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Best Tips to Plan a Trip with Your Baby

Ashwin Dewan Ashwin Dewan 6 Mins Read

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Travelling with a baby can be a nerve-racking experience. If you are planning a trip with your baby, these tips will help you avoid any unpleasant situations.

Best Tips to Plan a Trip with Your Baby

Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience - Francis Bacon Sr

Parents may get stressed out at the thought of travelling with their little one, but travelling with a baby is not as difficult as it is made out to be. Granted, a lot of questions whirl around the head of the parents involved - What if the baby starts crying during a car ride? What if she refuses to sleep in an unfamiliar environment? Agreed, in various ways, vacationing with a baby is not an easy task.

We have compiled a list of handy tips that will make your trip along with your baby a wonderful experience.

1) Prepare for the climate

This tip may sound simple at first instance. Carry warm clothes when travelling to cold places and cool clothes for hot places. However, you may have decided on more than one place for travel and one place may have a different climate than the other. You do not want to find your baby shivering at a time when you have no woollens.

2) Carry enough baby food or formula

If your baby is still breastfeeding, you need not pack a lot of baby food. If she has been introduced to solid foods, carry her favourite food.

Alternatively, you should keep in mind that baby food and formula vary from one place to another. If your baby is fond of a formula, she will stick to it. Carry enough so that you don't run out of supplies before the road trip ends.

3) A portable baby bed/bassinet is handy

A baby may not want to sleep in a rental crib so carrying along your own portable baby bed will help. Many hotels provide a crib for a fee so check with the hotel that you have booked about crib availability.

4) Pack carry-ons for the baby

Carry-ons can be helpful during a road trip with a baby. Parents can have a bag for the baby that contains the baby's favourite toys, food and clothes. This will ensure parents have their baby's things within reach and will save them the trouble of going through their stuff every time their baby wants something.

5) Secure an aisle seat

This tip ensures that parents do not have a harrowing experience during a flight with their baby. Often, babies are unreasonable and during their many moods, either one or both parents may have to stand up with the baby and walk up and down the plane. Choosing an aisle seat will allow parents to walk the aisle easily.

6) Change your baby's diaper before the trip

Often the changing tables in the restrooms of most aeroplanes are very tiny. This makes it difficult to change your baby's diaper. So, using the airport's restroom changing tables before a flight can help.

7) Pack many sanitary wipes

When planning a road trip with your baby, sanitary wipes are essential, especially when you are travelling by train.

Sanitary wipes will not only help to sanitise the germ-infested partition walls of berths but can also be used to clean up messes that will happen when feeding or changing due to the constant motion of the train.

8) Carry milk and special cups

Some airlines do not have refrigeration units and do not carry milk. If your baby loves milk, remember to carry some on the flight. Also, if your baby requires special cups such as sippy bottles, carry them.

9) Pack some entertainment

Does your baby love watching a particular show? Does she like playing a game on your tablet? Get them ready. For, even if your baby is a content one, a road trip will test her nerves.

10) Coordinate your travel time with your baby's sleep schedule

This is a very handy tip when travelling with your baby. A baby who is wide awake can create a lot of hassle - demanding food, games, getting moody, etc. Avoid these by travelling when your baby sleeps.

So, go ahead and plan a trip with your baby without any fear. These tips will ensure you and your baby have a great time.

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