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Confused what to name your little one? Take a look at the most popular baby names for 2019

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Every baby needs a name - there's no way around it! From Kalindi to Aruvi, Vihaan to Izhaan, Emma to Hima, here are suggestions for baby names that will soar up the charts in 2019

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Confused what to name your little one? Take a look at the most popular baby names for 2019

"With my baby due in three weeks, I had guests flowing into my house with wishes, gifts, and not to forget, loads of unsolicited baby name ideas.

While my father is trying hard to talk me into naming my baby Suryakanth, in the memory of one of my uncles who passed away, my mother-in-law is vouching for the name 'Annapoorna', showing her devotion to Goddess Parvati.

This made me feel like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place - both bad options. To top it all, my geeky eight-year-old cousin suggested Hermione from the Harry Potter book series," says Geetha, an expecting mom, from Chennai.

For parents-to-be, this is an all-too-familiar scenario. You have sifted through thousands of websites and received unasked-for advice to name your child. Yes, we understand. The lists of names out there can be overwhelming and so is the process of choosing a name.

Just like in 2018, this New Year too, we have found some interesting names that might hit the charts. With major influences from popular TV shows and celebrity baby names - we have covered it all.

So, if you are expecting a little addition to your family in 2019, here are some exciting names to choose from...

Movie-inspired names:

1. Simba:

Origin: The name Simba comes from Swahili (a language spoken in south-eastern Africa). The meaning of this name is 'Lion'.

Movie inspiration: The Lion King.

Numerology: The name corresponds to the number three. Individuals with this number are usually imaginative, fun, inventive and career-oriented.

2. Shiuli:

Origin: This popular name is of Indian origin. Shiuli is the name of the flower (night-flowering jasmine) which blossoms only in October. It is a small flower with white petals rooted to an orange stem.

Movie inspiration: October.

Numerology: The name adds up to the number six. Such people are believed to be strong and friendly. They are more kind to people and stay loyal to a close circle.

3. Kalindi:

Origin: Kalindi is a popular girl's name that has its roots in the Hindi language. The meaning of the name is the 'Sun'. It also refers to one of the seven sacred rivers in India.

Movie inspiration: Veere de wedding

Numerology: The number attached to this name is eight. The character traits of names associated with this number include charitable, trustworthy, and responsible.

4. Anna:

Origin: The name Anna is derived from the name Hannah used in the Greek and Latin Testaments. The name belongs to a prophetess who recognized Jesus as the Messiah.

Movie inspiration: Frozen

Numerology: The name corresponds to the number three. Character traits of names connected to this number include expressive, highly social and artistic.

Naming tip:

If you are a person with traditional values, the following trend in baby names may not appeal, but if you're unconventional, then you are going to love this trend! Instead of looking for a brand-new name, combine your name and your spouse's name to form a unique baby name. This gives you a hybrid name. This trend is currently popular in India and around the globe. After all, your baby is a blend of love from both of you, so why not show that through your baby's name?

Nature-inspired names:

1. Aruvi:

Origin: The name hails from India and it means 'Waterfall'.

Numerology: The name is said to have the value eight. Traits associated with the number are the strong power of creativity, confidence, and a highly developed sense of fashion.

2. Neeraj:

Origin: Neeraj is a masculine Indian name. It is derived from niraja (a Sanskrit word meaning nira-water, ja-born).

Numerology: The expression number for Neeraj is eight. The character traits associated with names that have this number include charitable, trustworthy and very creative.

3. Vihaan:

Origin: A strong Indian masculine name meaning 'Dawn', or 'The first ray of the sun'. The name refers to a new beginning or an awakening.

Numerology: The name falls under number two. People with names linked to this number are generally independent, ambitious, strong-willed and Inventive.

4. Prakrit/Prakriti:

Origin: Prakrit or Prakriti is an Indian name meaning 'Nature'.

Numerology: The name falls under the expression number two. People with names allied with this number are charming in nature, creative and open to communication.

Naming tip:

Struggling to pick a name that alludes to your combined family history and lineage? Worry not, we've got an idea. Giving ancestral names to newborns is common practice in India. However, if the name only refers to one side of the family, the others can end up feeling left out. A perfect solution to this is to combine the names of both families. This will delight both sides of the family and best of all, you are left with a special name for your little one. Isn't that a win-win situation?

