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    Planning a pregnancy photoshoot? Here are some perfect DIY tips and ideas

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    It's a great idea to capture the miracle of pregnancy by taking pictures of the baby bump. Here are some tips for a pregnancy photoshoot that you can do yourself

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    Planning a pregnancy photoshoot? Here are some perfect DIY tips and ideas

    Nervous anticipation, the excitement of preparations, and quiet introspection of how things are going to be — these are some of the emotions a couple goes through while waiting for their little bundle of joy to arrive. And, as the pregnancy progresses, many soon-to-be parents are eager to freeze these magical moments for posterity.

    What better way to remember and cherish this period than photographing the journey? More and more soon-to-be parents are now choosing to do a pregnancy photoshoot. While many opt for professional photographers, it's just as easy to do it yourself. However, many couples hesitate to photograph the baby bump themselves because they aren't sure how to do it aesthetically. Don't fret. Here are some useful tips you can keep in mind while taking pictures of the baby bump.

    1. Which stage to shoot

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    The shoot is recommended around the second half of the sixth month of the pregnancy to the end of the seventh month. The last couple of months can be uncomfortable for the mother-to-be. Shooting during the sixth month is a good idea as the bump is usually round and nicely visible, depending on the mother, of course.

    2. When to shoot

    Sunrise or sunset is the best time for a maternity photoshoot but this should be determined based on the health of the mother whether she has morning or evening sickness. Outdoors is the best for photoshoots. However, if the expectant mother is not too keen to step out or is not in a health condition to go out, choose a big window or passageway inside the home, where there is some beautiful morning or evening light streaming in.

    3. Where to have the shoot

    Picture courtesy: Parinita Salian 

    Whenever possible, try to have your pregnancy shoot close to nature. The beachside, the hills, your backyard garden, a park, etc, are ideal places for a shoot. The mother is going through a process that's beautiful and natural, so keeping the shoot close to natural beauty uplifts the shoot.

    4. Whom to include in the shoot

    Picture courtesy: Parinita Salian 

    Always rope in the partner for a few shots. If the couple already has a child or a pet, include them as well. It adds a beautiful dimension to the portraits.

    5. What to wear during the shoot

    While you wouldn't want the mother to go through several outfit changes during the shoot, dressing in layers will give a variety. I ask my clients to carry a jacket or scarf for variety in the shots.

    6. What poses to go for during the shoot

    Picture courtesy: Parinita Salian 

    The most common and must-do poses are ones where the mother is holding her bump and looking at it. The couple holding the bump together or forming a heart around the belly with their fingers look very appealing. Uncommon ones are where you really get the couple to be intimate to capture emotional moments, wide-angle shots from far or a close-up of the bare belly. Some mothers are brave enough to volunteer for underwater mermaid-like photos or lying inside a milk-covered bathtub, showing off the bump.

    7. What value addition to make

    Props can add a lot of fun and variety to the photos. They can also make the pictures look innovative and out-of-the-box. Tiny shoes, a flower in bloom, a slate with the due date, the ultrasound photo near the belly are some props you can use to do the shoot.

    Apart from these tips, there are many other ways in which maternity photoshoots are planned these days. One popular idea is to do a 'Coming Soon' baby announcement by using props innovatively.  Another creative way is to use a temporary marker to write messages like 'Loading 70% done' or an inspiring baby quote on the mother's belly. Some mothers like to repeat a maternity photo set-up post-delivery with the baby. Others may also take a picture for almost every month of the pregnancy and record how the bump has grown.

    Whatever the idea, maternity photos will bring back beautiful memories for the parents every time they look at them.


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