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    Best Educational Apps And Videos For Preschoolers

    Sahana Charan Sahana Charan 13 Mins Read

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    Written by Sahana Charan and published on 20 July 2021.

    Educational apps can get your toddler or preschooler interested in science, math, languages and a lot more. These learning apps and videos show you how.

    Best Educational Apps And Videos For Preschoolers

    When children step into the remarkable threes, there is suddenly a lot of buzz around them.

    The preschool age (3 -5 years) is an important milestone for establishing early childhood education. In such a scenario, learning apps can be handy in imbibing new concepts, acquiring good habits, learning the English language and discovering science and math through fun and play.

    Benefits of learning apps for nursery/kindergarten children

    There are a variety of educational apps available for preschoolers, which are interactive and instructive, and combine play with learning. There are English learning apps, reading and vocabulary apps, number and math-related apps, science apps and more.

    Here are some of the benefits of educational apps for preschoolers:

    • Complement the knowledge gained in kindergarten
    • Promote interactive learning and education through play
    • Keep children engaged productively
    • Make learning science and math fun and engaging
    • Build reading skills and vocabulary
    • Hone children's problem-solving and reasoning skills
    • Propagate a better lifestyle (through hygiene and healthy eating apps)
    • Promote social interaction and help children express themselves in different ways

    Demerits of too much screen time

    Parents must monitor the time children spend with different media, especially mobiles and tablets. For, excessive screen time can have a detrimental effect on the health of a child.

    The recommendations made by the American Academy of Pediatrics on media use and screen time suggest that, for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years, screen time must be limited to one hour per day of high-quality programmes.

    However, there is nothing wrong in children being engaged and entertained through educational apps for short periods.

    Top learning apps for nursery and kindergarten children

    1. Starlight (Free for download)

    Developer: ion6

    Operating system: Android

    Does your little one gaze at the sky and dream of becoming an astronaut? Look no further. Starlight is a mesmerising app for children, which they can also try with other family members. All you must do is point your mobile phone towards the night sky and get real-time information on the different constellations, planets and stars. Children can learn interesting facts and trivia about celestial objects and share them with friends and family.

    Download link:


    2. Poptropica (Free for download)

    Developer: StoryArc Media

    Operating systems: Android and iOS devices.

    Learning about new places and the interesting facts and history behind them cannot happen only in the classroom. Through the Poptropica app, preschoolers can use their imagination to create a character and then visit different islands, thus learning about these places. The activities include taking on new adventures, playing new games to get prizes and buying clothes and essentials.

    Through this fun learning app, children can collect interesting facts about places and learn about history. They can use problem-solving skills and logical reasoning to unravel secrets and mysteries, and learn through stories. The app also allows children to connect with others on the quest.

    Download link:


    3. My Very Hungry Caterpillar (Free for download)

    Developer: Storytoys

    Operating systems: Android and iOS

    Hundreds of small children adore the beautiful story of My Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, which has crawled into their hearts. The even more amazing app version, with its 3D and interactive features, is sure to mesmerise the little ones. This educational app features many knowledge-based activities that allow preschoolers to have fun while learning. These include hatching the caterpillar, helping him explore his surroundings, feeding him a variety of fruits, tucking him into bed and many more.

    The activities in this award-winning app teach children many things - caring for another living being, exploring their love of nature, appreciating music and art through the captivating illustrations and indulging in meaningful play through the various toys that are unlocked.

    Download link:


    4. Veggie Bottoms (Free for download)

    Developer: Red Card Studios

    Operating systems: Android and iOS

    Parents want their toddlers and preschoolers to eat veggies without complaining. If you are one of those parents trying hard to instil healthy eating habits in your child, this learning app is perfect for your little one.

    The award-winning educational app makes food fun for your child. It contains interactive activities featuring animated fruits and vegetable characters. Children can tap, spin and peel the fruits and veggies through a variety of games and learn interesting facts about them. If your child is just learning to read, this picture book-based app is a great option as it has a button that allows the different characters to read the book to the child.

