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#YOUR100WORDSTORY: September 2019


#YOUR100WORDSTORY: September 2019

TOPIC: How can Inclusion benefit Special Needs Children? Share with us your experiences in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers! SUBMIT ORIGINAL ENTRIES ONLY!!! Contest Closes on 30th September 2019. ... more

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  • Sep 9, 2019


Neha Singh Sep 30, 2019

Let's start from the beginning - if there is a life given by God; it is a perfect life. Regardless of whether that life requires special needs only goes on to add that they are special lives and need to be dealt with in a special way - a way of extra kindness, care, attention and love! Now imagine a world where we all treat each other like we are so special! Which each one of us are! But the daily grind, chasing the rat race has probably led to a lack of second thoughts- when we are angry, the choice of words, towards handling any situation or crisis, imagine dealing with them in a calm and composed manner. Special children are a reminder of our 'human'ness which we need to extend to them and each other as we progress in life, it can be truly be called a progress if its 'together' hand-in-hand is strength, let no hand feel like it was ever born weak. Instead of serving second looks, let's serve smiles to these special people and make them feel welcome, comfort and joy. For it is in such nurturing surroundings that magic happens- the love inside these stars - shines! Through little gestures, smiles, dances and their kindness. There is so much compassion that a depressed world awaits today. Let's look towards each other to imbibe what we need. Love begets love. We work around our areas, facilities and most importantly hearts to open up to special children and make them feel a part of society as much as we are. And what we will receive is a better tomorrow! A morrow of hope, compassion and kindness!

Neha Singh Oct 4, 2019

@Neha Singh

Beautifully written and really loved reading it . Its a world for all irrespective of any flaw!

ps98psvns Sep 30, 2019

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ps98psvns Oct 4, 2019


Bahut badiya...Kavita toh ek dum laajawaab hai!

Vaishali Dubey Sep 30, 2019

Special Needs Children are often segregated and rarely allowed to mix but inclusion surely helps them in learning many things at a much better pace.

Government in our state has promoted the policy of inclusion of special needs children in regular schools instead of special schools for them.

As a teacher I usually marvel at the progress these children exhibit when they are accepted in the regular fold.

These children need a little affection, understanding and patience.

Inclusion helps not only to these children but also to the other so called normal children who learn to live mutually with them becoming more understanding and considerate to the needs of different individuals made by God.

Sayoni Mondal Sep 28, 2019

They are unique and special and Almighty God's creation

They breath They feel They sense but in their life is small little tension

They are small little angels who entered this world like others, yes, they too are someone's children

They are not different they are very much alike all they need is little more attention...

They are very much alike other children just they need a little more care and concern, but all this should not lead to exclusion...

They should be included and this gonna be beneficial to both, them and us too...

The special need children obviously deserve all that a normal child do. They deserve playing and exploring and learning and enjoying and all that a normal child does. Their needs are just little more than normal kids. We should give them all that is given to normal kids and a little more than them....

Inclusion will give them an opportunity to fulfill their needs and benefit their growth and development. They will learn to be more independent and self confident. Inclusion will boost their capability and grasping and learning....

And this gonna benefit us also for we can learn from them that when life is hard how to face it. We can learn how to be thankful for all we have and express gratitude instead of being complainant and ungrateful...

Include them in your groups to teach them about life and learn from them about life !!!

Sadhana Gupta Sep 28, 2019

God created a same world for everyone ,
So should be human created communities

Inclusion of special childrens is beneficial not only for these blessed kids , but also for the society at primary as well as secondary stages.
It has been observed that these kids learn to communicate better when exposed to groups and develops ability to understand and respond more efficiently.
It also helps in modelling the behaviour of special kids in developing social and communication skills which not only assists in early learning but also in life after the school.
It provides them a platform to enhance and express them self more confidently and to be independent in their activities of daily living.
Being in social community also provide them a chance to learn and explore various skills which eventually helps in further life.
Inclusion provides an opportunity not only for specials kids but also for non- disables to learn how to be respectful, helpful and accepting, also to learn to appreciate specially abled individuals.

Dr. Sadhana Gupta

Zico Simouli Carlos Sep 24, 2019

Inclusion of children with special needs

Humans are dependent on love. In family it's unconditional but when we come out of home for proving our skills in living, it differs based on opinions. Inclusion is based on this. Greet for decisions and applause for actions. When you start practicing this, you'll eventually include everyone in this world. That's what we long for, a smile or a pat on the shoulder. So just like any other human they are also trying to prove. Including them will make us have a sense of belonging in creating a positive environment for them and us to grow without any discrimination.

Zico Simouli Carlos

Zico Simouli Carlos Sep 26, 2019

@Zico Simouli Carlos

Short and aptly written article! Keep writing.

Zico Simouli Carlos Sep 27, 2019

@Zico Simouli Carlos

Thank you

Arpita Singh Sep 25, 2019

- The Special Child

The melodies, the cacophony made no difference to her ears,
The constant rejection from the world had been intangible to her fears;
To the taunting people, she could never have uttered a word,
Yet, shattered their arrogance to pieces, using her shining talent as the only sword.

In utter silence, she remained suffering,
Nonetheless, the grit in her mind, prevailed lingering,
The strength to fight, she borrowed from the love of her mother,
Who stood, to her like a mammoth shield, and believed not in surrendering either.
She had little friends, too pure to find her mortal imperfections,
Giggled and played with her, rejoicing in the childhood's blissful dimensions.

There was one more who had upteem faith in the tenderly enriched soul,
And he always admired the special gifts she was divinely endowed with,
He never cared for her inefficiencies, steadily encouraging her much yearned goal,
The disapproval, the mockery of her needs the world devised, he didn't agree with;
The teacher who introduced her to the realm of yoga and dance,
Had the bewildered child, come out of he dark corner and try a glance,
Into a society, that deemed certain children to be lacking,
And brutally broke their confidence, without providing a thought in and up their backing.

