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    Top Fashion Trends For Girls In 2018

    Sharad Venkta Sharad Venkta 6 Mins Read

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    Buying clothes for your little girl can be confusing, given the wide variety of choices and colours available. To make it easier, here's a guide to what's trending in terms of shades and shapes.

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    Top Fashion Trends For Girls In 2018

    Young girls today are spoilt for choice where clothes are concerned. Little wonder then, that dressing up is no longer limited to occasions or celebrations. With parents also happy to lavish pretty dresses on their daughters, fashion is now an important factor in the lives of girls, even those in the six to 10 age group. And it is not only the dresses that are trendy, but also the accessories - the bags they carry, the watches and footwear they wear ... the list is endless.

    No wonder then, that the market for children's clothing today is stylish and cool, and something that parents love, as much as the children themselves! What parents want for their children is clothing that is of good quality, varied in range and, made of long-lasting material. In fact, parents are ready to invest in smart clothes for their little girls and perfectly willing to keep up with trends in children's clothing. So, what are the clothes and colours in vogue for little girls this year? One trend is that of unisex and gender-neutral clothing. Let's take a look at some other trends too this year:

    1. Pastel colours: Pastel colours are in fashion. Lemon yellow, powder pink and pale blue are all the rage this season. However, black continues to be popular, although it is not generally associated with children's clothing. Other colours trending are cream, sand, mustard, peach, pale blue and olive. In formal clothing too, pastels dominate.

    2. Prints and fabrics: Florals, fruits and the gingham style will never fail. Floral prints for girls are filled with bold cheerful colours. There are also some gorgeous jewel tones like fuchsia, emerald and blue. In terms of timeless design, geometric shapes and bold colours are in vogue this year too. Girls can opt for solid stripes, harlequin diamonds, or circles put together, to create a new look. Animal prints are also another popular style these days. These can be an attractive addition to a little girl's wardrobe.

    3. Long dresses: Long dresses rule girls' fashion in 2018. Colours such as sky blue, red, cream and pink are trending.

    4. Denim is back: There is so much more to denim than a pair of jeans. Denim is tough, easy to care for and stain-resistant. This season, little girls can be seen sporting denim in washed-out or monotone variations. In denim, there are popular colours like purple, green, red and blue. Young girls can pair their outfits with either a denim jacket or a little denim skirt. Leggings are an eye catcher and can easily be worn under a skirt or dress.

    5. Comfortable sporty tracksuits: This year is all about cute, comfortable, sporty and trendy styles. And tracksuits are designed to be all of these. Comfortable and yet cool, tracksuits come in soft fabrics, mainly cotton and polyester. These also incorporate playful graphic prints in line with the fashion trend for 2018. The trousers have fine elastic waistbands and can be nicely combined with well-fitted tops.

    So, do keep these trends in mind while picking out clothes for your little one. You can be sure she will be smartly turned out, whatever the occasion.

    The author is Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Toonz Retail.

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