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5 Essential Things To Pack When Travelling With A Baby

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Poongkodi Jose Poongkodi Jose


Are you a newbie parent who is gearing up for that first trip with your baby? We bet you are nervously excited! Well, fret not, check out this list of the 5 most essential things you can't do without!

5 Essential Things To Pack When Travelling With A Baby

There is always a first time! Travelling with an infant can be really stressful if you do not have access to the right baby things at the right time. Reason - your baby is so accustomed to the comforts of home and is not old enough to adjust to change in situation. And travelling brings with it a whole host of changes.

Hence, to be better prepared to face the trip with your infant, you need to pre-plan and pack the essentials so as to give her the maximum comfort possible. Pack smartly to face any unexpected situations that might put you in a tough spot. It may seem a little tiring to think through and pack, but it is worth the trouble, trust us! Once you are all set, you will feel more confident about travelling with your tiny tot. You'll see!

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So, here is the list of 5 essential things to pack when travelling with a baby:

1. Toiletries and personal hygiene

Everything relating to your baby's hygiene is essential. Diapers and wipes should top the list. It is good advice to check the diaper your baby is wearing from time to time. Ensure that your baby is comfortable in her diaper, as this will make her less fussy and cranky.

Additionally, you should carry body lotion and rash cream with you. Sometimes you might be on a delayed or long journey and your diaper-wearing baby might end up developing rashes with prolonged usage. A cream to soothe the rashes is a good idea.

No matter what your mode of travel is, be it car, train or plane, having a small bottle of sanitizer for yourself and baby helps. Chances are you will be exposed to germs and infections, especially in public places and toilets.

Tip: Carry small sized travel-friendly bottles and tubs of toiletries instead of the big bottle that you use at home. It will be a lot lighter and easier to carry and use while travelling.

2. Food and snacks

It is important to feed your baby regularly and maintain his usual routine. If your baby gets hungry during the trip they can easily become fussy or cranky, making your dream vacation into a nightmare. In case you are a breastfeeding mother, you might not always have a favourable situation to nurse your baby, so it is better to turn to some baby food in such situations.

Depending on the age of your baby, you could pack some of her favourite cookies or cut fruits like apple or watermelon. Bananas or oranges are best for travels, as you can easily peel some and offer your baby. For babies who haven't started on solids, having an extra bottle of bottled milk, either formula or breast milk, will be helpful to curb your little one's hunger. So remember to pack some tiny formula packets or instant baby food to make a quick meal on the go. You could also carry an exclusive water flask for the baby to keep them well hydrated and happy.

Tip: Carry a small bottle of liquid soap or your favourite cleaning agent, to clean cups, bowls, bottles and spoons while you are on the move.

3. Baby gear for convenience

For your own convenience, it is best to carry a stroller or a baby carrier to hold your baby close and walk around easily with your luggage. Especially if you are travelling alone with your baby, a carrier is your saving grace.

As for strollers, they are allowed on most flights, though there are certain dimensions and weight restrictions which you will have to abide by. So check with your airline to find out what those specifications are, and make the necessary arrangements.

4. Comfort and medicine

Pack some of your baby's favourite toys and a pacifier to comfort and entertain him whenever he gets cranky or bored. You can also pack an illustrated storybook to keep him engaged. If your baby is teething, it is best to carry a teething ring too. And in case your baby does not like sleeping in dark rooms then you could carry a handy travel-friendly night lamp for your baby to feel at home. Carry medicines for any emergency health situations such as catching a cold, down with fever or tummy bug. And in case your baby has his set of daily prescribed medicines, ensure to carry them along.

5. Extra supplies

Always carry enough change of clothes in your baby bag for any emergencies. This could include a spoiled dress after a meal or due to a leaky diaper, delay in your journey, or anything at all. Use a baby bib while feeding to avoid spills and the added trouble of changing her during the travel. Carrying a soft and light baby blanket can offer multiple uses, such as a changing mat, a clean surface, nursing cover, shield from cold winds, etc. Ensure your baby bag is preferably waterproof, and is spacious enough to hold baby essentials along with some extras.

If you are on an international journey don't forget your baby's passport. It will also be good to carry an identity document such as your baby's birth certificate to prove you are the parent. Also, check the weather of the place you are travelling to and pack appropriate accessories like socks, gloves, caps, baby-friendly mosquito repellent, etc.

Well, travelling is all about creating beautiful memories. So, plan ahead and pack smart for your travel so that you can avoid unpleasant incidents and enjoy a pleasant trip!

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