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Academics and Exams

Can just three hours justify a child's ability?

Supporting our children to overcome their exam stress is a great help we can do to them. Instead of asking them to read all the time, we can make them plan their study by having a timetable, and asking them to go through day-to-day revisions will help them to be stress-free during their exams.

We need to guide them to do yoga and pranayama every day which helps them to be stress-free. As a parent, we need to prepare their self-confidence..

 I also believe in the fact that an exam that longs for only 3 hours may not be the only fact to decide the knowledge of a child, do you agree with this ?

A child who studied for a whole year and knows everything, but when writing the exam may forget something or do silly mistakes due to tension. This is the problem I hear from more than 90% of parents telling about their children. 

Do you all agree?  with me, put your views in the comment section.

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  • Arathi Vishwanath
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  • Sep 14, 2022


Anita kulkarni Sep 20, 2022

yeah its every parent question. But according to me stars shine when its their time. Few kids may face failures in exams but if they r talented they will definitely get success. We can see in office, companies or in any other fields we start our jobs with our certificates but our hard work and talent will take us to success.

Team ParentCircle 7 days ago

@Anita kulkarni

Well said Anita!

R.Kalaivani Sep 15, 2022

Exams have an important role in the process  learning and in the whole educational institution.

Examination instills

  • discipline
  • To stay calm under storm
  • self analysis
  • Yet our education system is obsessed with exams.It is high time we realised that it does more harm than good.
  • Exams are associated with labels such as ‘failure’, ‘grades’, ‘ranks’ and ‘poor performance’ which terrify young students and have a negative impact on them.
  • students must be assessed in more than one way to ensure real learning is happening instead of just getting grades.
  • These are my perspectives Arathi.
  • Thank you for bringing this thread.

Anita kulkarni Sep 20, 2022


very nicely explained.

Anu Sep 16, 2022

But as long as there are board exams and university exams we have no choice but to make our kids prepare for them.

Arathi Vishwanath Sep 17, 2022


Yes, we need to prepare our kids mentally to face the exam even if they get tough paper.

They need to finish their revision a day before itself and no study before the exam and near the exam hall.

Let them practice regular yoga and meditation which help them to come out of exam tension.

Manya Sep 14, 2022

Thanks for starting this thread Arathi...I have been thinking along the same lines of late...I agree with you completely. Often, the sentence formation of the questions confuses children, though they know the answer but fail to understand it at that moment. 

Anu Sep 16, 2022


How to help in this situation? My child also has same problem 

Preeti Agrawal Sep 15, 2022

Yeah, I agree Arathi. Exam fear or exam pressure is a sad reality nowadays. We should not judge education confined within time. Children are bright naturally and, their effort, their preparedness matter. We must appreciate their minute efforts! 

"Learning and erudition encourage well-being. " Impactful learning is really important for the vigor of thought, clarity of language, richness of the mind and vibrancy of energy system. We should encourage our children for knowledge and virtue to have a wonderful world. 

The possibilities of knowledge can create a whole new world. Experimenting and practicing the ever-widening knowledge and truth with passion is important. It definitely springs hope and vitality. 

Well, I'm really a 'cool and calm' parent. I truly feel it's the parenting that nurtures a child magically. It's the happy and healthy environment at home that greatly matters in unfolding the true nature of children. Parenting should lead as an example for children, for an exhilarating experience of life which throws unknown examinations with golden life lessons. 

"Whatever our children are learning in school or other classes need not to be repeated at home unless they're interested. " 

When my children come back from school or other classes, I simply ask them, "How was your day? " And sometimes their answers are really long and sometimes really short. But I make sure it is uplifting. 

As parents, our love and support, our enthusiastic contribution and playful involvement with our children is absolutely important. We need to leave them free to unfold their uniqueness and creativity. Let them learn, explore and adventure with valor. No matter however simple or complicated, let them find solutions on their own. And a solution doesn't indicate presence of a problem, it simply means that you're ready for any exam.