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Chasing the weather: In conversation with 'Tamil Nadu Weatherman' Pradeep John

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In a special tête-à-tête with the 'Tamil Nadu Weatherman', ParentCircle finds out about the scorching Chennai weather, the effect of eclipses on pregnant women, and other interesting stories

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Chasing the weather: In conversation with 'Tamil Nadu Weatherman' Pradeep John

Pradeep John is a self-taught weather forecaster whose weather updates are more closely followed by the people of Chennai, than the forecasts shared by the Indian meteorological department! 'Tamil Nadu weatherman', as he is fondly known as, ensures that his followers stay informed with the city's latest weather forecasts, come rain or shine.

Once upon a time...

Pradeep's tryst with nature, began in 1994 when he was studying in class VII. During that year, a sudden and fiery cyclone struck the city of Chennai causing enormous havoc and significant damage. The catastrophic event involved gusty winds blowing at terrifying speeds and trees being uprooted like nobody's business. What could have horrified any 12-year-old boy, instead, thrilled Pradeep! The cyclone left a deep impression on the mind of this young boy and since then his love for rains and storms never waned, but only grew stronger.

Thus, began his inspiring journey. His passion for changes in weather grew steadily, as he monitored and recorded rainfall patterns in different regions and even started a blog to collate his findings. With time he realized that weather was his true calling.

Weather forecasting as a career

Pradeep John firmly believes that work and passion can coexist. And he stands as the perfect example of this mantra. Besides managing a full-time job, he finds the time to follow his heart.

Also, in terms of weather forecasting as a career, he makes it very clear that in India, the scope for pursuing a career in weather is quite limited, with only a handful of government agencies offering relevant courses. But according to him, if one is truly passionate about pursuing it, put in the right effort and hard work will eventually lead to success. He credits his mother for the success he has enjoyed in life as she steadfastly encouraged him every step of the way.

And like every other profession, the work of a weatherman is full of pressure too! When stress gets to Pradeep, his comfort zone is in the arms of his little daughter, and he enjoys spending time and playing with her.

ParentCircle special: Exclusive video interview

In an exclusive conversation with ParentCircle, Pradeep John talks about his life as a weatherman and a family man!

Watch the complete video as he talks about a myriad of things including how he detests the celebrity tag, the mounting pressure he faces to make accurate weather predictions, his prediction capabilities with regards to his daughter's behavior, his views on Chennai weather this summer, his stories about the women in his life, his opinion on smartphones and the PUBG game, his thoughts on whether eclipses affect pregnant women and if global warming is really real. All this and much more in this ParentCircle special!

Watch the video below:

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