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    Your Parenting Stories have the Power to Inspire - Guide - Teach! Share Now!


    Your Parenting Stories have the Power to Inspire - Guide - Teach! Share Now!

    We would love to hear from you - your parenting experiences.

    There's a lot to learn from experiences. A simple everyday routine can turn out to be a great learning experience. Don't you think? We would be greatly pleased if you could share your parenting experiences with us!

    It could be related to anything - fun, sad, happy, angry, or even a great AHA-Parenting Moment!

    Why it could even be something that happened to you when you were a child and what you learned from it! An interaction between you and your parents which you still fondly remember to this day and which has made an impact on you.

    We would be using these small snippets of stories on our platform with due credits - you can let us know if you want us to use your name or you can choose to share it anonymously. Whatever works best for you!

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    Kanisha Jun 2 2020

    Do you want to unlock the levels of Parenthood?
    Herewith I, Kanisha Shah who is a mother of 25 month old toddler name Kriyansh is sharing 25 levels on basis of experience and learning through keen observation.
    Level 1 to Level 6 (0-6 Month Milestone): As an anxious mother, I took this level seriously, but with passage of time I consider this as an easy level. To unlock this level, I stick to daily routine with time management and discipline. This level taught me patience as well as all first time practical amazing experience I saw in my kid.
    Level 7 to Level 12 (7-12 Month Milestone): These levels are moderate levels so as to balance our work and child timings properly by considering various aspects. To unlock this level, I gone with the flow of time without considering small talks and other judgement on my mind. This level taught me to enjoy and focus with our kid rather than engaging our mind into distractions.
    Level 13 to Level 18 (13-18 Month Milestone): These levels are again moderate levels. To unlock this level, I started following National Day Calendar as to raise my Awareness of the days going on per day. This level taught me that I need to organise the day or else the day will run me accordingly.
    Level 19 to Level 25 (19-25 Month Milestone): These levels are difficult levels. To unlock this level, I several time ignored my childs prank, focus on my writing skills, acted upon priority wise work. I learnt from this level that toddler may grow at their own pace, sometimes we need to let go, ignore and avoid their stubborn behaviour. Moreover, They are our top most priority with that we have to gain our strength in multi-tasking the entire day.
    In Nutshell, 25 levels are on the basis of my keen observations that I learn from my practical experiences.

    Subhashini Raju May 23 2020

    If scribbles and story telling is not a part of(parenting)life, how dull it will be?
    Hi am Mom of twins who are 26 weekers (premie babies) and now they are 2 years old. I started to introduce books to them at their 13th month. Initially with a self doubts and external criticism (as if am forcing them to prepare for some entrance exam) some of my relatives find it so odd. But the magic of stories books started to hold my kids closer to me. A special mention here is @tulikabooks which made it easier for me also they entered my kids world with lot of joy. Both my son and daughter now identifies each and every book with its cover name. They are able to recognize better. On the other hand, it has improved their ability to speak more words, identify the animals and their noises. This in turn astonishes me also makes me to collect more books that is apt for my kid's taste and thirst of creativity.
    About the scribbling part, I don't restrict them when it comes to scribbling with crayons or pencil (of course, with 100% monitoring of either me or my family members). This simple act of scribbling is not only about their creativity but much to do about their motor skills. Let them be themselves. Let them scribble with flashes of colours and let them imagine stories beyond the universe.
    Happy parenting!!

    Subhashini Raju Jun 2 2020

    @Subhashini Raju very good

    Kamala May 21 2020

    I am a FTM who has very less patience in handling my two year old toddler. Still the motherhood teaches me to be as kind and soft to her at times. When I was conversing with her I always thank her if she gives me something. Instantly, that became her habit as well from when she has started to speak. It was a surprise to me. But on the contrary when I get angry she observes that too and behaves like the same. So rather than teaching your kids different things they observe alot and let them learn easily.

    Akula Anusha May 20 2020

    I'm blessed with two kids a boy 8yr old and a girl 6 years old . When I son was around 6+ then the tuff time started for me , with out any reason he used to get very frustrated and angry . If I say No to some thing he asked , then and there we can see his anger and frustration. He is just like me short tempered guy but which is not good at this age or any age ,I learned my lessons when I'm grown up . I don't want I kid to face same . So I was thinking how can I help this burning ball