The innocent girl smiled and strived,
And, her accomplishments were such, that the people realised -
A hand of support could brick the foundation of her hopes,
A drop of understanding could boost the
perseverance of her dreams.
A hue of respect, could enable her to break through the barriers of the entitled "normalcy" of the world and fly high,
A tinge of belief could possibly help her to gain the recognition she deserved and never vainly sigh;
To get depressed into misery and punish oneself for the crime she hadn't committed,
And languish in desperation, because the people failed to comprehend her precious abilities, as their retarded knowledge is all but limited.

Thanking you,

Arpita Singh.
(Instagram account -finding_oneself_in_ones_shadow)

Arpita Singh Sep 26, 2019

@Arpita Singh

Wow...Superb ! Very touching and a great poetry.

Arpita Singh Sep 27, 2019

@Arpita Singh

Thank you so much!
And I should tell you this....that Koushani is a beautiful child and a very good friend of my younger sister. I tend to learn a great deal of lesson from that little angel.

nehha.raghav Sep 26, 2019

Yes, because these children are very special, and if we all get a chance to teach something to make our lives better, then everyone should try to do it together, we are helping the children not because they cannot do anything but because that Children can do what we can never do,, Just like everything happens in these children, they are also human beings, they also have full rights to be together and participate in everything that everyone else does. These children need some right ways That, to understand what they can do, it is necessary for every child to be with their parents and to be with them. I am a physical therapist and I have known very close to these special children who can do this. , Just like everything happens in these children, there are human beings as well, they also have the right to participate in every work that everyone else does. These children need some right ways. That, to understand what they can do, it is necessary for every child to be with their parents and to be with them. I am a physical therapist and I have known these special children very closely. In our society, we should get the same respect as everyone else, because it is also a human being.

Anjana Sep 26, 2019

Children, during their formative years acquire knowledge, skills and abilities in numerous connected capacities. Inclusion has a very significant impact on special needs children. Learning is a constant attribute.Thus, inclusivity helps these special needs children to socialize, cultivate positivity, acquire and practice knowledge and skills. Bonding with people, enhancing their problem solving skills, creating a sense of belonging and building Mutual respect in addition to teaming up with families who could help these children benefit their progressive potential are other advantages that can be considered. Constrictive inclusivity aids to develop an individual's strength. Inclusion is therefore a right, not a previlige.

Anushka Pareek Sep 24, 2019

In the society today inclusion might not necessarily mean being in a close proximity with the normal. It might as well mean the need for each and everyone of us to accept whatever flaws and talents we have. Whenever the specially abled students are given an equal opportunity they grow not only mentally but also from behavioural perspective. A student with a hearing speciality might be a little aggressive because of his frustration of not being able to communicate. The fellow classmates should be taught about how to neglect such traits which may make someone different from you while making friends. Make friends on the basis of their nature and character and not their speciality. Should be an important lesson.
The students should be inculcated with such humanitarian values to promote and nurture the growth and aspiration of seeking dreams as big as a normal human in these specially abled children.
- Anushka Pareek

Anushka Pareek Sep 26, 2019

@Anushka Pareek

rightly said. The normal children need to be taught the humanitarian values so that special kids can benefit too.very well said.

Bharavi Yadav Sep 25, 2019

The Quest For Belongingness - A Journey not an End
The smallest indivisible human unit is two people , not one . - Tony Kushner
Human life springs from a collective net of souls of people. From the moment of birth , human beings depend on others to satisfy their basic needs . Maslow in his Heirarchy Of Needs emphasised the need for belongingness . This should make us wonder , do children with special needs are included in mainstream ? Of course not all them , would definitely be my answer. What happens to these children? Dont they have the need to belong? They definitely do . But they are ignored , sidelined and sometimes under brutal conditions, are left to be on their own. Such children have adjustment issues because their understanding of the world is different from us . Understanding their needs , not just physical but also emotional and psychological, is a mammoth task because for them expression is an issue . This is where inclusivity comes into picture. Even a one small step towards them is rewarded by two big steps from them. All they need is a chance . They want to be like every other child , on any given day . All they need is a little effort because they want to belong and believe. This according to me, inclusivity does help these children, not just physically but also mentally , emotionally and psychologically.
- Bharavi Yadav

Bharavi Yadav Sep 26, 2019

@Bharavi Yadav

Liked your beautifully written write up. Such good quotes and examples . Kudos to you

Urvashi Mathur Sep 25, 2019

We all humans need love and need a partner to do enjoy our every minute and celebrate with someone. And just like us, a few children who need more love and care needs people to play with them too. Inclusion of these very special children can improve their growth. With new friends, they all can learn new things, learn to share, learn to love. Inclusion of them can kill their alone time, their fear of losing. As I say 'Love is the cure for all problems' It's the best idea to make their life and keep them happy.
-Urvashi78 (Instagram)

Urvashi Mathur Sep 26, 2019

@Urvashi Mathur

Love is indeed the cure for all problems!! Nice write up ...Keep writing

coolraj.nishtha@gmail.com Sep 26, 2019

Yes, because they too are human souls,
And they too should be given the embracement, Like other growing soul around,
No matter if their any part of organ or tissue damaged,
They too should be received equal attention and care.
Like you can say like this,
If your child is born May be with some defect,
Would you abandon him?
This shouldn't be even even question to ask.
They are called "special" only because of the fact that God isn't rude to anybody,
If he is giving something less than others,
He might be giving any other thing more than others.
That's why they are called special;
And if they are treated like other children around,
They may stand-up to do very well in something.

coolraj.nishtha@gmail.com Sep 26, 2019


Well written...Good example and a very positively written article.

Manisha Gada Sep 26, 2019

One of the things that makes humans disparate from animals is the tendency of bonding with fellow humans that is regardless of class, gender and abnormalities.
Every child including the children with disabilities require the same amount of appreciation, love and compassion and so inclusion is one of the way to achieve that as it is advantageous for children requiring special needs helping them to develop friendship with peer groups.
It also allows them to increase social initiations, relations and networks. Inclusion is necessary as it enhances skill acquisition and generalisation, making the child believe in their capabilities to compete with others.
It also leads to access to general curriculum to a greater extent.

