20 Baby Names Trending in 2017

Excited about the new arrival into your life and home ? Do not choose a boring name for your little one in a hurry. Here are some trendy names you can choose from that will make your child stand out

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20 Baby Names Trending in 2017

As a parent one of the biggest favours you can do to your child is giving him a unique name that will add to his personality and not be an embarrassment. A badly thought out name can make your child's life miserable to say the least. Think of a name that everyone will love but is still uncommon.

There are many things to take into consideration before naming your child. You need to be comfortable with the name you have chosen, so think twice about giving your child a name based on a random whim. Another thing you need to think about is the compatibility of the name with your child's surname. There is also a tendency these days to choose names beginning with ‘A’ as it helps to be at the top of the heap while seeking admissions etc. Traditionally, Indians chose baby names based on the time of birth and horoscope. It is also customary to name the child according to numerology, which means the name should add up to a number that is lucky for the baby.

Here we help you out with a curated list of 20 baby names which are making waves in 2017.

Celebrity-inspired names

When in doubt look at the Indian movie industry for inspiration. You can name your child after an actor who inspires you or after a star's child. When creativity isn't exactly your forte why not turn to the folks who make a living out of being artists.

Ranbir - This is a name of Punjabi origin and means brave warrior and winner in the war.

Numerology -- This name corresponds to the number 8. Number 8s are considered to be hard workers who will achieve what they want in life.

Similar names -- Ranbeer, Ranvir, Ranpreet

Surya - The word Surya in Sanskrit denotes the sun God. It is of both Indian and Indonesian origin.

Numerology - This name adds up to 3 numerologically. Some of the traits that number 3s display are enthusiasm, ambition and self sufficiency.

Similar names -- Suriya, Soorya, Saryu, Suraj

Aaradhya - The name is of Sanskrit origin and means worship or blessing.

Numerology -- 5 is considered to be the lucky number for this name. Number 5s are supposed to be sensitive and kind with a love for communication.

Similar names -- Aradhya, Aarshiya, Aadhya

Jhanvi - This is another name for the mighty river Ganga.

Numerology -- 1 is considered to be the lucky number here. Number 1s are natural born leaders, full of charisma and creativity. They are also known for their independent streak.

Similar names -- Jahnavi, Jahanvi, Jahnu

Tradition-inspired names

Traditional names are making a comeback. It's cool to go back to the roots and give your child a name that carries a certain gravitas and old world charm.

Siddharth - This is the original name of Lord Buddha and means 'one who accomplishes a goal'. It is of Sanskrit origin.

Numerology -- The lucky number for this name is 1.

Similar names -- Siddhartha, Siddhant

Arjun - This name has multiple meanings such as bright, clear and white. Mythologically, it is the name of one of the Pandavas.

Numerology - The name adds up to 1 in the numerical calendar.

Similar names -- Arjan, Arjna, Arjuni

Aparna - This is another name for the Goddess Parvathi. The name is of Indian origin and means without a leaf.

Numerology -- The lucky number for the name is 6 which means that girls with this name will be artistic and love all the fine things in life.

Similar names -- Abarna, Abharana, Apurna

Maya - This name is of Sanskrit origin and means magic or illusion. It is also considered to be another name for Goddess Durga.

Numerology -- The name adds up to 4. Number 4s are usually trustworthy and well-organised individuals.

Similar names -- Maia, Mia, Maayin

Here's a video that will tell you how you can choose the right name for your baby : 

Sports-inspired names

People with an inclination towards sports often name their children after well-known sporting personalities. As they aim for glory and strive towards achieving it through will power, naming your baby after a sportsperson sets them up to achieve great things.

Abhinav - This name is derived from the Sanskrit word abhinava which means young, novel and innovative.

Numerology -- The number associated with this name is 3.

Similar names -- Abhinay, Abhinava, Anubhav

Virat - If you want your child to be majestic and brilliant, one way of doing that will be naming him Virat. 7 is considered to be a very lucky number for people with this name. Number 7s tend to be intellectual and analytical.

Similar names -- Vairat, Virata, Virti

Sindhu - Sindhu means river or ocean. The word is of Sanskrit origin and could also refer to the mighty Indus river.

Numerology -- The lucky number for those with this name is 3.

Similar names -- Indu, Sindhya

Dipa/Deepa - This name means lamp and light.

Numerology -- 5 seems to be the lucky number for those with this name.

Similar -- Deep, Deepmala, Deepti

Literature-inspired names

The written word can often leave a lasting impact on readers, which they carry with them for the rest of their lives. Some characters don't just live in the pages of a tome, they live in our hearts as well. So there is no better way to pay homage than to name your child after such characters or the authors who created them.

Arya - If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, then this is a good name for your child be it a boy or a girl. The name means noble or great in Sanskrit.

Numerology -- The name adds up to the number 9. This indicates that those with this name will be very active and make for great competitors.

Similar names -- Aryan, Aarya, Ariana

Anita - Anita Desai is one of India's most well-known literary stars. Anita is derived from the Hebrew word hanna which translates to grace in English.

Numerology -- This name adds up to the number 9.

Similar names -- Aneet, Anata

Abhimanyu - In the Indian epic of Mahabharata, Abhimanyu is the son of Arjuna and Subhadra, who is slain in the Kurukshetra battle. The name means passionate and heroic.

Numerology -- This name adds up to the number 4.

Similar names - Samanyu, Abhinay

Agastya - If Vedic literature is your thing, then you will be familiar with Saint Agastya. He is a great sage and considered father of the Tamil language. The name means one who humbles the mountain.

Numerology -- The number for this name is 2 and indicates a person with a diplomatic and easy going nature.

Similar names -- Atharva, Dhyeya

Jason - If you are an avid reader of spy thrillers, then you will not be stranger to this name. The character created by well-known author, Robert Ludlum, derives his name from the Greek word isathai which means 'to heal'.

Similar names -- Jasone, Josiane

Numerology -- The lucky number for this name is 5.

Names that begin with two As

Names which begin with double As have become quite popular in India. It has a lot of significance numerologically and astrologically.

Aarav - The meaning of the word Aarav means is wisdom. It is also derived from the Sanskrit word rav meaning melodious music and denotes a person .

Numerology -- The name adds up to the number 7.

Similar names -- Aarvi, Atharv

Aayush - This Sanskrit word means age, lineage and duration of life. It could also indicate a person who will live a long life.

Numerology -- The lucky number for this name is 3 and denotes an easy-going and open-minded person.

Similar names -- Ayushi, Ayush, Aisha

Aaryahi - Aaryahi is a Sanskrit origin word which means initiation to the truth. It is another name for the Goddess Durga.

Numerology -- This name adds up to the number 9.

Similar names -- Aarya, Aarayah

Naming your child is one of the first decisions you get to make as a parent. William Shakespeare may have asked “what's in a name” and down played the significance of it. But giving a solid name can give your child a good start in the world and propel him towards greatness. 

A beautiful name is the best gift you can give your newborn. There are a lot of things that parents need to consider while naming their baby. For suggestions on this you can look up this clipbook :   

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