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    7 Tech Toys Your Kids Will Love

    Ashwin Dewan Ashwin Dewan 7 Mins Read

    Ashwin Dewan Ashwin Dewan


    Written by Ashwin Dewan and published on 17 July 2021.

    What do you give kids who seemingly have everything? From the latest video game consoles and tablets to smartphones - today's kids have it all. But that's not all. Check out the latest toys!

    7 Tech Toys Your Kids Will Love

    Finding the perfect tech toy for your kid is often a difficult task. After all, how would you, as a parent know, whether that DIY robot is better than the electronic hover board. Sometimes, you think you have the gift that your kid wants. And, when your child rejects it, you are disappointed.

    The tech toy market has exploded in the recent years. From action cams to robots that can talk to flying drones to gizmo and gadget sets - the options are endless. We look at some of the best tech toys, which may be a little expensive, but guarantee a world of fun and learning for your kids.

    1: PLAY Together - Meet Galaxy ZEGA

    For: 8 years and above

    This is every kid's dream come true. With a few steps, the living room can be transformed into a raging battlefield as players test their mettle against each other using tanks controlled by smartphones. The battlefield can be attached with an innovative magnetic connector, which can be easily put together or taken apart.

    An eye-catching feature of the Galaxy Zega is that players can use iOS and Android devices as remote controls. The apps enable the players to earn points, which can be used to upgrade the tank.

    Younger kids can participate with gadgets like a smartphone or tablet and join in the fun but they must be supervised.

    2: Anki Cozmo

    For: 8 years and above

    Cozmo was one of the most impressive toys that hit the market in the year 2016. Anki Cozmo is a pint-sized robot with built-in artificial intelligence. This robot can recognize some of your pets, say your kid's name without having to scan his face and play games with your kid.

    You can control Cozmo with a smartphone app. The more you hang out with Cozmo, the more his personality evolves.

    3: Dino-Lite AM2111 handheld 0.3 MP digital microscope

    For: 6 years and above

    This toy will make you marvel at the things that a microscope can do. It is a basic and fun USB digital microscope that is simple to use. With the Dino-Lite AM2111, kids will love collecting samples that they can examine. You can plug this microscope into a computer, laptop, tablet or a phone and have a great time.

    4: Osmo Genius Kit Game System for iPad

    For: 5 years and above

    A fun and educational gaming platform for kids, Osmo is a great set of family games, which adds base unit to the iPad. It opens a whole new gaming platform for the iPad. The Osmo challenges kids to make different shapes, spell words and trace pictures using a combination of hardware and apps.

    Unlike most iPad games, this one lets the whole family play together as one unit. Besides, Osmo is very easy to set up.

    5: CogniToys Dino

    For: 2-5 years and above

    These educational Dino companions learn and grow with kids. Once the initial setup is done, parents need not worry because Dino is directly connected to the cloud server through a Wi-Fi network. Dino has a power switch on his underside along with three volume settings. These toys can be used to tell stories and play games with your kids.

    A plus point of Dino is that it has a child-friendly engine that adjusts to your kids and filters out anything inappropriate.

    6: Marbotic Smart Numbers and Smart Letters

    For: 3 years and above

    Available in 5 languages, this tech toy proves that kids learn quickly, more so when there is a physical element involved. Marbotic Smart Numbers and Smart Letters help children learn the basics of math, reading and writing.

    These are a combination of tablet apps and real wooden objects, which are inspired by Montessori learning methods. Placing the correct letters or numbers on the screen results in animations and creates a link between the physical and digital realms.

    7: Kidz Gear Volume Limit Headphones

    For: 2 years and above

    These headphones are custom designed to fit children aged two and older. They are light, have decent sound, are sturdy and adjustable and are available in seven colours. A control knob as well as a free independent KidzControl Volume Limit Cable makes this a safe and ideal headphone for kids.

    Want your child to play with environmentally friendly toys? Check out this article for details.

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