Manisha Gada Sep 26, 2019

@Manisha Gada

Ye I agree ..It enhances their skill and confidence too.

Sayoni Mondal Sep 22, 2019

As a part of the Inclusive Education,Ansu got the admission in the school and classroom but not been able to include himself in the culture and circle of the surrounding people.His only companions were silence and aloneness.A six year old child,who usually laughs,plays,giggles,and enjoys each moment of life,was not the case with Ansu.He used to observe whole day of silence,sit at a given place and at leaving time,move back home.As he was a special need he had lagged behind in academics.His biggest struggle was writing.He had not been able to hold the pencil firmly and write.Even making a single line was very difficult for him.It was very depressing and sorrowful for me to see him like that.A six years child struggling like anything!The foundation of human civilization lies on the communication and trust.When all the attempts to teach him failed,I decided to change my way.He was in grave need of affection and some one who can understand him!.
Like daily he was sitting alone,I started talking with him.I asked him about his favourite food,games and what he like to do.
"Tell me the name of your best friend?", I asked
"No one", he replied after remaining silent for a few seconds.
It was heartbreaking and depressing! How could a child be in such a state where he did not even have a single friend.I decided to resolve that issue at the same moment.
I called the Arman and asked Ansu to ask him his name and then the question which was at most necessary for him that is' Will you be my friend?
"Yes, I will" Arman Replied.
" See,you got one best friend!",I said happily
Then I called Saba and same process happened.Count became Two.I then waited for a moment,and to my surprise he got up from his place and approached each child present in the class and count turned out to be 7! A new journey started,A new beginning.On that day he in a true sense included in the school!

Sayoni Mondal Sep 25, 2019

@Sayoni Mondal

Really liked what you have written. I do not know if it is a fiction story or based on true incident, however the message is so beautifully conveyed. Makes one think again and reflect!

Rajeev Bansal Sep 24, 2019

Inclusion of special children in the mainstream is what we all need to do. It will not only bring a feel of care, love and affection to these children but their companions will also experience how to be humble , calm , and pleasing in all conditions of life. Moreover God has blessed all children with a unique quality. It is our duty to find that quality and work on it. If this happens, the whole world will stand to gain. And by doing this we shall be fulfilling our duty towards mankind.

Thank you

Rajeev Bansal

aastha shah Sep 24, 2019

Firstly,i would like to start by asking few question like who are we to decide if they should be included or not? Who gave us the right to decide which human part should be included and which part shouldn't? Just because they need a little attention and help that doesn't mean they will be excluded . Every child is special.
Including them will not only help with mental growth but it also create awareness in their mind. These kids are really special and pure hearted. With a little extra love and little extra attention they can conquer what we as an individuals can't really think about. These kids shouldn't be seen as a burden but as a powerful individual by the society.
I can write so much because i had an opportunity to meet a special child, once while i was visiting he over heard my conversation while i was talking on my phone ,i was a bit worried because i might even loose my job. He came near me hugged me and said," why are you so worried? You anyway didn't looked happy working there. Dont worry i will hire you now". That's when i realized he is absolutely right, i was going to quit anyway.I smiled and i hugged him by saying thankyou. This is just one example of how simple and sorted life is when they are around.
So to answer your question Yes, we should include them for their better future, to make them capable and to help them fight all the hindrance comming in their way.
-Aastha Shah

Reny D'cruz Sep 23, 2019

How inclusion benefit special needs children?

Children with special needs require more care and support. First of all, we have to admit them as they are. They have to be patiently dealt with. Giving awareness to the parents and to the public can bring great outcome in such children. Understanding the special ability in each such child is a special gift and try to bring them to the core of our society. By admitting them, giving more appreciation and encouragement. Most of them are talented, society has to accept such people as they are. There is a special school nearby where such students are amazing icons in front of us. Recently, I read about a special child who had performed classical dance and created a world record

Debanjali Nag Sep 23, 2019

How can Inclusion benefit Special Needs Children?

Every children are abled. The ones, distinguished as Special Children are the ones who needs more care, flexible attitude, co-operation from the parents, teachers, classmates and society. The Inclusion Act was implemented to promote equal access to every "Special Children". Inclusion, a human right, is to embrace children of all medical needs.
Inclusion is an Act to get rid of discrimination among special needs children and help them to develop a feeling of being a part of the community as they grow.
An inclusion can help a society to accept every individual of different medical needs and marginalised people.

shrutisrivastava63999 Sep 23, 2019

Why to 'INCLUDE' a child who is differently abled than the most of us? The urge to 'include' such children among the rest of us, itself excludes them from the so called normals of the society....
One who is differently abled needs to feel free, feel free from the world that calls him disabled, free from the midset of pity towards them.
They need help and support thats true, but not out of compassion but because its genuine. Every time anyone sees such children, they must encourage them and establish a stronger will inside them that they can achieve whatever they want rather than showing symapth for what these children are lacking in....
For me They are and for others they must be a part of the daily normal life as the most of the people.

Thank you

Bramhadev khillare Sep 23, 2019

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'Every Child is special'
A few children need a little more care and attention than others of their age. But that doesn't make them any less than their counterparts.

It is important to understand for every parent that disabilities such as deafness or blindness and disorders like Down , Klinefelter, Turner, autism or Dyslexia is neither contagious nor a shame. They are equally adorable.

Inclusion is something that you have to teach at playground. This will help the children to be more liberal in their minds as they grow up. What actually need to change is the way of thoughts towards these taboos.


yadavakanksha2804 Sep 21, 2019

Throwing our hands around each other
While loving each and every one
Learning to embrace each other
Standing second to none

We belong where everyone else does
Nobody here is alone
We are all part of each other
No matter how we're born

We are all together,
together and diverse
Diverse and United,
Uniting the universe

Ekta Sep 21, 2019

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Ritika Sultania Sep 21, 2019

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Parul Mishra Sep 18, 2019

I think Inclusion does not only mean the placement of disadvantaged and deprived students in normal classes along with other children. It must also incorporate a fundamental change in the way a school community supports and address the individual needs of each child. One of the most important principle of inclusive education is that no learners are alike, so inclusive schools must place great importance on creating opportunities for students to learn and be assessed in a variety of ways. In fact, the curriculum should be designed so that it promotes identification and creativity, not alienation.Creative arts and crafts as well as oral expression should be incorporated in it, particularly those which are rooted in indigenous knowledge and skills system. So, I must say inclusion benefits in special needs children.

