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Parenting A Child With Down Syndrome

Deepa Garwa, Deepa GarwaDeepa Garwa

Down syndrome is among the most common genetic birth defects and affects approximately one in 800 children worldwide. It causes intellectual and physical disability, and many other health issues. Most parents are shocked to learn that their child has Down syndrome, and are unaware of the resources available for children with this disorder. This prevents them from seeking help and support.

If you have a child with Down syndrome, don’t worry. You will find that parenting a child with Down syndrome can be as joyous and rewarding, and of course challenging, as parenting any other child. To help your child, you have to understand the condition well and also take help from friends and family members for support and encouragement. With just a little extra preparation to meet the special needs of your child, and a patient and calm disposition, you can help him, as well as yourself, lead a normal life.

Although a lot of people believe that those with Down syndrome can never be successful, there are numerous examples of people with the condition becoming achievers in their own way. Angela Bachiller in 2013 became the first ever councilwoman to be elected. Sujeet Desai, a musician, graduated from high school with a 4.3 grade average and can play seven instruments.

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