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Fem’O’vita – For periods pain relief

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A lot of women experience pain and discomfort during their periods. However, relief is at hand with Fem’O’vita – a completely natural pain relief product. Learn more about how it helps

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Fem’O’vita – For periods pain relief

Period cramps, or dysmenorrhea, is the most common gynecological problem among women. It is usually accompanied by fatigue, back pain, bloating and mood disorders that are caused by fluctuating hormone levels.

To get relief, most women depend on over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication. But, as you may be aware, these can harm your health in the long term.

Recently, Chennai-based Award Nutraceuticals LLP launched a completely natural periods pain relief product — Fem'O'vita to combat menstrual pain and discomfort. Fem'O'vita not only provides relief for period cramps but also maintains a healthy hormonal balance and strengthens the uterus.

The Holin range of wellness products

Award Nutraceuticals LLP launched their Holin range of wellness products after extensive clinical research. All these Ayurvedic natural healthcare products are plant-based and manufactured under stringent quality standards. Also, they are free of artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals.

Whether it is to promote overall health, boost immunity, ease digestion or enhance stamina, the Holin's range has a nutritional healthcare product for everyone in the family -  especially kids, women and the elderly.

This aligns perfectly with Award Nutraceuticals’ vision of building a healthy society by helping individuals and families lead a healthy life.

Fem’O’vita – a boon for women

Period pain can be quite bad and make you feel snappy, depressed and worn out. You may even find it difficult to stand, sit, walk and carry on your daily activities.

If your pain is quite intense and you are seeking relief, Fem'O'vita is a nutritional supplement that promises to help you.

It is also very effective in improving uterine strength. So, those young mothers who develop uterine weakness post-delivery don't have to worry now. This Ayurvedic healthcare supplement formulated with natural ingredients helps address uterine health and prevent complications such as uterine prolapse.

How Fem'O'vita helps with period pain relief

  • Including Fem'O'vita oral supplement in your diet works wonders in relieving menstrual pain symptoms.
  • Its effect on uterine health is derived from the wellness properties of whole grains, millets, seeds and herbs.
  • It contains medicinal herbs like Yashtimadhu, Jadamansi and Punarnava which have antispasmodic and muscle-relaxing properties.
  • The healthy combination of vitamins and nutrients in Fem'O'vita helps you fight fatigue and weakness.

Key ingredients

The ingredients in Fem’O’vita include:

  1. Bajra (Pearl millet)
  2. Little millet
  3. Foxtail millet
  4. Maize
  5. Jowar (Sorghum)
  6. Samba wheat
  7. Barley
  8. Roasted gram
  9. Green gram
  10. Flax seeds
  11. Red rice
  12. Yashtimadhu
  13. Punarnava
  14. Jatamansi
  15. Shatavari
  16. Ashokarishta
  17. Moringa
  18. Whey protein
  19. Vitamins and minerals

Nutritional value per 100 g

  • Carbohydrate 81.72g
  • Energy 383.77 kcal
  • Fat 1.3g
  • Protein 11.23g
  • Sugar 23.8g
  • Iron 14.1mg
  • Magnesium 240mg
  • Phosphorus 6.6mg
  • Vitamin B12 16mcg
  • Vitamin B2 33mg
  • Vitamin B3 38mg
  • Vitamin B1 30mg
  • Folic acid 60,000mcg
  • Zinc sulphate27 mg

How to take it

Take 15 to 20g of Fem’O’vita daily with 200ml of boiled milk.

Note: Recommended for females within the age group 14 to 60 years

With Fem’O’vita, we hope you will finally find a long-term solution to your menstrual cramps. Take it daily to experience pain-free periods and enjoy good uterine health.

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