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    5 Ways To Teach Children How To Respect Authority And Follow The Rules Of Law

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    When children understand the purpose of law and authority, they learn to respect it. Here are some ways to teach them why rules exist.

    5 Ways To Teach Children How To Respect Authority And Follow The Rules Of Law

    As children grow up, they need to learn that they have to respect law and authority. In these days of rebellions and protests, it is easy for them to feel that there is no harm in disobeying the law. But, you should make your children realize that this is not the case, and disobeying the law can land them in trouble.

    How to obey the rules of law and authority

    Here are five ways in which you can teach children to respect law and authority.

    1. Explain the purpose of obeying the laws

    Explain to your children why it is important for them to obey the law in their daily lives. Describe to them how laws ensure the larger good of society and the well-being of individuals. Explain to them the consequences of breaking laws. When they understand the role played by laws in ensuring order in society, they will respect and follow them wholeheartedly.

    2. Be a role model

    Your own attitude towards law and authority plays an important role in determining how your children perceive it. Children observe to what extent you obey and respect laws in your daily life. While there is no harm in debating about laws that may not fulfill their objectives, make sure that your criticism is constructive. Otherwise, your children may end up getting the wrong signal and believing that it is alright to not obey a law that they think is flawed.

    3. Protest the right way

    Teach children to stick to their values and to stand up for what they think is right. However, at the same time, explain that it is important to protest in the right way, without resorting to violence or acts that could damage public property. Encourage them to write to officials asking them to address their grievances and follow up to make sure that action is taken.

    4. Interact with authorities

    Whenever possible, arrange opportunities for your children to interact with officials who enforce the law. For example, you can set up a visit to the nearby police station where your children can spend some time with an officer who is willing to talk to them about the importance of laws. This will also help them understand the gravity of the work done by these officials.

    5. Ensure discipline at home

    An effective way to teach children to follow laws is to ensure that they follow the rules you have set for them at home. Following the rules at home will make them accustomed to following the rules of the larger society. Similarly, you need to play an active part in ensuring that they diligently follow the rules of school such as being punctual, wearing proper uniforms, following exam hall etiquette, and so on. When you visit public places, be it a park or the library, teach them to abide by the rules in these places.

    Learning to respect law and authority will help your children adjust easily and well in society when they grow up. So, make sure that you start laying strong foundations early on.

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