Parul Mishra Sep 20, 2019

@Parul Mishra

You have written quite clearly as to what we can do to help the needs of such people. Nice writing.

Parul Mishra Sep 21, 2019

@Parul Mishra


Sonanshu Garg Sep 20, 2019


A letter to my son from his school friend,
Made me proud of my yes, to inclusion school.
He wrote, Thanks for the
INCLUSION, sign of ACCEPTANCE, despite all sorts of labels I hailed.
Learning environment, I COMPETED and THRIVED in.
Thought that we have to be PART OF A SOCIETY tomorrow.
COMPASSION when I felt low of humiliation by fellow peers.
Booming my SELF-ESTEEM, when I doubted my own abilities.
BELIEF, when I was haunted by my own fears.
SENSE OF BELONGING when u shed those tears.
BOND of giggles we shared over food with stories of childhood cheers.

-Sonanshu Garg

Sayoni Mondal Sep 20, 2019

I really don't know
What's happening these days
Is it a favour?
or something that just glow

The Destiny brings happiness
In disguise of celebrations
But at the same time
It is followed by lots of rejections

It's really very confusing
Where to go,And what to get
Like everything has been finished
After the check n mate!

-Ankit Nag

Vikrant Bhagat Sep 19, 2019

Inclusion is a easy principle that states youngsters with unique wishes have to take part in regular instructions and activities much like children their age with out unique needs. Some proponents of inclusion accept as true with it ought to be primarily based on potential others believe all youngsters with special desires ought to enjoy popular classroom schooling.

Inclusion entails greater than simply training for plenty dad and mom and kids with unique needs, but. Everyday school room settings and participation in sports may be beneficial for helping kids with special desires expand higher social capabilities as properly.

1) Social blessings
One of the most obvious blessings of inclusion in unique schooling is the reality that scholars with disabilities can be integrated socially with their peers. They can create lengthy-lasting friendships that would now not be in any other case possible, and those friendships can supply them the skills to navigate social relationships in a while in existence. Their peers can act as position models for social talents through their interactions with every different, while in a homogeneous school room, their only position fashions might be students with disabilities who may lack the identical social skills that they do. That is particularly true for greater seriously disabled college students who could be located in a setting with students who've very little social interaction. With the aid of getting to know in an inclusive classroom as an alternative, they may be uncovered to non-disabled students interacting in a ordinary social manner.

2) Youngsters research through instance
Whether they analyze sure behaviors from their family and dad and mom, friends and schoolmates or instructors and authority figures, kids find out how theyre purported to behave based totally on examples which can be set forth for them. For plenty children with special needs in special classes, the instance set for them there on a day by day foundation is in reality different youngsters with special needs, consequently, they grow to be acquainted with that confined surroundings.

At the same time as special desires youngsters can benefit from spending time with different special wishes kids, troubles can stand up once they spend all in their time with children with comparable behavioral troubles. Inclusion improves mastering for each classified and unclassified college students. In any case, many youngsters research by way of example and they may begin to imitate behaviors that arent beneficial for them.
By using being in a lecture room with youngsters that dont have behavioral issues, a few people with unique needs may be able to increase higher social competencies through instance. Whilst kids who have learning issues are blanketed, college students with out disabilities generally tend to carry out higher academically. For instance, a teacher is greater willing to interrupt instruction into finer elements or repeat guidelines if she or he has a pupil inside the room who's deaf, blind or has a developmental incapacity.

3) Inclusion enables children modify

The problem of inclusion is passionately debated, but maximum advocates agree with that attending ordinary lessons and spending time in standard lecture room settings, despite the fact that they dont do it complete-time, can assist kids with unique wishes better adapt to the relaxation of the world a world this is predominantly made of others that don't have the same wishes.

Many advocates of full inclusion accept as true with that unique desires kids who attend ordinary classes can be higher ready to address the arena of their youngster and grownup years because of their publicity to kids without unique needs. For lots children with developmental problems who may be operating to overcome them, that means easier friendships and work conditions later in life, and less overall surprise in relation to adapting to the world in a while.

4) It is going each ways
Youngsters with unique desires can be able to develop better social competencies with the aid of attending everyday training and spending time with different kids that don't have special needs, but the trouble is going each approaches. One thing that many advocates of inclusion have a tendency to forget is that youngsters who do not have unique needs can also develop better social competencies and empathy by using being in lecture rooms with special needs youngsters.

5) Academic benefits
Students with disabilities can also gain academically in an inclusion putting. Of all of the blessings of inclusion, this one is possibly maximum amazing. Many teachers and parents surprise whether college students with disabilities could fare better academically in a school room that was geared especially towards them. In a well-designed inclusion study room, but, the trainer makes use of inclusion strategies to help college students succeed academically. Therefore, students encounter better expectations each from their friends and their teachers, in addition to the wonderful academic role fashions in their non-disabled classmates.

In addition to those basic benefits of inclusion in unique schooling, there are also several facet benefits. The family of the disabled scholar blessings with the aid of being integrated greater without difficulty into the facultys society. That is specially authentic when the student is an most effective infant whose mother and father can be not able to match in" to the community until the scholar is placed in an inclusion placing.
Each partial inclusion, on occasion known as mainstreaming, and complete inclusion are becoming increasingly more common in schools at some point of the us, or even in foreign international locations around the sector.

Vikrant Bhagat Sep 20, 2019

@Vikrant Bhagat

A long but a good read. It actually puts light on all aspects of inclusion. Kudos to you!

