The Benefits Of Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

Jigsaw puzzles are considered useful for improving a child’s memory. Want to know more about their benefits for children? Read on.

By Parama Gupta  • 9 min read

The Benefits Of Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

Children of all age groups love jigsaw puzzles. Even in these technology-driven times of computer and mobile games, these puzzles continue to be popular among children. 

What is a jigsaw puzzle?

Jigsaw puzzles are created by cutting a picture printed on either a carboard or wood into multiple pieces of different shapes and sizes. Solving the jigsaw puzzle involves assembling and fitting all these pieces together again.

Benefits of jigsaw puzzles for children

Here are six reasons why you should consider getting jigsaw puzzles for your children:

1. Solving jigsaw puzzles is a great way to pass time. It is also a healthy source of entertainment for children. These puzzles are interesting and can hold children’s attention and keep them engaged for hours. While on the one hand it taxes the brain, on the other hand it also helps the mind relax by diverting attention from any stressful thoughts. Solving jigsaw puzzles also helps children to develop gross and fine motor skills, hand–eye coordination and shape recognition.

2. Jigsaw puzzles are cheap and reusable. So, children can play with them again and again. You can also step in and make the activity more interesting for your children. Set a time within which to solve the puzzle and challenge your children to try and do it within that time. This way, they will learn how to work to achieve their goals within time.

3. Puzzles also act as valuable educational tools. Jigsaw puzzles of maps, animals, numbers, etc., are a great way of arousing children’s interest in different subjects. They are also a great way of developing cognitive, visual-spatial, collaborative and social skills. Therefore, puzzles are great for educating children and helping them learn and gain confidence in a range of skills.

4. They help to develop problem-solving skills and boost logical reasoning. Solving a jigsaw puzzle is not easy for children. Most of the time they need to stop and think about how and where to fit the different pieces. Figuring this out requires children to apply critical thinking. And, every time they solve a puzzle, children also develop strategies to solve it faster the next time. Thus, they learn both to solve the problem and come up with newer strategies to do it in a better way the next time. So, solving jigsaw puzzles also helps to develop and hone critical problem-solving skills, strategic thinking and logical reasoning ability.

5. Solving puzzles improves concentration and memory. One of the strategies children adopt to solve puzzles is to remember and recall how the different pieces fit. This boosts their memory. It also helps them to improve their ability to focus for long hours, which is a great asset in every walk of life.

6. Children learn to work with patience by trying to solve puzzles. Solving a puzzle is a challenge, and overcoming any challenge requires time and patience. By learning to slowly work through the puzzle, children develop patience. They also learn to not give up and keep persevering until they reach their goal.

Are puzzles good for toddlers and preschoolers?

The Benefits Of Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

Jigsaw puzzles are good for children of all ages. Even your toddler can play with puzzles that is safe for her age. Apart from keeping her busy and entertained, it will help develop her gross motor skills.

Jigsaw puzzles for toddlers usually consist of 2–3 pieces. Your child can handle puzzles with up to 20 pieces by the time she is three years of age. 

Different types of jigsaw puzzles

There are many types of jigsaw puzzles.

  • Material: Based on the material they are made up of they can be either wooden, plastic or of cardboard.
  • Dimension: 2d and 3D jigsaw puzzles are categorized based on dimension.
  • Educational jigsaw puzzles: The most popular jigsaw puzzles are the 2D type where different pieces need to be fitted together on a flat surface to form a complete picture. Children can put together jigsaw puzzles containing pictures of animals, plants and places as well as maps as part of their learning activity.
  • Digital jigsaw puzzles: Online jigsaw puzzles are a hit with older kids as they can solve them along with their friends using a gadget. 

So, now that you know about the several benefits of jigsaw puzzles for children, why wait? Head out to the nearest store and gift your child a challenge that he will love to overcome.

Jigsaw puzzle game apps for kids

Many jigsaw puzzle apps are available on Google Play or App Store from which you can download based on your child’s age. Here are a few of them:

1. Jigsaw Puzzles Epic

The Benefits Of Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

This is a jigsaw game with more than 10,000 pictures from various categories. The developers keep adding puzzle packs regularly, so you always get to solve new puzzles. The app also allows you to create puzzles from the photos you click with your phone.

You can download the app by clicking here

2. Houses Jigsaw Puzzles

The Benefits Of Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

The developers of this app claim that it is suitable for the entire family. It has eight puzzle game challenges and three game modes for players of different age groups. The app also has various customisation options.

You can download the app by clicking here

3. Good Old Jigsaw Puzzles - Free Puzzle Games

The Benefits Of Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

This is a HD photo puzzle game with a huge collection of colourful and advanced puzzles. The app also allows you to share puzzles with our friends. 

You can download the app by clicking here

4. Smart - Brain Games & Logic Puzzles

The Benefits Of Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

This app has a collection of 28 games that are supposed to train IQ and reasoning skills. There are over 600 levels to train the brain. It is a perfect game for both children and adults.

You can download the app by clicking here

5. Word Search Puzzle

The Benefits Of Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

This is a classic word search game in which the player can make new words by combining different letters or adding a letter to a word. The game has different modes as well as many levels to keep the player engaged.

You can download the app by clicking here

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