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Breastfeeding and Bottle-feeding

Breastfeeding and Bottle-feeding

ALL ABOUT BREAST FEEDING! Have a query? Click Here!

Being a new parent can be daunting, but you don't have to do it alone! Share your concerns and get opinions from experts and fellow parents. This is also a space for you to share your parenting experiences with other young parents. ... more

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Satakshi Mehra Sep 3, 2019

My little one is 6.5 months old and she has started teething. Because of his tiny teeth my nipples have become very sore and it is becoming extremely painful for me to feed him. Even expressing milk using a pump has been very painful. Please let me know how I can reduce the intensity of the pain without compromising on the quantity and quality of milk that my baby gets?

Neena Qureshi Sep 5, 2019

@Satakshi Mehra

Dear Satakshi,
It is a common problem faced by breastfeeding mother. It is temporary and will go away with time. Just a few tips that you can try to reduce the pain is apply coconut oil on the abraded region. You can also apply medicated breast ointments specifically to reduce nipple soreness. Sometimes even gently pressing your nipples with a warm cloth pad may provide relief.

Leena Jumani Sep 9, 2019

@Satakshi Mehra

Yes, coconut oil or even mustard oil slightly warmed can be used by dipping cotton into it and gently pressing the nipples with it. Also, Boroline really works well. However, make sure you wipe off your nipples clean before you feed your little one. All the best, Satakshi! :)

Leena Jumani Aug 19, 2019

@Team ParentCircle

I liked the videos. Thanks to the Doctor. These videos are of great help to young mothers who are a victims of information overload.

Sayoni Mondal Aug 4, 2019

My baby is 3 months old and im breast feeding and now i have got my periods. Does this effect the quantity of milk ? If so what should i do

Roopa M Aug 4, 2019

@Sayoni Mondal

Periods dont affect the quantity of milk, thats not true. Eat nutritious meal, be happy, bond with the baby, take rest whenever possible, listen to good music of your choice, relax, and enjoy the childs early infancy and be positive. There will be enough for the baby.

Team ParentCircle Aug 9, 2019

@Sayoni Mondal

Usually periods resume not before six months after the birth of the baby, however it differs from person to person, so please visit your doctor for further clarification. But, be assured that periods do not affect the quality of milk in any form. Moreover, please make sure that you eat well and are not anaemic as that will affect milk production as well as your health. Please take care!

Mehek Chauhan Jul 10, 2019

Anonymous Jun 4, 2019

@Team ParentCircle

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing...are there more parts to this?

Team ParentCircle Jul 8, 2019


yes there are. We shall share them soon. Thank you so much for the encouragement!

Team ParentCircle Mar 20, 2019

My baby is 11 days old and I can see that she is not knowing how to suckle. Despite me guiding her mouth towards the nipples, she is not able to get the right way. I'm afraid she is not drinking as much milk that she needs and most of the nights she is crying and i'm worried. how can I help my baby?

Anonymous Mar 20, 2019

@Team ParentCircle

Dear parent, I can imagine how hard it must be for you right now. There are a few things you should do immediately:
1. Kindly visit a lactation consultant in any hospital near your house. A lactation consultant can help your baby latch, and also suggest the most comfortable position for you to breastfeed in. You could also invest in a sturdy breastfeeding pillow that helps keep your baby in a comfortable position while feeding and prevent backache for you.
2. In the meantime, kindly start pumping your milk using a breastpump to avoid breast engorgement. Pumping will also ensure that your milk supply doesn't go down, because breast milk works on the principle of demand and supply.
Night crying could also happen because of a number of reasons. One of course is she could be hungry. But she could also suffer from colic. After your breastfeeding issue is resolved, kindly visit a paediatrician to check your baby for colic. Also ensure a comfortable room temperature at night and give your baby a slightly warm bath before you change her in her night clothes. Please keep us posted about your baby, so that we can continue to be of assistance to you.

Parul Malhotra Feb 20, 2019

How important is it to use a diaper rash cream to prevent rashes?

Suriyaprabha Feb 21, 2019

@Parul Malhotra

Before using diaper, can apply diaper rash cream to prevent rashes. Can be applied only if you see any rashes on child otherwise its not required to use regularly. Everytime while changing diaper just wipe the child with wet cloth and use diaper to prevent rashes.

Roopa M Feb 23, 2019

@Parul Malhotra

If you find rashes frequently, then, use the wipe and also take the baby to the bath tub and wash with water everytime. You can use mild soap/baby soap. Dry and use little diaper rash cream before putting the diaper on. Some rash creams work better than others. Find one that suits your baby. Using water and then keeping it dry can actually avoid the rash and the irritation. Please do try. Good luck.

Geethapriya Feb 26, 2019

@Parul Malhotra

My doc suggested that I use it everytime I put on a new diaper. But, I have now switched to using nappies and cloth diapers.

Team ParentCircle Feb 25, 2019

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Breast milk contains more whey than formula milk, thus babies find it easier to digest.

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Roopa M Jan 24, 2019

@Team ParentCircle

Lot of useful information for new moms here.
Just wanted to say that just like in hospitals around the around, where they offer breast feeding classes to new moms after birth, I think all hospitals should make such classes available. That will help the new moms and give them a lot of confidence.

Ranjitha Dec 17, 2018

Hi , I m mother of two months old baby , it is that I have been given only rice nd some methi dal nd carrots , beans other than this there is nothing included . What all can I eat?

Team ParentCircle Dec 19, 2018


Dear Ranjitha,
You can eat all that you want. You can eat other green vegetables, spinach, pumpkin and other types of dal. However, we advise you avoid very spicy food and oily food or food ordered from outside. Eat homemade food as it will ensure that the consistency of your breastmilk is not affected. Take care and do let us know if you have any other concern.

Team ParentCircle Dec 19, 2018


Don't worry. Eat everythin. I agree, that you should not eat prcessed food or junk food, but it is the best time to eat what you feel like without thinking of gaining weight.

Roopa M Jan 23, 2019


When I asked my doctor what foods to eat, she had told me for information that -- whatever the mom eats gets into the breast milk and certain foods can change the flavor of the milk and certain foods can possibly cause tummy aches in the infant. For instance, if the food is spicy or gas causing, then the baby can feel it in the tummy.
Since babies can't express themselves, they communicate with their cries, and we might not understand them sometimes. To avoid that and be safe, it is better to watch the diet to some extent.

Team ParentCircle Aug 3, 2018

Will my baby be able to breastfeed the right way? This is a worry all new mothers have. Our expert gives important tips on initiating breastfeeding.

Anonymous Aug 2, 2018

I am a mother of a 6-months old Baby Boy. I breastfed my child for the first three months. My first month with the baby was very difficult - he could not position his mouth with my nipple and sucked very little milk. I had a lot of pain as the milk got accumulated. Also, he would need feeding every 2-3 hours, but my milk was insufficient. Gradually, I started improving my diet and consumed more green vegetables and fruits, at a gap of two hours. This actually, improved milk production in the middle of the second month. Till then my child had also learnt to position himself better and I made sure to put my nipples near his mouth every time he needed to be fed. I hope it helps other mothers like me!

Team ParentCircle Aug 3, 2018


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. We are sure it will be of great help to other parents. Looking forward to more such insights from you!