Simi Ramesh Sep 20, 2019

I think that it is we humans who have actually created this separate gradation for each other. Not only in special needed people but in all other spheres too! Be it caste, religion or colour, the biased treatment originates only in the mind.Special needs individual actually needs more inclusivity as they have difficulty in adapting to our regular activities. How wonderful it would be if each one of them got a friendly non judgemental person as their guide to the worldly affairs. They would be immensely benefitted and we as a normal healthy human kind can happily co exist with them , rather than pushing them off to special institutes and looking them down with sympathy.

Vicky Sep 19, 2019

This is not an entry but just a way of sharing my happiness. It really feels nice that so many of us from different parts of the world come together to share our views and discuss about something like inclusion of people with special needs. Makes you believe that love, empathy, care and warmth are still prevalent in the present times.

Vicky Sep 20, 2019


Such a mutual feeling . I toi think that this is a wonderful platform for people ti join in and express.

Shannon Almeida Sep 19, 2019

Every child should be treated normally and respected by their peers. A child is a flower and whether he, she is normal or a special child, a gentle touch makes them feel wanted. Inclusion is not a simple one-size-fits-all intervention that can be implemented in schools, it is a response to the population that the school serves and interventions are along a continuum. Inclusive education for students with disabilities can only be successful when those students feel that they are truly a part of the school community. This requires open honest discussion about difference, respect for people of all backgrounds.

Shannon Almeida Sep 20, 2019

@Shannon Almeida

Such a beautifully written piece...It's genuinely thought provoking and exactly what I feel it should be. Keep writing!

Manjula Rao Sep 18, 2019

This was sometime in late 90s when I used to teach computer science in a renowned institute. One of the days a blind girl along with her mother approached us. We were used to students and professionals coming to us for learning. This was unique and different. The parent was adamant that the child be taught separately but somehow our counsellor felt that it was better if she was a part of a class. Two students shared a computer, this made her interact with her peers and learn faster. She completed the basic computer course with an excellent grade.

Manjula Rao Sep 18, 2019

@Manjula Rao

Nice to read this and learn from this real life experience that when they are provided an opportunity to learn in a regular classroom, it benefits them a lot.

Manjula Rao Sep 19, 2019

@Manjula Rao

Thank you Maam.

Bharti s Sep 19, 2019

Inclusion is involving disabled and special education students in general education classroom. This gives them opportunity to have a diverse environment where there are not only people who are disabled and have a very positive impact on their mind .It also allows them to feel they are not less than any normal person of their age. Moreover this type of classroom challenges teachers to become more creative and put more effort on the ways of teaching. The thinking that the disabled are less when compared to normal ones will change and this will lead our future generation to understand the disabled and inculcate the habiy of helping and treating them equally ,thus creating a very positive and healthy environment.

Tanvi Gogri Sep 12, 2019

Inclusion! A lot has already been researched about it, so not going to debate about the law here. Being a teacher, it gives me great pride in penning down thoughts and voice my opinion, particularly on this topic. Having a first-hand experience of inclusion in my classroom in the very first year of my career as a teacher, I'd like to say that it did not only help the child with special abilities to do better but it also taught me and the other "so-called normal children" to learn a lot. Special children allow everyone around them to open their hearts and accept. Yes! in this way they become even more special.

Tanvi Gogri Sep 18, 2019

@Tanvi Gogri

Thanks for sharing your experience as a teacher. All the best to you Maam !

Mukta Sep 14, 2019

How can Inclusion benefit special needs children?

With an IQ of 23%, my nineteen-one year old autistic brother could not fit in a normal school. Inclusion was impossible.
Me and my sister went to good schools, with my brother attending an Open Learning System for as long as he could. Its difficult to fathom the strength my parents have, continually getting him therapy to try and make him normal.
Inclusion makes the child feel less different, more capable and I realize, as a physiotherapist myself today, that Inclusion means to stop trying to make someone normal, rather try to make them be the best version of themselves.

Mukta Sep 18, 2019


Thanks for sharing this. Hats off to your parents. All the best!

Shazia Sep 17, 2019

We all at every aspect of our lives, seek inclusion. In the world of society, it justifies who we are by the unheard norms of it. We are subconsciously bound to follow what the society has asked without questioning its existence. This is similar to what we do to special needs children. They may only have special needs but this can never change the fact that they are less human than any homo-sapian in the world! God has gifted us with many beautiful souls around. It is incredible to see them work so brilliantly while they have something less than what we have been gifted of. Unless and until we dont watch them grow with us, we will never learn how challenging life can get and how do we overcome that. There was a special need child with us when we were in school. The only thing I can remember of him was how generous and kind he was to every individual around. He was not exploited by the inhuman nature of the society. Growing with him we learnt to appreciate and accept people who might not be just like us physically and mentally but have the purest of heart. Thus, inclusion of the special needs children not only helps them feel less inferior but will also help us appreciate a human character that is not defined by societys norms!

Shazia Sep 17, 2019


It was indeed good to read a heartwarming tale of the child in your article.Its true that such kids are so innocent and we deserve to learn a lot from them.

Shazia Sep 18, 2019


Nice to read about your experience.

Kavita Sep 16, 2019

Every child is SPECIAL for his /her parent and special in his or her way for the society.
However SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN are the ones whom God has made with special care. HE probably loved them the most and wanted all of us also to love these kids with extra special care too. These are wonderful creations of God and the parents who are blessed with such kids are special too, for giving life to and raising them with utmost love and affection.
Before i start writing, i want to apologize for keeping on referring to these children as those with special needs. However i have to do it as the topic so demands.

People normally believe that such SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN should study in schools meant for such kids where children who have abilities different from normal kids study. These kids are SPEICAL learners. They take little more time and efforts to learn than what normal kids their age do.
Inclusion is a term used where all kids are treated at par in terms of their abilities. These schools dont differentiate between Normal kids and Special Kids.
Infact inclusive education schools encourage that every class has atleast 1-2 SPECIAL KIDS studying with normal kids of their age.
My child was fortunate to have studied in a school which had an INCLUSIVE EDUCATION. Every year in her class, she would have few children with special needs.

