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What are some of the key areas that you feel your teen is pressurized?

We as parents have various concerns about our teens and what's running in their minds. We wanted to know what you as a parent see as effects of peer pressure in your teen. Share it with us! ... more

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  • Dec 17, 2018


Roopa M Dec 19, 2018

Another thing to add, is the stress of being the topper in the class. They are pressurized to do well, which is actually healthy to some extent but can lead to unnecessary stress when a kid is constantly being compared to others.

These days kids are attending a lot different classes and courses. As per the budget and necessity or talent, the child follows its passion. Others who are not, can feel stressed that they might be missing out something and feel the pressure. Parents have to stretch their budgets to accommodate the different coaching classes necessary. So somehow both children and parents feel the pressure to do everything in their capacity to be on par with others.

Parents want their child to be as perfect as possible. Sometimes they want the child to choose the same profession as theirs or follow their passion. In such cases, sometimes teens are likely to feel anxious and pressured.

Roopa M Dec 19, 2018

Another issue is, teens accessing social media. There are many teens using social media to share information and this needs to be monitored. They might be putting out information on the internet innocently. Facebook, twitter, instagram etc., are all widely used by youngsters these days. Most do it because their friends are on social media and they want to appear cool. Such things need to be monitored.

Roopa M Dec 19, 2018

Children usually learn things very fast from school, friends, and environment.

In this digital age, the main challenge as I've generally noticed is that.. to keep children away from online games and video games.
Young kids get so addicted to these games that they play when they are bored, they eat while playing, they play while travelling, and they sometimes even take it to bed.
Parents struggle to put a stop to it or enforce a time limit.

Second thing is the influence of media or friends on the language and behavior. They can pick up language, attitude or habits from other kids. So parents always have to keep a check on who the kid is mixing with.

And some kids use very expensive stuff and that can make other kids want those things. Directly and indirectly they get influenced. They feel cool to own those things just to belong to that crowd and may feel pressurized. Parents again have a task at their hand to make the child understand the difference between need and want.

They are also influenced by other teens' dressing sense and hairstyles. Especially high school kids n those that are about to start college want to wear trendy clothes. Irrespective of whether the clothes are comfortable or not, suits their personailty or not, they would want to wear them. They feel pressurized to try. Then most teens are also very body conscious.