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    5 Unique Activities To Surprise Your Mom

    Shashwathi Sandeep Shashwathi Sandeep 8 Mins Read

    Shashwathi Sandeep Shashwathi Sandeep


    Written by Shashwathi Sandeep and published on 17 July 2021.

    Tired of the same old tradition of giving your mom a greeting card or making her favourite dish for Mothers Day? Here are some unique ideas to make her special day memorable

    5 Unique Activities To Surprise Your Mom

    Throughout the year, your mom has been there for you - caring for you, chauffeuring you around, cooking for you and sometimes, even being your partner in crime by covering up something that you have done. You two share a special bond like no other and what better way to strengthen this bond, than by doing something together this Mother's Day?

    You can shower her with as many gifts as you like, but sometimes, all that she wants is to spend some quality time with you. It's time to ditch the same old tradition of gifting her something or cooking her favourite dish; instead, gift her your time. Surprise your mother with a few unique activity ideas that you could do together:

    1. Arrange a movie marathon

    Who doesn't love movies? So, grab some popcorn and have a movie marathon. Make a list of all your mom's favourite films and download them. Then, sit back, relax and forget about everything else. Binge watch these movies with your mom - maybe for a couple of hours or an entire day. Watching movies with your mom will bring you closer, as she may relive all the memories of her younger days.

    2. Plant your love for her

    If you want your love to grow over the years, literally, you could not have chosen a better gift. First, write a short message on a stick for your mom in the garden dirt, for example, 'Love you, Mom.' Then, drop some flower seeds next to the message; preferably the ones that will grow fast and cover them up. Water the plant regularly. You can even do this with a small potted plant on the balcony if space is an issue. In a few days time, your message will be blooming. Your mom can see your love grow for her every day and nothing can be as endearing than this!

    3. Have a pamper session at home

    What better way to show your mom that you love her than to pamper her. You can book her a nice massage session at a fancy spa and just let her relax for the day, but that would not have a personal touch. Moreover, you won't be able to spend quality time with her. So, here's an idea and rope in your dad for this one. Make a list of services that you can offer to your mom at home -- a manicure/ pedicure, a nice back rub with her favourite essential oils or even reading out her favourite book for her - just about anything. Make coupons for these services and hand them over to your mother on her special day. Ask her to redeem the coupons for the services throughout the day. It's a great way to make her feel special.

    4. Organise a personalised trip

    Planning a trip needs effort and resources, so rope in your dad for this one. Choose a place that has been in your mother's itinerary for a long time and book in advance - this getaway will be a relaxing experience for you and your mom. It might be a culture trip or one with a historical theme - whatever she likes. Enjoy your alone time together and take care of all the expenses; courtesy: your dad or your pocket money (it makes it all the more special when it is yours). Also, take as many pictures as you can and frame them for posterity. To make it more personal, stick a note inside stating the best moment of the trip, along with the year.

    5. Plan a unique food experience

    Even if your mom loves cooking, she may be bored with the usual kitchen chores and the regular meals she makes for the family. Why not turn her love for cooking into a unique culinary experience, which she will remember for a long time to come? Set up a DIY counter with snacks, muffins, different fillings, a variety of toppings, colourful sprinkles, fruits and sauces with sweet and savoury flavours. Tell her to create new snacks and to give it a name. You can join in too and have loads of fun. Plate the dish beautifully and make it a special one, exclusively for Mother's Day.

    Here is what some mothers are planning for their special day:

    Roopa Badri, mother to an 11-year-old, Mumbai

    My son does not know yet, but I have managed to get tickets for the Mumbai Indians match on that day. I am also trying to arrange for a meet-up with his favourite cricketer, Hardik Pandya, for a few minutes before or after the match. After all, what better way to spend Mothers' Day with my son than doing the stuff he likes the most!

    Hema Prashant, mother to a 15-year-old, Bangalore

    My daughter and I love just to sit and sing. We usually do that whenever the power goes here, which is often. I have this idea of recording our songs this year so that we can both can listen to it, whenever we want. She is planning to go abroad for her studies, so, whenever that happens, she can always remember these good times.

    Finally, no matter what ideas you come up with, your mom will appreciate all the love and effort you have put into it to make this day extra-special for her. She will remember these things rather than the greeting card you might be giving her every year, as she knows that there is a personal touch in these activities. So, go ahead and plan a perfect day that your mom will never forget!

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