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Top Organic Restaurants For A Healthy Dining Experience

Aditi Sheoran Chhajta Aditi Sheoran Chhajta 8 Mins Read

Aditi Sheoran Chhajta Aditi Sheoran Chhajta


Eating healthy does not require much effort and money. But for times when you feel bored to prepare organic food, what do you do? Simple! Check out these organic cafes in your city.

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Top Organic Restaurants For A Healthy Dining Experience
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Nowadays, eating out is not restricted to special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. It has become a regular activity - to the point of it being almost a daily part of some people's lives.

This, coupled with the desire of today's generation to eat healthy, unprocessed food, has resulted in the mushrooming of many restaurants that have incorporated health in a big way in their menu. In fact, organic food can be good for children too.

Organic food on the rise

When it comes to eating healthy, what better than organic food or a 'Green Meal' as it is commonly called. The reason why organic food is so popular is that it is made from groceries cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. In short, organic is equal to clean, healthy eating. Moreover, the livestock that works on cultivation is also given an organic feed.

Equal emphasis on healthy cooking

Also, while cooking organic food, care is taken to ensure there is no excess oil or salt used. Organic food is easy on the stomach and suits the growing population of people who have serious fitness goals.

Organic restaurants increasing by the day

A plethora of organic restaurants has sprung up in the last two decades in India. These restaurants are now evolving their offerings by making healthy food tastier, while also taking care to present the dish tastefully.

Here is a peek into the most popular and unique organic restaurants that have sprung up in the past few years across the country.

1. Green Cafe, Crescent Park Road, Near Natesan Park, T Nagar, Chennai

A good place if you are craving good, organic food is the Green Cafe. From Ragi Kozhukattai to avial, from millet variety rice to millet curd rice, this place is a one-stop destination for lovers of organic food. Check out the veg puttu that has fillings of carrot and beetroot as you sip a tall, cooling glass of buttermilk.

2. Ka Organic Restaurant, Besant Nagar, Chennai

Craving for beetroot halwa or feel like biting into some crispy millet pakoda with sips of a cooling kombucha (a fermented health drink based on tea and sugarcane juice in two flavours) in between? Ka serves all these and more. Most of the dishes are prepared with organic vegetables and fruits. Your child may enjoy the red idiyappam if she is bored of the regular one.

3. Mahamudra restaurant, Near Nageshwara Rao park, Mylapore, Chennai

Want to eat vadas made of banana flower? Then you should head to Mahamudra. Other delicacies on offer include black sticky rice kheer and the curd rice.

4. Green Theory, Residency road, Bengaluru

Green Theory's menu is out and out organic. Start your lunch or dinner with avocado with cumin soup; follow that up with Mediterranean pesto vegetables with a paneer sizzler and end with tasty desserts based on organic ingredients.

5. Rasa India, CMH road, Indiranagar

This organic restaurant serves an array of organic dishes and even has a display of organic vegetables. Try their neer dosa even as you munch on banana chips and murukus.

6. Navdanya, Dilli Haat, New Delhi

One of the first places to herald the organic farming revolution in India, Navdanya started as an initiative to remove the multiple chain of intermediaries and pass of the benefits of selling produce back to the farmer. This is a no-frills, relaxed cafe at Delhi Haat that serves pure vegetarian Indian cuisine.

7. Organic Express, DLF Phase 2, Gurugram

This place serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian multi-cuisine fare to suit the taste buds of a larger audience. Their 'sea buckthorn yogurt' is quite a unique menu item and is popular with customers.

8. Birdsong Organic Cafe, Bandra West, Mumbai

This one is a quaint hidden gem tucked away in Bandra. One can spend hours here admiring the rustic brick walls or the French windows while treating oneself to tasty organic food. They have a vast menu that includes vegan, gluten-free Parsi and Jain food items. The caf is child-friendly too. Try their all-day breakfast and you are sure to make a beeline for this cafe another day.

9. Yoga House, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

This is the ultimate restaurant and is frequented by yogis in Mumbai. Get recharged and work up an appetite with a yoga session and then relax and enjoy a healthy meal at the caf. Their supplies come from a farm in Madhya Pradesh, and include vegetables and spices that they use in their cooking. If you are an organic food enthusiast, you can also buy these items there. This place is veggie friendly and their hash browns are worth trying.

Of course, there are many other health cafes around the country, but these are some popular ones. The best thing about visiting them is that it will be a guilt-free outing for you and your child will be learning to appreciate good, healthy food in the process!

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