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Interests And Hobbies For Teenagers


Hobbies form an integral part of a teen’s life. Not only are hobbies fun but they also play a vital role in providing many . health benefits to teenagers.

According to, hobbies provide many benefits such as increased optimistic attitude towards life, increased creativity and a better ability to deal with stress. Sharing hobbies also enables teenagers to make new friends and explore new avenues.

The life of a teenager is constantly changing and teens need to keep themselves active because they tend to get bored easily. Nowadays, a majority of the teens are constantly on their digital devices such as phones and laptops.. However, one should always keep in mind that scrolling through social media sites and messaging friends is not to be confused with a hobby.

Some activities that qualify as hobbies include stamp collecting, writing a journal, puppetry, hula hoops, duct tape designing, theatre and acting, kite-making, assembling airplane and car models, origami, painting, cooking and photography.

The Broadway producer Oprah Winfrey dabbles in philanthropy; David Beckham loves fencing and tattoos and Tom Cruise loves to cook.

It is important for parents to have a say in their children’s hobbies because the interests of the children mirror in their thoughts and views on life. One should also remember that boys and girls have different interests and parents should support them equally.

To help you get your teen interested in some hobby, we have collected some useful links in our ClipBook. Take a look.


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