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8 Specific and practical ways to teach children good work ethics while they are young

Lakshmi Rajan Lakshmi Rajan 3 Mins Read

Lakshmi Rajan Lakshmi Rajan


Good work ethics include values like dependability, responsibility, honesty and integrity, and is vital to realise one's goals. But, do you know how to inculcate strong work ethics in your child?

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8 Specific and practical ways to teach children good work ethics while they are young

"That isn't ethical!" is a statement that we all have made at some point in our life. But what are ethics? Why are they so important?

Ethics are moral principles that influence our behaviour. They help us understand what is right and what is wrong. Such an understanding helps us to follow codes and do what is right. By following ethics, we ensure that we live a life where values like integrity, honesty, fairness, and respect for others are given a place of importance.

On the professional front, an ethical individual displays values like accountability, confidentiality, and loyalty which are of the utmost importance.

With ethics being so vital to our existence and success, it is important that, as parents, we teach our children good work ethics to lay the foundation for success.

But, how can you inculcate good work ethics in your child? Here are some tips that will help you understand and begin the process.

  1. Say 'No' to rewards: When our children do something good, we often end up rewarding them. This may not always be the right thing to do. Making the right choice and sticking to it should not be done to get rewards or accolades. It should come naturally to a child. Therefore, don't always reward your child with goodies when he does the right thing, but do praise his choice and tell him the difference he has made.
  2. Inspire through examples: Use incidents from your everyday life like those you may have witnessed in your office or in the neighborhood to make your child understand how important it is to develop good work ethics. This will inspire her to develop a positive attitude towards her responsibilities, which will grow stronger as she grows up.
  3. Be a role model: Children learn by observing and repeating what their parents do. As a parent, if you do not present yourself as a good role model for your child, how would he imbibe the right values? So, display good work ethics in whatever you do and your child will also do the same.
  4. Tell a story: Get some books with moral stories or about great personalities who modelled good values and great work ethics. Read them to your child, and while you do so, also make her understand the values stressed upon in the stories.
  5. Correct but don't punish: As your child is busy exploring and learning, it is natural for him to make mistakes. Sometimes, his mistakes may make you feel very angry and you may want to punish him. But, resist the temptation. Stay calm and talk to your child to make him understand his mistake and correct himself. By doing so, you would teach your child how to empathies and support those around him.
  6. Remain approachable: Most modern-day parents lead very busy lives. As a result, quite a few of them work even after coming home from office. While doing so, parents tend to ignore their children or tell them not to disturb. Shun this habit and listen to what your child has to say. This will help her understand that along with work it is also important to stay connected with others.
  7. Be grateful: Giving up something for the greater good and lending a helping hand without any expectation are qualities worth appreciating. Teach your child to be grateful for what he has and share his possessions with those who aren't so blessed. This will help him develop better relations with his peers.
  8. Develop resilience: In today's age of intense competition, everyone wants to outdo others and be the best. As a result, stress has become a part of not just the lives of adults but also of children. Teaching your child to be resilient will help her handle stress, deal with the pressures, and perform to expectations. It will also help her lead a better life in limiting circumstances.

The future of the world is closely linked to the values we inculcate in our children. Developing good work ethics in your child will mold him into not only a successful individual, but also a responsible and trustworthy person. So, go ahead and sow the seeds of good work ethics right away.

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