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Famous Indian Classical Dancers


In a country that is known for its art, culture and classical dance, there is no dearth of legendary classical dancers. From Kathak and Kuchupudi to Bharathanatyam and Kathakali, every classical dance form in India has produced famous and exceptionally talented dancers, in abundance.

Take the story of Rukmani Devi Arundale. Born in a simple family and having had a conservative upbringing, Rukmani Devi still managed to create a niche for herself in the Indian culture, through her charismatic performances and unforgettable contributions to Bharathanatyam. She also founded Kalakshetra, which today, proudly stands as an embodiment of the richness of Indian classical dance forms.

Another legendary classical dancer that the country has produced is Uday Shankar. Born in a Rajastani family and having no inclination in dance at first, he later went on to be known as the “father of modern dance”. Having infused the traditional Indian dance form with modern ballet, he gained international acclaim and has performed in various parts of the world.

This ClipBook includes content on dozens of such famous Indian classical dancers, their pictures, profiles and interviews. You and your child can flip through it together, and get mesmerised in their world of art, dance and accolades.


Rukmini Devi Arundale

Rukmini Devi Arundale was a reputed dancer and choreographer of Bharatnatyam, an Indian classical dance form. Her charismatic personality and contribution to the renaissance of Indian Classical music attained her niche in the arena of Indian culture.

Sitara Devi

Sitara Devi is a famous Indian Kathak dancer from Kolkata. Seeing Sitara perform at the age of 16, Rabindranath Tagore called her as ‘Nritya Samragini’, meaning the empress of dance.

Pandit Birju Maharaj

Pandit Birju Maharaj is a renowned classical dancer of India and one of the leading exponents of Lucknow Kalka-Bindadin Gharana of Kathak. Born on 4th February 1938 as Brij Mohan Nath Mishra, he hails from the legendary Maharaj family of Kathak da...

Kelucharan Mohapatra

Odissi dance Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra born on 8 January 1926 at Raghurajpur, Puri, is among the many gems that Orissa has produced in different fields of art along the centuries.

Guru Bipin Singh

Guru Bipin Singh the legendary teacher of Manipuri dance was born on August 23, 1918 in Singari village of Cachar district in Assam. His father Laikhomsana Singh was a maiba and mother Indubala Devi was a renowned singer. His maternal uncles were ...

Uday Shankar

Uday Shankar was an internationally acclaimed Indian classical dancer. While touring the West along with his troupe in the 1930s, he fluxed western dancing techniques to Indian ones that made his art hugely popular among both Indian and the wester...

Mrinalini Sarabhai

Smt. Mrinalini Sarabhai is a famous exponent, choreographer, teacher and institution builder, who is well versed in every aspect of Natya. She was a pioneer in popularising South Indian classical dance in Gujarat.

Guru Vempati Chinna Satyam

Guru Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam dedicated his life to preserve, promote and propagate Kuchipudi in India and all over the world. A charismatic performer, a brilliant choreographer and an inspiring teacher, he has been largely responsible for the re...

Bharatanatyam Guru Adyar K Lakshman

Born on December 16, 1933, Adyar K Lakshman hails from Kuppam in Chittur District of Andhra Pradesh, where his father Krishnaraja Rao was posted as a school teacher.

Sonal Mansingh

Sonal Mansingh is an eminent Indian classical dancer and choreographer, renowned for her Odissi dancing style. Prominently a dancer, she is also a philosopher, social reformer, thinker, choreographer and teacher.

Padma Subrahmanyam

Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam is acclaimed as a rare combination of a dancer, research scholar, choreographer, singer, music composer, teacher, author and Indologist.

Shovana Narayan

A maestro of Kathak dance, she is a well-known name that appears on the top in the list of eminent classical dancers of India. Her wonderful performances have left the people awestruck.

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