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Tell your child about why and how we celebrate Earth Hour every year (Earth Hour is on March 27, 2021 between 8.30 - 9.30 PM IST, observed by turning off non-essential lights)
Although this one-hour observation is only a symbolic event, encourage your children to think and express their concerns/views on how they would love to contribute to Save Nature and Mother Earth in the form of a painting, sketch or drawing.
Give a Caption to the drawing - Click Picture - Share them with us!
These small actions like drawing can surely be used as awareness-raising tool to spread powerful messages and lend a hand to Mother Nature.
Contest rules:
1. Please mention Name and Age of the Child [Category A: 5-8 years old , Category B: 9-12 years old]
2. One entry per participant
3. Posts will be judged according to their compliance with the rules of the contest and adherence to the theme.
4. Closing date: March 31, 2021 ... more

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  • Mar 17, 2021


Team ParentCircle Apr 9, 2021

WELL DONE everyone. We loved all the contributions. Here are our little WINNERS of the contest...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Team ParentCircle Apr 1, 2021

The Contest Stands Closed.

Watch this space for results...All the best everyone :)

Mansi Chaturvedi Mar 25, 2021

My 11-year-old daughter, Kashvi Chaturvedi feels it's in our hands to save the Earth from any kind of pollution and make this beautiful place breathable.

Jisha Varghese Mar 21, 2021

My daughter has painted a picture showing the importance of greenery on earth and intensity of heat from Sun.
Less forests more hot Sun.
Sufficient forest good climate.

Saju Johnson Mar 21, 2021

Good vegetation assures good rains,good air and proper balance in ecosystem.Deforestation leads to poor quality of air,drought,and no rains.Through this drawing my daughter is trying to convey the importance of saving trees from axes.

Sayoni Mondal Mar 20, 2021

Done by Aathavan Gopi Age 5 yrs

Smitha.R P Mar 18, 2021

Not for competition ( Heeral RP)
This science experimental demo was done in school last year . Heeral as mother Earth and thin protective layer surrounding the earth is Ozone layer .
Ozone layer protects the earth ... from .air pollution caused by factories, Refrigerators , AC etc has caused damage . This experimental demo is done in school .

Smitha.R P Mar 18, 2021

This art is done by Heeral ....12 years old

Smitha.R P Mar 18, 2021

Not for competition .
Sinchal has done fancy dress on Mother Earth when was 5 years old . ...."Earth was clean , water was fresh ...all creatures were happy . But because of pollution..has damaged our ecosystem . She gave the message to take care of Mother Earth as you take care of your mother

Smitha.R P Mar 18, 2021

Sinchal R P. 10 years