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10 Books By Enid Blyton Your Child Must Read

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Enid Blyton has delighted children for ages through her books with her vivid descriptions and countless tales. Grab some of these timeless classics and let your kids go on an adventure of a lifetime!

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10 Books By Enid Blyton Your Child Must Read

"I always felt there was a place for me in all the books I read because that is what fantasy and fiction taught me. That I could belong anywhere because everything was possible." - Enid Blyton

Her books take young readers on exhilarating adventures to forests and mountains, through rough seas and storms, to circuses and farmhouses and even to magical lands with talking toys and flying chairs. Pretty much everywhere a child would dream of!

Enid Mary Blyton took children's writing to a whole new level through her striking descriptions of characters, places, experiences and food! Best remembered for her work in fictional series like The Faraway Tree, Noddy, The Famous Five Enid Blyton has been one of the most popular children's writers since the 1930s.

Her first book, Child Whispers, a 24-page collection of poems, was published in 1922, and since then her books have been translated into 90 languages and have sold more than 600 million copies. Blyton was inspired by Greek and Norse mythologies, many of which are reflected in her novels. Her immortal characters are strong, independent, defiant and adventurous, taking children's imagination to new heights. Here are some books we loved reading from her collection, and we hope your kids will enjoy them too.

1. The Faraway Tree Series

"A slide all the way down the Faraway Tree!" cried Jo, hardly believing his ears. "Good gracious! Whoever would have thought of that!"

Enid Blyton takes the readers on mind-blowing adventures in this series, along with siblings Jo, Fanny and Bessie, who discover the Enchanted Wood and the magic tree it houses, The Faraway Tree. The tree lives up to its name as its gnarly branches lead to queer, exciting places like the Land of Take-What-You-Want and the Land of Birthdays. It's amusing how Blyton has managed to name the peculiar folk of the Faraway Tree based on their character or looks Moonface whose face beams like the moon, Silky who has enviably long, silky hair, Dame Washalot who washes all day, Saucepan Man who covers himself with his many saucepans, the Angry Pixie and more. These folks are proof that friends stand up for each other, however different they may be. Introduce them to your kids and watch their imagination grow without bounds!

2. The Famous Five series

"A large ham sat on the table, and there were crusty loaves of new bread. Crisp lettuces, dewy and cool, and red radishes were side by side in a big glass dish, great slabs of butter and jugs of creamy milk."

One of the reasons I would pick a Famous Five book over others was for Enid Blyton's elaborate descriptions of such scrumptious meals. This series will take your kids to places they might never imagine! Julian, the responsible teen we wish we'd been, Dick, his cheeky brother, Anne, their sweet sister who loves to cook, George, a tomboy who doesn't answer to her name Georgina, along with her faithful dog Timothy aka Timmy, turn boring school holidays into wild, unforeseen adventures. They teach us to look out for family even in life-threatening situations. And also that being kind is a way of life. Let your kids go on exciting adventures with these children!

3. The Secret Seven series

"Oh, well," said Peter, "We'll just have to keep our eyes open and wait and see. If anyone hears of any good deed we can do, or of any mystery that wants solving, they must at once call a meeting of the Secret Seven. Is that understood?"

Peter, Janet, Jack, Barbara, George, Pam and Colin are part of a secret society called the Secret Seven, along with their excited dog Scamper. The children hold secret meetings at rundown houses or sheds, have their own badges, and even a password for the society meetings. Lured by out-of-the-normal events, they report findings at meetings and solve mysteries around town, giving private detectives a run for their money! Let your kids join the Secret Seven and bring out the detectives in them, while also having fun. Get your kid the first book and they will be asking for the whole series in no time!

4. The Wishing Chair series

"And then the most extraordinary thing of all happened! The chair they were in began to creak and groan, and suddenly it rose up in the air, with the two children in it!"

Enid Blyton keeps the readers hooked in her books but to think of a flying chair that could whisk you off to unknown lands, is beyond amazing! Peter and Mollie are two kind children who discover the wishing chair in an antique shop. The children hop onto the chair when it grows wings, and it takes them to queer places like the Land of Dreams, the village of the Grabbit Gnomes, Mister Grims School of Bad Brownies and even to a Giants castle where the siblings rescue a pixie named Chinky. After their ventures in these unknown lands, the children and Chinky hop back onto the chair, asking it to take them home, and voila wish granted! Now, who wouldn't want a chair like that? We bet your kids will be mind-blown with these adventures!

5. Amelia Jane series

"I shall dig in the sand and throw it over everybody!" said naughty Amelia Jane. "And I shall get my pail and fill it full of water and pour it down the golly's neck! Ho, won't he jump!"

