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Top 10 baby name ideas for kids born on Diwali

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Siddiqha Naseem Siddiqha Naseem


Have you been blessed with a bundle of joy this festive season? It's a great idea to choose a name that resounds with the spirit of Diwali. Here are some ideas to welcome the new light in your life

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Top 10 baby name ideas for kids born on Diwali

There's a newborn in your home this Diwali and while you are brimming over with happiness, there's also the very serious aspect of selecting the right name for your baby. Thing is, naming a child is not as easy as it sounds. Innumerable suggestions from grandparents, aunts, uncles, extended family, and of course, friends can make this task even more difficult. And then of course, there are trending baby names every year - but it is always best to discuss and then, decide.

After all, a name is the first gift that parents give their children. Naturally, you want it to be just perfect. So, parents, make sure you do diligent research before naming your baby.

An interesting aspect of Indian names is that most have either religious meanings or exotic origins. Many names are festival-inspired as well. For instance, if a baby is born during an auspicious celebration, the family may well name her according to that occasion. Hence, this being the Diwali season, many parents will select the perfect Diwali-inspired name. A common theme across Diwali names is that of 'brightness' and 'light' - which is what the festival is associated with.

Here are 10 of the most popular names that are trending this season:

1. Diya

Origin: It is a common name for girls in India. It has its origin in the Sanskrit language and means 'gift' or 'deserving of gifts'.

Numerology: This name has the value of the number 3. Hence, under the study of numbers, it is believed that individuals whose names add up to this number are energetic and charming.

2. Chirag

Origin: This name means 'lamp' or 'guiding light'. It has Arabic and Persian origins. It is an ideal Diwali name, as the festival is all about light and brightness.

Numerology: This name is said to have the value 1. This is associated with a highly independent nature.

3. Aalok

Origin: This is a very popular name. It is derived from Sanskrit and means 'a ray of light'.

Numerology: This name adds up to the number 3. People born under this number are supposed to be honest, free-spirited and determined.

4. Divyanshu

Origin: This name is quite popular in places such as Gujarat and West Bengal and is of Indian origin. It means 'divine light' or 'light of the sun'.

Numerology: The number under which this name falls is 5. Individuals with this number are believed to be responsible and able to tackle problems with ease.

5. Arya

Origin: This is a common unisex name and another name for Goddess Lakshmi. It is trending and yet, traditional name. It has its origins in Sanskrit and means 'noble'.

Numerology: The name adds up to the number 9. Such people are believed to be powerful and courageous. They are born to lead and inspire.

6. Agniv

Origin: This name means 'as bright as light'. It is a Hindu name and has recently become popular for boys. It has its origin is the Hindi language.

Numerology: The name adds up to the number 6. Individuals with this name are considered mentally strong, determined and passionate about justice.

7. Deepika

Origin: A common Indian name derived from Hindi and Sanskrit and means 'light'. This feminine name describes girls who are both responsible and determined.

Numerology: The name adds up to the number 6. People with this name may be curious by nature and also possess the ability to learn anything quickly.

8. Navtej

Origin: This name means 'new light'. It is popular in the northern region of India. 'Nau' also means the number nine.

Numerology: The number associated with this name is 9. Such individuals tend to high-earning but also need to think about saving for difficult times. They are emotional beings who are not afraid of taking risks.

9. Deepali

Origin: This is a feminine name loved by all. It has its origins in Sanskrit and means a 'collection of lamps'. It can also signify 'brightness'.

Numerology: The number attached to this name is also 9. It means that such people are much-loved by their families and also, popular with their siblings.

10. Viti

Origin: The name means 'light'. This name is said to denote creativity, mastery and inner strength. Its origin lies in India.

Numerology: The name is associated with the number 6. People with this name are known to be charitable and respectful to others. They also have the ability to counsel and convince anybody.

A name is a symbol of pride and recognition for every child. But it is up to parents to choose the right name for their beloved newborn. After all, the idea is that every child should also be blessed with the attributes and values associated with a particular name. So, this Diwali, let the light of your life shine bright with a beautiful name.

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