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Community Service

Share with us how you are planning to manage and save water in your City!

Community Service

Share with us how you are planning to manage and save water in your City!

Summer is here in Chennai and the city is having severe water scarcity. Share with us how you as a family plan to manage water in your homes and in the city. Share tips, your daily updates and other good ideas that each one of us can learn from and follow! ... more

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  • May 30, 2019


Sayantani Ray Jul 31, 2019

Scientific adavancesin water, desalination promise to edit the script " Water water everywhere nor any drop to drink" into " every drop to drink" , dramatically increasing our ability to transform sea water into fresh water and quench the thirst of 2 billion people facing shrotage of water. If desalination plants can be used in ships then it can be used in cities also. I think we should think seriously about this!

Ramalingam Raghavan Mar 23, 2022

@Sayantani Ray

But at the cost of increasing the salinity. Moreover the wastage is really high. Only 10/20% of it becomes Fresh water and remaining goes waste

Sindhu Vinod Narayan Jun 30, 2019

Our offices installed the eco mist taps in our rest rooms which saves about 90% of the water. But the thing i noticed is that the handwash solution that is kept requires more of water to wash it out. With the ecomist coming in, it takes a really long time to get the soap out.

Sindhu Vinod Narayan Jun 30, 2019

We use the Ro water system for drinking water purification. We know that to get one litre of pure water 3 litres of water is being filtered out. SO we decided to reuse the three litres that was being sent out. We use the water for bathrooms and floor mopping. I've spread the same message in my circle to people whom i know who use the ro.

Pragatii Jalal Ruia Jun 28, 2019

@Team ParentCircle

What an informative video! Never realised that tankers that help us quench our thirst also contribute to the water scarcity, indirectly. We really need to be more cognizant of such carelessness.

Umme Athiya Jun 15, 2019

As there is so much of shortage of water in my city, we have stopped washing vehicles, verandas and just do the dusting and we use minimal water even to take bath and prefer washing clothes on day to day basis with hands

Team ParentCircle Jun 17, 2019

@Umme Athiya

This is really inspiring. I think when the need of he hour is such we have to take such preventive measures. Hope our city receives a good spell of rain very soon!

Kala Jun 3, 2019

Our family members used to save water in many ways, we used the vegetables,cereals,pulses washing water to our planted pots.In our neighbourhood monkeys are available, it used to come to our terrace and open the pipes lines and taps in open areas, and also damages the pipe lines for Water, so we have a practice of keeping bucket of water for monkey's, also close the tap with cloth so that water will not be wasted as well as monkeys will come and drink water in bucket and leave the place. AC water will be collected in the bucket and used for cleaning the terrace, steps etc.

Simi Ramesh May 31, 2019

We at home save water all the year round and not just during summer. The water from washing dishes is always used to water plants and we do not keep the water running while brush in is washing oye hands and face. Using a mug always help. Even while bathing it is better to use a bucket than using a shower . And don't forget to keep a bird bath during summers for our thirsty wingers. Practice these regularly and it becomes a habit!