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Traffic ticket for speeding

If you get a traffic ticket for speeding, is it because of your instantaneous speed or your average speeding?

If interested post your answers. 

Thank you. 

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  • R.Kalaivani
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  • Sep 9, 2022


R.Kalaivani Sep 9, 2022

The speed at any instant is the instantaneous speed.We can tell the speed of car at any instant by looking at its speedometer.

Anu Sep 9, 2022


are you a teacher?

R.Kalaivani Sep 10, 2022


Glad to read your reply. 

Yes,I'm a teacher, and constantly learning skills. 

Raima Sep 9, 2022


R.Kalaivani Sep 9, 2022


Thank you for your response Raima.


Great to hear from you.