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Tips For A Stress-Free Summer For Parents

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Bharti Adhikari Bharti Adhikari


Summer means vacation and fun time for children but for parents it's the beginning of super busy days. Advance planning is the key to have a stress-free summer with children.

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Tips For A Stress-Free Summer For Parents

During summer, parents are burdened with questions like how best to utilise the vacation, how to keep children engaged, what classes should you enrol them in, how to make sure they have fun without losing focus, how to protect them from the scorching heat, and so on.

The best way to deal with these questions is to equip yourself with a things-to-do list well in advance. If you are not organised, you will find yourself running behind them all day resulting in a lot of stress. Think of all the things that you would like your child to do during the holidays. Make a list that includes indoor and outdoor activities, keeping in mind the fact that they should appeal to your child. Then, use a regular calendar to line up those activities to cover the entire month.

Looking for some fun ways to keep your child engaged during this lockdown? Here's My Summer Diary to help you out!

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Here are some points that you should consider for a stress-free summer:

1. Enrol your child for swimming classes

Children love playing in water. It is the best way to beat the summer heat. Swimming is a life-saving skill which every child should know. Apart from being a fun activity, it is the only form of exercise that your child might agree to do happily. You can also join your child for a swim when you have the time. It will prove to be a great stress buster and the most relaxing time of the day.

2. Get your child interested in gardening

This is another activity that most children love. The idea of playing with mud and getting their clothes and hands soiled fascinates them. Gardening will help your child get close to nature. Playing under the shade of trees will also protect her from heat. You will be free to pursue your passion for gardening or read a book while she is busy with the sowing or pruning.

3. Let her do things on her own

If your child loves exploring, make a list of do-it-yourself activities for her to try. This can include making lime water, sandwiches or painting. Stock up on water colours and chart paper. Here's a list of fun, low-cost activities for your child. If your child is very young, ensure you include activities that do not require much supervision.

4. Stock up on eatables

It is a great idea to prepare healthy short eats on a daily or weekly basis because all the games and activities are going to make your child hungry. It will also prevent your child from gorging on junk food all the time. Here's a list of foods to keep your child cool this summer.

Plan weekly visits to the supermarket and stock up on things like pasta, instant noodles, popcorn, juices and other snacks that your child might ask for.

5. Plan family outings

If you have not planned on a vacation, then its best to line up other family outings like visiting friends and relatives, and organising picnics.

6. Keep a check on their health

Summer brings with it a host of health issues like dehydration, prickly heat, sun burn, fungal infection, insect bites and diarrhoea. To prevent your child from getting dehydrated, avoid going out between 12 pm to 3 pm. Give her a lot of fluids. Keep prickly heat powder, summer body lotion for skin irritation, mosquito repellents, bandages and other regular medicines handy.

Keeping a routine and sticking to it is a good way to make summer stress free. Always try to combine leisure activities with learning skills. This will keep your child in touch with the habit of learning. And, remember, making time for yourself on a daily basis is the best way to ensure you and your child are happy.

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