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5 Tips To Prevent Monsoon Diseases In Toddlers Naturally

Ashwin Dewan Ashwin Dewan 7 Mins Read

Ashwin Dewan Ashwin Dewan


While monsoons bring in rain and the much-needed respite from the scorching summer heat, it is also a season rife with infection. Take extra care of your toddler with these simple tips.

5 Tips To Prevent Monsoon Diseases In Toddlers Naturally

The drop in temperatures and the rains during the monsoon season, are a welcome change from the hot summer months. But it is also a time when infections are quite common. Children, especially toddlers, are susceptible to various diseases during the monsoon season. The moist and humid weather provides an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other germs, which may lead to diseases such as malaria, dengue, viral fever, jaundice, allergies, etc.

Here are some valuable tips to prevent monsoon diseases in your toddler naturally.

1) Protect your toddler against mosquitoes

During the rainy season, mosquitoes are responsible for spreading many diseases such as malaria and dengue. Take these precautions against mosquito bites:

  • Drain water in pots, old tyres, coconut shells etc. in and around the house and clean all sources of stagnant water.
  • Apply a mosquito repellent cream on your toddler's body but seek advice from a paediatrician first.
  • Make your toddler wear light cotton clothes with long sleeves to protect him from mosquito bites.
  • Use mosquito nets on your toddler's bed when he is sleeping.
  • Keep the surroundings clean.

2) Always give safe and healthy food to your toddler

Monsoon gives rise to several water-borne diseases like diarrhoea and typhoid, as water tends to get contaminated. Always give boiled and cooled water to your toddler. Since raw and exposed foods are a breeding ground for disease-causing germs, make sure you always keep food covered at home.

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Fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly and stored in a dry place during the monsoons. Keep your little one away from all raw vegetables and pre-cut fruit, especially from outside. Make sure your toddler consumes freshly prepared food.

3) Give your toddler hot beverages

5 Tips To Prevent Monsoon Diseases In Toddlers Naturally

Give your toddler warm water or soups during the rainy season. They will not only provide natural heat to your toddler but also keep him hydrated. He will be equipped to withstand the cold better, get his dose of nutrition and will keep sore throats at bay. Warm milk and soup will help your toddler's body fight infections caused by the sudden change in temperature.

4) Keep your toddler indoors

Young children are vulnerable to frequent bouts of illness during the monsoon. Keep your toddler protected from the rains as he is still growing up and his immune system is not fully developed. The first rain of the season can be acidic and can cause skin problems in toddlers. It is advisable to keep your little one indoors till the situation stabilises.

Dr. Sheetal Chabbria, a dietician and nutritionist in Bangalore, says infections during the monsoon begin with tonsillitis, cold and cough and spread to the rest of the body. An important point that parents must keep in mind is to avoid oily food, street food or food that has been prepared in bulk. Toddlers should be given fruits, oats, yogurt, soup, chick pea and water in limited quantities regularly. A nourishing and healthy diet must be followed during the rainy season.

5) Keep your toddler clean

Toddlers sweat a lot due to the humid weather in the monsoons. Wipe their bodies at regular intervals to keep them dry. Bathe your little one using a mild antiseptic soap or liquid to keep germs away. Wash your hands and your toddler's regularly to avoid infection.

Simple prevention tips for toddlers

  • Cut your toddler's nails regularly to avoid germ build-up.
  • Avoid crowded places as viral transmissions are more likely to happen in such areas.
  • Use separate hand towels at home to prevent transmission of disease-causing germs. Your toddler should have a towel for himself.

About the author:

Written by Ashwin Dewan on 30 June 2017.

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