    Download link:


    5. Elmo Loves ABCs (Paid)

    Developer: Sesame Street

    Operating systems: Android and iOS

    Alphabet learning and stringing them together into words can sometimes feel overwhelming for a preschooler. But, if learning about letters and words can be turned into a fun and engaging game, then children will comprehend fast.

    The app, based on the lovable, furry character called Elmo from the popular children's programme Sesame Street, teaches children through educational games, interesting activities like tracing and colouring, and videos that keep them engaged. Parents can also monitor their child's alphabet learning through this app.

    Download link:


    6. Moose Math (Free for download)

    Developer: Duck Duck Moose, LLC

    Operating systems: Android and iOS

    It is important for mathematics to be fun so that children do not dread the subject in the long run. Interesting maths learning apps like Moose Math not only provide math education but engage children productively through many interactive activities. Through this app, children learn to count, add, subtract and sort, all through engaging games. They also learn about measurements, quantities and a little geometry.

    Download link:


    7. Lingokids-English learning for kids (Free for download)

    Developer: Lingokids

    Operating systems: Android and iOS

    Want to make English learning easy yet methodical for your preschooler? Lingokids is a great place to start. This English learning app focuses on familiarising children with the English language, pronunciation, vocabulary, phonetics, reading and writing, and lots more. The developers of the app have partnered with the Oxford University Press for content and learning happens through hundreds of games, stories, activities, audiobooks and videos. Children learn English through fun and play, as different animals pop up to help them navigate through different games and activities. Some of the topics include letters of the alphabet, numbers, animals, colours, shapes, food and cooking. Apart from helping learn English, the app has writing exercises for children to hone their fine motor skills.

    Download link:


    8. Homer Reading (Initially free with subsequently paid subscription plans)

    Developer: Homer

    Operating systems: Android and iOS

    Do you want to encourage your little one to explore the world by reading fascinating books? Homer Reading is a useful app that helps spark your child's interest in books and reading. It does this through a simple early learning programme customised to every child's interest and reading level. The app, which has been featured in publications such as the New York Times, USA Today and Forbes, has hundreds of lessons to improve a child's language and reading skills. The developers of the app claim that children have improved their reading remarkably by using the app for just 15 minutes every day. Homer Reading also features a section with interactive stories that will make reading fun for your child. It has a parent dashboard, where you can follow the progress your little one is making.

    Download link:


    9. Bugs and Buttons (Paid)

    Developer: Little Bit Studio, LLC

    Operating systems: Android and iOS

    This is an award-winning educational app that uses interactive games and activities targeted at children in the age group of 2 to 8 years. The carefully designed collection of 18 activities allows children to acquire a host of skills through fun and play. The beautiful animation and music will keep children engaged, while the activities would allow them to go from one level to the other. They can also keep track of their achievements in the form of bug stamps.

    This learning app also assesses a child's ability and increases the difficulty levels based on the wrong or right answers given by her. So, she learns at her own pace.

    Download link:


    Learning videos for preschoolers

    Together with learning apps, there are many effective educational videos available on the Internet. Here are a few of them:

    1. Alphablocks: This is an interesting way for preschoolers to learn about letters of the alphabet and numbers.

    2. Nerdy Nummies: If your little one is a born chef and loves baking, this series of Youtube videos featuring Rosanna Pansino is sure to keep him engaged.

    3. Fairy Tales for Kids: As the name suggests, this video has many different fairy tales narrated through captivating animation and sound.

    4. DR Binocs show: This is an informative channel, which has many videos that answer day-to-day questions that kindergarten children may encounter.

    5. Zoo Wild Animals for Kids: This is a video for toddlers and preschoolers about different zoo animals and the kind of food they eat.

    Children getting into preschool have a lot of questions and musings in their mind. Parents can use these informative and fun educational apps and videos to broaden their children's horizons and complement what they learn in nursery or kindergarten.

    About the author:

    Written by Sahana Charan on 19 November 2019

    Sahana Charan is an independent writer and journalist with an interest in writing about health and wellness, environment, urban living and child rights.

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