Our normal kids were taught from a very tender age, to be loving and caring to all children. They were specifically instructed to act and behave normally with the 1-2 special kids in class . However our kids were also made aware that these children might need a little extra love, care abd affection and so any kind of fights or hitting these children was to be avoided
Our kids were made to understand that these children sometimes may not have the ability to follow instructions like ither children. They could be slow in writing or speaking. So other kids should not make fun of them ir make them feel inferiior. The school would conduct exams orally for such kids who could not write fast or accurately express themselves. The entire class would be encouraged to make friends with the 1-2 children so that they never felt isolated or lonely.
My daughter being a class topper, would often be given a responsibility by the class teacher to complete the classwork books of these children, if they have not been able to complete it.
For 10 years in school, she always had a partner who was a SPECIAL CHILD. So she grew up completing her own books and the helping her partner to cope up with his work. She often would wait after school to help her teachers, teach and revise chapters with her SPECIAL classmates.
The school ensured that these kids got some or the other role to perform during ANNUAL DAYS in school. And it used be so touching to watch these kids perform beautifully on stage....their faces gleaming with the newly acquired confidence.
It was nice watching teachers and fellow students being patient with these kids when suddenly out of the blue , on the stage they would demand to be taken to the washroom. We all parents and teachers couldnt help but laugh at their naughtiness on stage.
Children studying in my daughters school are fortunate to have this system of education. The system of INCLUSION has long term benefits for the speical kids and their parents. The kids become very confident that they are learning with other children who are different from them. They acquire social skills, learn teamworknand get rid of any kind of inferiority complex which the society outside their school teaches them. They learn to compete with normal kids and raise their own benchmarks for success. This system gives a lot of hope and encouragement to parents of such kids.. I am sure no parent must be liking to send their kids to a SPECIAL SCHOOL which unfortunately is a reminder to them everyday that they are different from other kids..
INCLUSION not just benefits kids with special needs or their parents...but it infact is a great teacher for normal kids and their teachers too. Our kids learn love and compassion by sharing and caring for their fellow clsssnates. They learn to be thankful to god for the gifts they have, which they are able to share...thanks to inclusion.
These wonderful kids are very loving and kind. Teachers learn to be more and more patient and not lose their cool with students.
When these children perform on stage with other kids, we all realize that these special kids are sometimes much more talented than any of us. They sometimes excel in singing or dancing and make us feel proud of giving them opportunities to prove their worth.
INCLUSION is thus a very beautiful system of teaching and learning. However it has its own challenges and hurdles and can be successful only when there is a lot of dedication and sincerity from all those involved. I.e. teachers and staff of the school, parents and students and the school policies and approach towards this system.
I wish more and more schools follow this system of education. My daugthter now studies in a very prestigious college, which again has 2 special students, who have secured admission in this college by being in the list of merit rank holders scoring 96 percent and above in 10th ssc exams.
So this shows that INCLUSION has helped many such children walk on the most difficult career paths...which the so called NORMAL kids find difficult to achieve

Kavita Sep 16, 2019


Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience and giving a chance to read and learn from this real-life situation.

Kavita Sep 16, 2019


Thanks maam for reading the extra long write up and liking it. I am aware it has long exceeded the word limit. But i wanted to enlighten the other readers on this beautiful system of education and thus could not stick to the word limit. I had to express myself in detail.

Kavita Sep 17, 2019


Such a great write up dear. It was highly enlightening to read it. Do write more often !

Kavita Sep 18, 2019


Thanks a ton for taking the time out to read the lengthy write up.

Vidhi Sharma Nayyar Sep 16, 2019

Inclusion to me is not limited to our education system. It goes beyond the boundaries of a school. It is the right to be a respectful part of the country, the society, and the home at large! Inclusivity not just ensures that the differently abled are loved, cared and accepted for who they are, but also sensitizes the entire group that all are different yet equal. Thereby making everybody aware of their strengths and weaknesses and accepting the challenges and identifying ways to overcome the hurdles, together.

Vidhi Sharma Nayyar Sep 17, 2019

@Vidhi Sharma Nayyar

Well written... Short and precise about the importance of inclusion in our society.

Vidhi Sharma Nayyar Sep 17, 2019

@Vidhi Sharma Nayyar

Thank you very much for reading.

Kavita Sep 17, 2019

Special needs children are the ones who are special not just to their parents, but the ones who need special care, concern and love from all around them.
INCLUSION is a way of including these children in the mainstream normal school or environment where all children are tteated at par and where there is no discrimination.

No doubt , special children do need a little extra care and attention, however it is given in a subtle manner without making it obvious to these children. This is done with help, support and co operation of teachers, parents and other children in class.

The purpose of inclusion is to make the special child feel confident and capable of being a part of the normal group of children. They are encouraged to take part in all activities and do everything done by other children in school. Unfortunately such kids are looked at with sympathy most of the times by our society, hampering the human need to be self reliant and independent. Inclusion helps them come out of their shells and get rid of any inferiority complex given to them by society. It helps to bring out their hidden talents and potential.
Inclusion not just helps these special kids..but it is a gain for all involved. Teachers and other students learn a lot of skills while taking care of needs of these special kids. Eg. Teamwork, patience, empathy and satisfaction /joy of giving selflessly.
INCLUSIVE SYSTEM OF EDUCATION thus benefits one and all....not just the SPECIAL CHILDREN

Kavita Sep 17, 2019


Inclusivity indeed benefits all un the society. How true your words and write up is! Keep writing and sharing your views.

Asheega Rahman CM Sep 16, 2019

All of us crave for inclusion over everywhere, even though that is not hard to achieve. But there are someone out who always deserve something better than anyone else but still excluded. Everyone in this world have their own disability, some are hidden while others are exposing. All what they require is some caring, which is not offered by any caretaker but by the so called normal us just by including them with our small chitchat, games and by providing them a normal life that we dealt with. This may cannot make a drastic change but at least a small change which can make them feel so better. We are humans and we can't live alone, what makes us human is our mutual dependants and that's not a shame at all. That's what special about us. That's the reason we are unique from other organisms. So we can give some of our special caring to those who deserves it, no one on the earth is flawless, but the flaws will be in different areas, this is because the one capable can help the incapable. So spending some of our precious time with some of the gems of our world will make our life and theirs more valuable.

