5 Instagram Accounts to Boost Your Child’s Creativity

Painting, Do-It-Yourself crafts, art with fruits and veggies and interesting hacks that children will love. Follow these Instagrammers and watch your child turn mundane stuff into pretty pieces of art

By Sahana Charan  • 7 min read

5 Instagram Accounts to Boost Your Child’s Creativity

Social media – the two words that send shivers down the spine of many parents. Cyberbullying, stalking, over-sharing are just some of the aspects of social media that rattle parents. But, there’s the good side to social media too. This medium can be immensely useful in enhancing the learning experience for your child. It can open newer avenues and hone the budding talent in him.

Instagram is one such source, which is a treasure trove of creativity for artistically-inclined children. There are unique and eye-catching activities promoted in some Instagram accounts that take inspiration from everyday life and help build the creative skills of your little one.

We have put together a list of five of the best Instagram accounts that can help boost your child’s creativity. Read on…

1. 5-Minute Crafts 

5 Instagram Accounts to Boost Your Child’s Creativity

If creating quick and inspired art pieces from everyday stuff and using science hacks is your child’s favourite game at home, this is the right place to get started. Make ballet dancers with just wire and hand tissues or a bag from a T-shirt. 5-minute Craft is the Do-It-Yourself section of the website Bright Side. The standout element of this account is that it features time-lapse videos that are just about a minute long. Most of these art and crafts are quite easy and fun to do for pre-teens. What’s more! Most of the materials used are stuff you will find at home. This account also has everyday living, science and engineering hacks that are exciting for school-going children and adults alike.

2. Art Bar Blog 

5 Instagram Accounts to Boost Your Child’s Creativity

This Instagram account and associated website was created by Bar Rucci, an art teacher, author, graphic designer living in Connecticut, US. This mother of three creates unique and offbeat pieces of art from various media and posts the pictures on her Instagram feed, along with instructions on how to make them. She uses everyday stuff to instruct children to create easy-to-make works of art with leaves, paper and lots of paint. The results are astonishing. If your child is particularly interested in painting, check this account for motivation.

3. Diply Crafty 

5 Instagram Accounts to Boost Your Child’s Creativity

A social news and entertainment community, Diply provides engaging news, videos and more. Crafty is the DIY and craft wing of this website.The Instagram feed of Diply Crafty is hugely popular and features some original and unusual craft ideas that will be sure winners with your children. Learn how to make:

Book holders with cereal cartons and chalkboard paper,

Ornamental pen toppers made with succulents,

Tangram-inspired stamp paintings that are super easy to create and

Best-out-of-waste ideas

These ideas are sure to keep children occupied for hours.

4. Fun Craft Kids 

5 Instagram Accounts to Boost Your Child’s Creativity

This account was started by a group of creatively-inspired women who call themselves craft curators. The Instagram feed for this account has carefully selected art and craft projects from across the Internet, mainly targeted at children. You will find colourful and charming craft ideas that can be made by kids of all ages. We loved their paper roll crafts, DIY dream catchers, Minions-inspired art, milk carton bird feeder, ice-cream stick plant markers, make-your-own fidget spinners, owl-inspired art using various materials and so on. It is endless fun and truly inspirational. Go for it.

5. Kids Kitchen Crafts 

5 Instagram Accounts to Boost Your Child’s Creativity

Now, you can actually ask your little ones to play with their food. Rachel Pascuzzi, a graphic designer created this account as part of her thesis to encourage healthy eating habits in children. She wanted to find a way to combine her passion for nutrition and children's well-being with her love for food art. Kids Kitchen Crafts is a unique account that has colourful art made with what has been served up on the plate. The Instagram feeds give a great opportunity for parents to introduce art to toddlers and preschoolers through the medium of food. Lovely, quirky and beautiful, this one will have your child’s creative juices flowing.

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