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    Report Cards of famous people

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    Written by Team ParentCircle and published on 09 January 2020.

    Report Cards of famous people

    Did you think that report cards are the key to your child's future success? Then, think again. For we'll now present to you the cases where report cards of highly successful people in their school years have proved that marks and grades are not always an indicator of talent or success in later life.

    In fact, if you were to take a random look at the report cards of these famous personalities, you will think they are lined up to turn up as failures. Yet, they have not just done well in life. They have taken the world by storm with their achievements. The Guardian in an article titled, 'What teacher said about...', lists out the comments made about famous personalities by their teachers when they were young. Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, popular humour writer P G Wodehouse, and scientist and Nobel laureate John Gurdon - they have all had their share of negative remarks. But the achievements in their later lives speak for themselves.

    We do not say that parents should stop looking towards improving their child's school performance. Yet, for those parents who worry excessively about their child's marks and grades, this could come as an inspiration for instilling faith in their child's abilities and giving it a direction in a more controlled and calm manner. This will motivate you to look at your child and his hidden talents with an all-new perspective. The examples of these great men and women also remind us that we need to break away from the rat-race mind set and encourage children to chart their own path in life.

    So, take a look at our ClipBook.

    • What their teachers said...

      What their teachers said...

      Here's what their teachers said about Hitler, Tony Blair, Einstein, Fidel Castro, Princess Diana, John Lennon, Charlotte Bronte, Stephen Hawking and more. Lennon was described as hopeless while Prince Charles was a determined but slow pupil.

      More at: www.theguardian.com

    • Famous writers' report cards

      Famous writers' report cards

      Get to know about the performances of famous writers while they were in school. You'll notice that it was not very encouraging. And yet, that did not deter them from achieving great heights in life...

      More at: www.openculture.com

    • Revealing celebrity school reports

      Revealing celebrity school reports

      A bad school report may be no bad thing, if the old reports of talented celebrities like Stephen Fry and Woody Allen are anything to go by. Comedian and actor Stephen Fry was expelled from Uppingham School, having clearly tried the patience of teachers.

      More at: news.bbc.co.uk

    • Celebrity report cards: See which stars made the grade

      Celebrity report cards: See which stars made the grade

      The end of the school year is usually full of fun activities like field day, picnics, ice cream socials, and prom! But unfortunately, the fun for some can be overshadowed by the anticipation of receiving the dreaded report card. Since most of us have endured or continue to endure the grading process, we've taken it upon ourselves to see how the stars measured up in a few celebrity "classes."

      More at: celebrity.yahoo.com

    • High school report card of John Gurdon, winner of 2012 Nobel Prize for physiology

      High school report card of John Gurdon, winner of 2012 Nobel Prize for physiology

      The high school report card of John Gurdon, winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine, claimed science would be "a waste of his time". Featured here is an excerpt from his high school report card in the subject of biology, circa 1949. Gurdon claims his teacher's disparaging evaluation is the only item he has ever had framed.

      More at: io9.com

    • How did school affect famous people's careers?

      How did school affect famous people's careers?

      One of them was told that he just wasn't university material, the other that unless he got O-level maths at his sixth attempt he could not take up his exhibition to Cambridge. And that's just two presenters of University Challenge. Bamber Gascoigne pulled up his socks academically and Jeremy Paxman did his stuff mathematically; both show that it's possible to have a second chance at school and university.

      More at: www.independent.co.uk

    • 'You will amount to nothing in life': Celebrity School Report Quiz

      'You will amount to nothing in life': Celebrity School Report Quiz

      Which actress was told this at drama school? - "With so much in her favour, the student is hampered by weakness of voice. She seems to lack the confidence to project and make the most of the voice she does possess... otherwise it will be 'the films' for her, and that would be such a pity!"
      Any guesses?

      More at: www.independent.co.uk


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