Asheega Rahman CM Sep 17, 2019

@Asheega Rahman CM

Beautifully written and nice thoughts on inclusion.kudos to you!

shilpa sachdeva Sep 10, 2019

Inclusion for children with special needs
'Special', 'Abnormal', 'Different'.. What should we call the children with special needs? Isnt calling them by different names itself is exclusion? These children are same and alike other children. All they require is love and support. Ramps in school, special set-up in classroom, appointing a special educator are literally proposed and is required for such Kids but apart from this primarily a shift in mindset is actually required for inclusion of children with special needs. Empathy, thinking inclusive and being there for these children in their emotional journey creates wonders for them. Its not easy to rip off the bandage of disability. In school, what is required is the passion and commitment to work with these children and also the teachers should be equally passionate with these kids equivalent to every other child in the classroom. One can triumph over adversity with the right intention.
Shilpa Sachdeva

shilpa sachdeva Sep 11, 2019

@shilpa sachdeva

Bang on with your observations. Calling children names or labelling as we call it is in itself a subtle form of exclusion, I believe. Empathy is the greatest virtue that is required to understand what the hild goes through as well as the parents of such a child.

shilpa sachdeva Sep 17, 2019

@shilpa sachdeva

Completely agree. I wish people are empathetic

Hkm Sep 16, 2019

We all seek inclusion for who we are as an individual. God has created each one of us different. Children with special needs are also god's grace and love. We have to make them feel as part of our society. We should show the same love and affection for them that we show for any other child. All they need is our love and not our sympathy. Embrace them just as you would embrace any gift of God.

Sayoni Mondal Sep 16, 2019

In our society special needs Children are highly judged and ignored. People don't understand that they are called special needs children because they need special attention. When we see someone different from others we start judging them without realizing the effect this might have on the other person.
Its very important for special needs child to be made part if everything that a normal child is part of. Since autistic children require more attention and love and also have less confidence, they should be motivated to participate with other children so that they don't feel left out. Because if they start feeling lonely and sad, this will definitely hinder their development.

Urmila Sep 14, 2019

When children who have learning problems are included they get a support and help from normal students , the disabled child will be benefited by education they get motivation to learn they ll be more cheer full live a happy life when they are included .

The word special in itself means it's something different from what it should be. It's not that a child with special need is someone out of nowhere. It's that the child needs that extra bit of love, care , affection and encouragement so that the child could stand out like the others.

Sayoni Mondal Sep 14, 2019

Inclusion which means that all people, regardless of their abilities, disabilities, or health care needs, have the right to: Be respected and appreciated as valuable members of their communities. Participate in recreational activities in neighborhood settings.
God has made them special and they stand alike from others and this is the reason why they some time feel lonely.When they will be included in family or group events they too will fel special and they will develop a thinking that they are not less then any one infact they are very much capable considering their condition.Here the psychology of the child will change and his personality will be developed in a very good manner to a optimistic level.Here society will also feel good on including the special child in their events and activities and make them the part too.They all should be appreciated for their struggle and this will make them feel good.When some one feels good because of us it's really a very much pleasurable feeling.

Lakshmi Sep 14, 2019

When children who have learning problems are included they get a support and help from normal students , the disabled child will be benefited by education they get motivation to learn they ll be more cheer full live a happy life when they are included .

Normal childrens has to help their own friends who are disabled and challenged students must encourage them and parents must teach kids to be kind to these children

When you give more you will get more ,give ur education support more to others god will definitely bless you with abundance pleasure keep motivating the little friends .

This is how inclusion benefit special needs children .

Sayoni Mondal Sep 13, 2019

Inclusion means giving equal opportunity to every child regardless of their disability,caste,socio-economic status etc. There is very little awareness about special needs children . Inclusion will remove the stigma and myths associated with special needs kids to a certain extent . It will help the special kids to develop their social skills as well as it will help the Society to accept them better. It will help to improve their communication skills. Once there is awareness in society ,it will lead to better job opportunities,barrier free environment for special children.

Sayoni Mondal Sep 13, 2019

How can Inclusion benefit special needs children? It's a topic which should be given prominence! Who are special needs children? What are their special needs? They are just like any other child just with some special gifts from God! So benefits of including them would mean better friendships, socialising, better motor skills, better communication, Increased and better achievement of skills. So it's an urge from my side to not treat the special children like special ones or disabled ones but treat them equally just like any other normal child with equal respect! And yes addressing someone who can't walk properly by he is paralysed or something would be inappropriate rather say he is physically challenged.

Mansi Chaturvedi Sep 12, 2019

The word special in itself means it's something different from what it should be. It's not that a child with special need is someone out of nowhere. It's that the child needs that extra bit of love, care , affection and encouragement so that the child could stand out like the others. So unless we as society include them this cannot be achieved. Society needs to give them equal opportunities, equal attention and not point or exclude them. As we say man is a social animal and it's being part of society which will nurture them and let them bloom.

Yogesh Sep 12, 2019

First of all we need to accept that a special need children are really the part of our normal society. As we started to differentiate between the special need children and in a normal child it leads to the discrimination.
And in a today's world the more techno-oriented we become, more selfish we are..
If we are doing any kind of help to those special need children, we are posting it on a social media platforms just to show our social and emotional awareness but it's all about like and comment we get from that posts..
Inclusion with acceptance of gratitude is the key to make difference in the life of special need children.

