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Top Fashion Ideas For Toddlers This Summer

Ashwin Thiyagarajan Ashwin Thiyagarajan 6 Mins Read

Ashwin Thiyagarajan Ashwin Thiyagarajan


Summer brings with it sunshine and holidays. It is also the time to dress your toddler in trendy outfits that keep her cool and up her fashion quotient.

Top Fashion Ideas For Toddlers This Summer

Heat-related illnesses are common in toddlers in summer. One of the common illnesses is the heat rash caused by incorrect choice of clothing for your toddler.

It is difficult to choose the ideal outfit or haircut that will keep your toddler cool during summer. While selecting summer clothes for your child, keep in mind the following parameters: 1) it should be made of a 'breathable' fabric, which allows for proper movement of air and 2) it should enhance the appearance of your toddler.

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Follow these tips to choose the right clothes to help your toddler stay cool and look stylish this summer.

Best fabrics to clothe toddlers in during summer

  • Cotton: Try to keep your little one cool by choosing 100% cotton clothes. This fabric allows free flow of air through it so that sweat evaporates. It prevents irritation and is very comfortable on your child's delicate skin. Organic cotton is a good choice for your toddler.
  • Linen: Ideal for the hot months, linen is a little on the expensive side. It is a natural fibre made from flax plants. It absorbs sweat and keeps the body cool.
  • Khadi: One of the oldest fabrics found in India, khadi is a comfortable fabric to dress your toddler in. The coarse and low-maintenance fabric will keep your toddler cool.

Fabrics that cause rashes in toddlers

  • Silk: During summer, silk outfits should completely be avoided. Children tend to sweat a lot in pure silk fabric, which can lead to irritability and crankiness.
  • Polyester: This is another fabric to be avoided during summer. It is known to cause rashes and sores in toddlers due to resin, a chemical added to the fabric during the processing stage.

Fashion ideas for little girls this summer

Colours play a big role in keeping us cool during the hot months. Light colours are known for their ability to deflect heat. Pink is the safest option for little girls. Other colours that are vibrant and that many girls are fond of are feminine include yellow, orange and peach.

While smock dresses never go out of style and are apt for any occasion, you can also try dressing up your little girl in shirts paired with shorts that will give a stylish look. Also, do not forget to make use of accessories to highlight the appearance.

Fashion ideas for little boys this summer

The colour blue has been associated with boys for decades. But this does not mean little boys cannot try out other colours. You can dress up your child in other light and soothing colours such as beige, white and grey.

Funky prints and graphic T-shirts never go out of style for boys. Pair a plaid shirt with denim shorts or a simple printed white shirt with a pair of khaki chinos and your boy is ready to go!

Dos and Don'ts:

Blindly following trends in fashion magazines can prove disastrous. Remember that fashion for children is an entirely different ballgame. An appropriate dress can act as a confidence booster.

Hairstyles can do wonders for your little one's look and can make him stand out. A top knot for a baby girl and an undercut for a baby boy can be great choices. For your little princess, you can experiment with different types of braids - Rope, French, Pull-Through, and Dutch. If you're a working mother, and don't have as much time as you'd like to devote to your child, give her a bob-cut. It will ensure her hair is tangle-free and clean.

Top hair styling tips for toddlers:

Style your toddler's hair based on her mood.

Create an environment for a toddler styling session.

Be gentle and careful with your toddler's hair.

Use protective styles.

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