Choosing the Right School : Solving A Parent's Dilemma

Are you worried about which preschool you should choose for your child? Read on.

By Sangeetha P, Premalatha A, Sriram B M  • 8 min read

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Choosing the Right School : Solving A Parent's Dilemma

As parents, many of us face the tough choice of selecting the right school for our children once they are 2 or 2.5 years old. The challenge of choosing the right school assumes greater significance when a child is admitted to a school for the first time. For many parents, choice of a school is driven primarily by convenience, the place they live, their economic status, the support from in-laws and so on. The situation becomes even more challenging for working parents, who are required to put in long hours at work.

Given the above issues, choices for parents are limited. And the question that troubles most parents is, ‘What can I do to provide the best education to my child?’ .

An important fact to consider and understand before you decide to enrol your child in school is ‘how early learning happens’.

A child learns when she is exposed to an environment where she seeks to do and learn about various things she comes across. A typical example of this is the way your child behaves at home. She crawls, walks, pulls down and observes almost everything on the table, chair, kitchen shelf and what not. This is how a child learns in a natural way. But, all this becomes a nightmare for parents since they are constantly worried about keeping their child safe and preventing her from getting hurt.

The concept of allowing a child to learn the natural way is adopted in our Montessori classrooms. The child is exposed to various environments depending on his age and exposed to objects and materials that are specially crafted. He is encouraged to interact with various objects, is given activities to perform and guided/supervised by the Montessori adult to complete the activities. This helps the child master all the activities. This is the crux of our methodology. What a child learns this way, he remembers forever, as the learning is experiential and not by rote.

Also, the Montessori materials we provide hold the key to learning various subjects. While the child learns in an ad hoc manner at home, Montessori classrooms provide a structured environment. Here, specific needs of practical life, sensorial, mathematics, cultural science and languages are taught through activities.

The Montessori adult takes the all-important responsibility of observing the child, taking notes and understanding the areas of strengths and weaknesses. Correct guidance is provided at the right time to help the child complete the activity successfully. Hence every child finishes the tasks successfully and no child ever fails. The learning process is considered complete only after the child has mastered the activities. This gives the child the ability to perform the activities wherever and whenever required.

In Sudar Montessori School, the guiding principles through which we educate children are:

1. Respect

We respect every child as a separate and unique individual. Not only are they taught to respect individuals but also objects in the environment. As they grow older, it becomes easier for them to understand the connection between an adult, a child and all non-living things in the environment around them.

2. Discovery

As learning in our school is experiential, children discover the answers themselves. This encourages them to develop the ability of self-directed problem solving, a skill that is not present in a majority of children today.

3. Imagination

The learning activities in our school are open-ended and creative. This allows children to explore new ideas and relationships, and lays a strong foundation for self-expression and innovation. The building blocks for innovative thinking are firmly established through sensory exploration and creative activities the children indulge in.

4. Independence

Humans strive for independence and children also feel this desire strongly. They want to do things on their own and participate in everything around them. This desire is fostered through practical, social and intellectual experiences provided to them. Thus, children become an active agent in their own education by following the principle, “Help me to do it by myself”.

We, at Sudar, take pride in being responsible for creating a generation that can face and address the challenges of their time with Respect, Innovation, Creativity and Independence.

If what we do and the way we do it strikes a chord with you, come and talk to us. We are there to help you with your child’s growth in his/her formative years and lay the foundation for a strong future.

Sangeetha P is the Director, Premalatha A is the Founder Director and Sriram B M is the Honorary Correspondent at Sudar Montessori School, Chennai.

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