Sayoni Mondal Sep 11, 2019

A sad reality of today is the demarcation and exclusion of those who differ from the norm. What is worse, even children are not spared. Special needs children are just as precious as any "normal" child, if not more. Their inclusion is fundamentally important for their well being. Inclusion will bring to them a sense of belonging, something all humans need. Inclusion will make sure they don't feel less than others. Inclusion will ensure they grow up in a truly equal opportunity world. But most importantly, inclusion will help all children understand that despite our differences, we all are absolutely, uncompromisingly equal.

Kamala Sep 11, 2019

Every child needs a special care and attention. When it comes to the special children they can be pampered but when we consider as equal the child tends to have grow in a confidential environment. Inclusion plays a major role where they can shape their own character and individuality. Never seclude them in the name of special care, which implies to have sympathy and inability about themselves. Teach and treat them as normal child, motivate to fight their battle. Each and every individual can enjoy their life from their own perception, likewise include them in the universe and let's make this beautiful place for them to live peacefully.

Saachi Gupta Sep 11, 2019

Inclusion of special needs children not only helps them to progress in life, when it comes to studying or finding a job, but also helps them emotionally. It leads to an increase in their confidence and makes them feel as loved and important as their abled counterparts. This, in turn, leads to healthier relationships and happier interactions with others. It helps them to believe in themselves, and cultivates the idea that they can achieve anything they want to, and are no less than anyone else. Not including disabled children is harmful as it causes them to feel unloved and not worth respect. Feeling left out lowers their self-esteem and often makes them feel like they are abnormal and 'other.'

Naveena karey Sep 11, 2019

Inclusion Benefits for special need children :-
Special need children are not born with defects but they born to receive special care,
Every child needs love and care, when it comes to the special need children they have to go through several obstacles, for that they need superior kind of care and support to overcome their disabilities,Inclusion is the thing which can help for your special child to overcome their disabilities and build themselves into the world, when they start mingle with the people they can easily overcome their problems, all they need is mental support to overcome their disability and they have to know that it's not their disability but it was an special ability and they have to realize their special ability, and it was only possible when they saw the people like them.
So, that they got to know that they are not only the one who was like that, and when they mingle the special group they got to know their special abilities and they can pat each other to move forward and build happy atmosphere

Balendu S Kumar Sep 10, 2019

Inclusion is a method to teach every child to know and understand each other's difficulties and it will help them to become empaths, when they become adults they need to live in this society together, so seperation won't be a good method. When a child grows up understanding another child's difficulty, they naturally tend to help each other and when they become adults they will be responsible towards society as a whole. Every child is special, likewise every child will have their demons, some short comings, but unless we pronounce it to be a big issue children will find solutions among themselves, we shouldn't be judgemental and the teachers must educate children to become the support system for one another. With patience, love and care a teacher could teach the children to live a happy life.

Sayoni Mondal Sep 10, 2019

Special Need Children require special teachers and parents who patiently understands them. Inclusion technique is including a child in several activities and discussions with non-judgemental attitude. As per my perspective, following are some benefits of inclusion. First, children feel important and valued for their ideas and opinions. Second, Austic Child are born talented, the only way to know their talent is to speak them up. Third, a child might seem confident on outside but he/she may suffer from mental instability for that child, communicating, empathising and proper guidance is the source. Fourth, creative activities with their own involvement aid Autistic child to learn and grow happily.
All in all, humanity is all about sharing and caring instead of ignoring and avoiding the emotions, feelings and values of an inner hopeful child.

Sayoni Mondal Sep 10, 2019

@Sayoni Mondal

Very well expressed, Kanisha! Keep up the good work :)

Sayoni Mondal Sep 10, 2019

@Sayoni Mondal

Well said Kanisha:) Especially, liked your last sentence.

Sayoni Mondal Sep 10, 2019

@Sayoni Mondal

Thank you so much Team ParentCircle

Sayoni Mondal Sep 10, 2019

@Sayoni Mondal

Thank you RoopaMam!

Abhishek chauhan Sep 9, 2019

Inclusion is a hot issue in education as of 2013 and it has been for years. While many dont fully understand the idea of inclusion, its a topic that most parents of children with special needs are familiar with.

Inclusion is a simple principle that states children with special needs should take part in regular classes and activities just like children their age without special needs. Some proponents of inclusion believe it should be based on ability others believe all children with special needs should experience standard classroom education.

Inclusion involves more than just education for many parents and children with special needs, however. Regular classroom settings and participation in activities may be beneficial for helping children with special needs develop better social skills as well.

Abhishek chauhan Sep 9, 2019

@Abhishek chauhan

Abhishek chauhan Sep 10, 2019

@Abhishek chauhan

We consider and appreciate the submission of ORIGINAL Entries only!

Puspita Ghosh Sep 9, 2019

"Don't expect anything from them"..this is how we segregate Special Needs Children. True, unlike typical children, they need extra support / services yet like any other children they have creative minds which awaits blooming. Besides guidance, love and acceptance, 'INCLUSION' helps them achieve their fullest potential. Inclusion is the best way for them to learn alongside other general children because this diverse environment will bring about creativity, togetherness, friendships and connections. Inclusion will help them develop their bhavior skills, set goals, realize their potentials hence have better expectations from themselves. Above all through inclusion they will learn to become a part of the community in general and help others to accept and love them the way they are.

Anil jaswal Sep 9, 2019

It's really said to be special child. Because you have special needs. You can't be left alone. You need always someone to look after. These children are mentally not fully developed. They are continuously under medication most of the time. If they miss their dose, it can be catastrophic for their health and wellbeing. We need someone who can medicate the. And being immature from mental side they are obstinate as well. So sometimes their psychology has to be understood and cleverly befriended and than you can get done from them what you want. Firstly you have to win their confidence by taking care of their day to day needs. Once confidence in you is developed than you can get them agree to whatever you want. To develop confidence inclusion of these special kids with you is very essential. Just like you take them for a walk or play them games, mind you in those games don't try to win. Instead let them win. Similarly provide them food from your own hands. Better if you feed them by your own hands. Similarly help them in taking bath. Read story books for them. Find some animated movies for special kids and entertain them. This way their inclusion in society will increase and God willingly they may also improve their health and become self dependent upto certain extent.