himself up in his room? Don't sweat. Here are some ingenious hacks you can use to solve such problems

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Amazing Hacks to Make Life Easier With Children

As parents, we sometimes have to deal with exasperating situations that our children tend to put us in. Even though we may laugh about it later, there are many instances when our little ones really test our patience and leave us in a dilemma. Remember the time your child locked herself in her room and didn't know how to get out? Or the time when she dropped the whole bowl of hot pasta on herself, that too while wearing her favourite dress?

Don't fret when something like this happens. After all, children will be children and most of the times, they do not do it on purpose. So, as impossible as it may seem, you can tide over such situations with a little bit of tact and patience. We give you some handy and effective tips that will make life easier and save the day for you --

1. Chewing gum stuck in hair -- It might seem like a nightmare to all mothers when your child sheepishly comes back from school declaring that there is chewing gum stuck in her hair. What do you do? There is no need to panic. Just keep your cool and get an ice cube from the refrigerator. Rub this on the portion of hair where the gum is sticking, for a few minutes. After some time, the chewing gum will just fall off. Your child will be mighty impressed with your resourcefulness.

2. Getting locked inside the room -- Even though we parents are very careful about open doors when small children are around, there may be times when the untoward happens. Many parents are caught unaware when their toddler accidentally banged the door on himself and started crying uncontrollably because he could not get out of the room. There is a solution to prevent this scary thing from happening. Take a thick rubber band and wrap one side around the knob of the door and the other side, over the spring bolt in such a way that it remains in the unlocked position. Next time, even if the door bangs shut accidentally, it will not get locked.

3. Tripping on the stairs -- Children having a fall from the stairs is every parent's worst nightmare come true. If you have stairs inside the house, or steps leading outside into the terrace, most of us are wary of children hurting themselves badly because of tripping and falling accidentally. For babies and toddlers, a gate is a good idea to keep them away from climbing up. But what if you have preschoolers or preteens at home, you need some solution that is fun and keeps them safe. Open up a huge rectangular cardboard box and lay it out on the staircase in such a way that all the steps are covered. Secure with some duct tape to keep it from moving. While this cannot be a permanent solution, especially if you have older people in the house, this hack serves as a cool way of protecting children from falling, apart from being a fun accessory for the kids.

4. Crayon marks on the wall -- Don't lose your cool when you see crayon masterpieces adorning your walls. Most of the time, these seemingly impossible issues, just need a bit of quick thinking and the magic of home hacks. These problems can be managed with the clever use of certain household products or gems from the kitchen. So when there are crayon scribbles by children on your wall, all you have to do is keep some baking soda or a little blob of mayonnaise handy. Take a damp cloth and dip it in baking soda powder. Rub this over the crayon marks with a little bit of pressure and gradually the marks will come off. Alternatively, spread some mayonnaise over the space where the marks have been made and wipe it off after a few minutes.

5. Giving medicine to the baby -- This is a tough one and more often than not, parents are at their wit's end trying to give medicine to a sick but stubborn baby. Babies may not be able to do much in terms of movement and speech but they surely have minds of their own. Most mothers will agree that they have a knack for figuring out what is in that spoon, exactly when you are feeding them medicine. All you have to do is buy an extra pacifier and make a hole in the middle. When you have to feed the bitter concoction, just fill a dropper and put it through the pacifier into the child's mouth. In no time the medicine is inside their tummy.

Use these ingenious and convenient hacks to get the better of your little ones and to make life a little less stressful.

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