Celebrity-born baby names

1. Tegh:

Origin: Tegh is a traditional Sikh name of Indian origin. The name means 'Wielder of the sword'.

Celeb Inspiration: Tegh Sonik is the first celebrity-born child of the year 2018, to proud parents, Sunidhi Chauhan and Hitesh Sonik. Tegh was born on 1 January 2018.

Numerology: The numerical value for the name is four. People associated with this number are considered ambitious, serious-minded, curious and balanced.

2. Zain:

Origin: A name derived from Arabic, meaning 'Beauty or grace'.

Celeb Inspiration: Zain Kapoor is Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput's second child, born on 5 September 2018.

Numerology: The name is associated with the number five. People with such names are successful, travelers and possessing boundless energy.

3. Izhaan:

Origin: Izhaan is an Indian name meaning 'Gift of God'.

Celeb inspiration: Sania Mirza delivered a beautiful baby boy on 29 October 2018. The much-awaited newborn was named Izhaan Mirza Malik.

Numerology: The name has the value four and people with such names are steady-minded, curious and success-driven.

4. Mehr:

Origin: Mehr is a Persian-origin name that means 'Blessing'.

Celeb Inspiration: Neha Dhupia who delivered her little angel on 18 November 2018, named her Mehr Dhupia Bedi.

Numerology: The name has the value eight. People with such names are usually fashionable, professional and focused on their goal.

TV show-inspired names

1. Arya:

Origin: The origin of the name is Sanskrit. The name means 'Honourable and noble'.

TV show inspiration: Game of Thrones.

Numerology: The numerical for the name is nine and people with this name are success-oriented, influential, friendly and inventive.

2. Jenna:

Origin: A Welsh name meaning 'Soft and smooth'.

TV show inspiration: Pretty Little Liars

Numerology: The number associated with this name is eight. Such people are self-disciplined, powerful and ambitious.

3. Saba:

Origin: With an Arabic origin, the name Saba means 'The early morning breeze'.

TV show inspiration: Big Boss

Numerology: The numerical associated with the name is five. Such people are generally successful, professional, calm and focused.

4. Emma:

Origin: The name Emma is of Spanish origin and means 'Whole or entire'.

TV show inspiration: Friends

Numerology: The number for Emma is five. People with names attached to this number are visionary, independent and adventurous.

Did you know?

People all over the world are taking their love for food to the next level by naming their babies with food names. As crazy as that sounds, these names also make it within the top 1000 names in the US Social Security's baby name database. Some common food baby names are Peaches, Olive, Nori, Maple, Clove, Honey, Coco and Basil.

So, ever thought of naming your baby Kiwi, Saffron, or Rosemary? Well, what can we say about trends, the unusual is the new usual!

Sports-inspired names:

1. Arjun:

Origin: A traditional Indian name which means 'Bright and clear'.

Inspiration: Arjun Tendulkar, son of Sachin Tendulkar, was selected for the U-19 Indian team this year.

Numerology: The name adds up to one in the numerical calendar. The people with this numerical are clear in their vision and independent in nature.

2. Prithvi:

Origin: A Sanskrit name which means 'A vast one'.

Inspiration: Prithvi Shaw, Indian cricketer and former captain of the Indian National U-19 team. He shot to fame when he scored a century in his very first international match.

Numerology: The name carries the expression number three, and has attributes like compassion, friendly and caring.

3. Hima:

Origin: Hima means 'Snow' and the name hails from India.

Inspiration: Nicknamed as the 'Dhing express', Hima Das is an Indian sprinter who holds the Indian national record in 400 meters, with a timing of 50.79s that she clocked at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Numerology: With the expression number four, people with this name are considered determined, serious-minded and possessing boundless talent.

4. Virat:

Origin: This name of Indian origin means 'Huge'.

Inspiration: The iconic Indian cricket team captain, Virat Kohli, stays on our chart again this year, inspiring many Indian hearts.

Numerology: The expression number for the name is seven. The name-bearer is said to have individuality and is considered a great influencer.

We love all these exceptional names; which one is your favorite?

As Indians, there is the steadfast belief that the attributes and morals linked to a name are beneficial to the child in the long run. Therefore, take your time and think through. Then, pick out the best of the best for your child, after all, it is something she will carry with her all her life.

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