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  3. Share with us how we can keep our babies safe during this Festive Season!

Child Safety

Share with us how we can keep our babies safe during this Festive Season!

Child Safety

Share with us how we can keep our babies safe during this Festive Season!

It is all colourful, bright and joyous this festive season. But, celebrations also need to done safely and cautiously. Tell us how we can keep our babies and family safe, this Festive Season! ... more

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  • Oct 15, 2019


Sayoni Mondal Oct 17, 2019

Celebrating festival is a joyous celebration done together with either family or friends. Adult take care of themselves, but how about babies? "It's a complete responsibility of the mother", according to Indian tradition. Mother can safeguard her infant or new born by carrying her baby with her everywhere. But how about toddlers? They are the naughtiest ones. What we say, they do completely opposite. Here, extra care and observation is needed. First, communicating to kid or toddler about not going near to the places where Crackers are burst as well as not going near to divas. Second, extra care has to be taken of kids and toddler movements. Third, while celebrating festival, communicate with them about importance of the festival and the story behind it so that they can relate it and memorise in their sub-conscious mind. All in all, Safety and precautions are good and healthy whereas fear and threatening impacts adversely on child's mind.

Kavita Oct 15, 2019

We as parents are very fond of dressing up our babies in traditional clothes for festivals. Kids are bot used to such heavy clothing and find it difficult to walk around wearing these.
Most of these clothes have too much of cloth in the fom of flared skirts or dupattas ....that too of synthetic material.
So we need to be careful that kids dont fall climbing up or down the staircase. Also they should change the clothes before they touch any fire crackers or go close to diyas.

Shannon Almeida Oct 15, 2019

a) If you desire to involve your infants in the ceremonies and fire sparkles, cover their ears very well with help of earmuffs or ear balls. b) Keep infants away from noises. c) Play light soothing music or let them watch some nursery rhymes, to keep them entertained and distract their attention. c) Keep babies in your arms and walk around in the house to keep them comfortable. d) Make your child wear a good pair of shoes which will ensure that he doesnt burn his feet by walking on a half-burning cracker. e) Always keep a first aid box ready at home, for emergencies can occur at any time, you have to be ready. f) Talk to your child about the safety hazards to your child, so that he learns to be careful at a young age.

Roopa M Oct 15, 2019

With babies around, all the family members need to be extra prepared. Festival season brings a lot of joy but also a huge responsibility towards babies and toddlers, who love to taste everything, and explore the surroundings all the time. For a safe celebration :
Avoid Diyas in places where babies and toddlers can reach easily
Keep a fire extinguisher handy
Buy less firecrackers in order to avoid air pollution. Avoid buying those that cause noise pollution and too much smoke
Its hard to resist sweets and tiny tots may grab too many if they are freely available. Store them in a safe place
Have a First aid box handy
It is better to prepare all the sweets and savouries when babies are asleep or being taken care of by somebody
Supervise older children when they are handling fireworks. Educate them about the appropriate usage of firecrackers
Buy eco-friendly products for decoration
Burst crackers in open spaces and dispose the used crackers safely

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
-Benjamin Franklin
Hence, please take enough precaution to make this festival season fun and memorable for the entire family. Happy festivities!

Team ParentCircle Oct 15, 2019

@Roopa M

Wow such nice suggestions! Easy to follow, yet so effective. Thank you so much, Roopa :)