This series of books talk about a naughty Amelia Jane, who is always up to mischief. She plays pranks on her friends and they try to teach her a lesson, but with numerous tricks up her sleeve, she gets back to them in no time! Enid Blyton adds a twist to this tale Amelia Jane is a handmade doll, and her friends are the toys, who all live in a kid's nursery. Blyton makes us laugh out loud with Amelia's playful behavior and ends each chapter with the lesson that mischief can be fun as long as it doesn't hurt others. It is heart-warming to see the toys stand up for Amelia even though she tricks them all the time what are friends for after all? Your kids will enjoy a good laugh while learning important values in life with this series!

6. The Five Find-outers series

"We'll be detectives!" said Daisy.
"What's a detective?" asked Bets.
"It's somebody who solves a mystery," said Larry, "Somebody who finds out who does a crime."
"Oh, a find-outer," said Bets. "I'd love to be that. I'm sure I would make a very good find-outer."

In this series, five kids and a dog take on the job of detectives and go about solving mysteries in Peterswood. Larry, Daisy, Pip, Bets and Fatty are the five find-outers and are accompanied by Fattys loyal dog, Buster. The curious children don't miss a mystery in the little village and go around collecting clues and evidence, talking to people and getting to know what really happened. Mr. Goon, the town policeman who gets beaten at every mystery by the children and Inspector Jenks who the children trust are other characters that make the plot amusing. Your kids will want to read all the fifteen books in this series, owing to Blyton's vivid narration and attention to detail. Let your child join this mystery club and solve a case or two!

7. St Clare's series

"You are suffering from Midnight Feast Illness! Aha! You needn't pretend to me! If you will feast on pork pies and sardines, chocolate and ginger-beer in the middle of the night, you can expect a dose of medicine from me the next day."

Identical twins Isabella and Pat O'Sullivan are forced to join St Clares, a new boarding school which their parents think will be a more sensible school, but the sisters think otherwise. They miss their previous school and old friends and learn they have to be more responsible here, sewing their own clothes, polishing their shoes and more. The twins always have each other's back, and this helps them stay together in work and fun. Despite the pressure of exams, tests, tempers and teachers, the girls manage to have a whirlwind experience with lacrosse games, tricks, pranks, midnight feasts, rescues and lovely friends. Let your kids know about the exciting life at a boarding school from these books!

8. Noddy

"His little round, wooden head began to nod madly. It always did when he was feeling very pleased. People were surprised when they saw his head nid-nid-nodding, but he couldnt help it."

Your kids probably know about Noddy from watching the cartoon on television. Noddy is a little wooden toy who is given the name owing to his fast, amusing nod. He lives in Toyland along with other toys like Tessie Bear, Bumpy Dog, Mr. Plod the policeman, and many others. His best friend who always has his back is Big-Ears, a brownie who lives in the woods in a toadstool house! Amusing details, right? Your kids will love Noddy for his happy-go-lucky nature, kind demeanor and his unbelievable fast nod! The little toy is hardworking, helpful, polite and never says no to a good adventure. Reading the books will help your kids live the world through Noddys bright blue eyes and help them see friendship in a new light.

9. Malory Towers series

"We all have good and bad in us, and we have to strive all the time to make the good cancel out the bad. We can never be perfect - we all of us do mean or wrong things at times - but we can at least make amends by trying to cancel out the wrong by doing something worthy later on."

This series also has a backdrop of a girls boarding school and is similar to the St Clares series. Darrell Rivers is a short-tempered young girl who starts her first year at Malory Towers, a school inspired by a castle, overlooking the sea. Despite extreme difficulties in controlling her temper and avoiding trouble, by the end of the first year she earns a best friend, Sally Hope. She grows more responsible each year at school and learns to handle her peers. Let your kids share the fun as Darrell whizzes past the many teachers and students as she tries to settle down at school. Enid Blyton has spread her school years over six books in the series. The series has been continued by another author, Pamela Cox and her next six books focus on the school life of Darrell's sister Felicity.

10. The Adventure series

"Well, you know what grown-ups are, said Dinah. They don't think the same way as we do. I expect when we grow up, we shall think like them - but lets hope we remember what it was like to think in the way children do."

Yet another series featuring children going on wild adventures, but different in its own way. Philip, Jack, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and a pet parrot Kiki set off on their own adventures, on islands, castles, mountains, and even at a circus. None of them live with their parents, so they understand and look out for each other. The children are happy and content having very little and are humble beyond imagination an important lesson for kids. Philip and Jack bond over their love for animals and the girls are polite, yet tough and level-headed. Blyton ensures the readers are hooked throughout the book, and help kids learn a thing or two about unearthing clues and solving mysteries. A good read on a lazy weekend!

Enid Blyton has been a favorite author of children across the world for a long time, and we are glad to have taken you down memory lane through some of her popular books. Some characters might have impacted or influenced your lives or changed the way you looked at life entirely! So why wait? Grab a copy for your kids and let them revel in the world of imagination and unforeseen adventure!

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