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Naming Your Child

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As a parent, a name is the first gift you will be giving your baby. Picking a name for your little one is probably the first big parenting decision you will be making, and this parenting decision will stick with your child, most probably for the rest of her life.

Though it is extremely normal for parents to get confused at this stage, it is also important that you and your spouse arrive at a consensus about it. Do you hate everyone of your partner’s suggestion? And is your partner rejecting your favourite choices? Here is how you can pick a baby name without feeling like picking up a fight with each other. An article in the Bump says, “If your husband consistently vetoes your choices, ask him to supply a reasonable alternative. Maybe the problem is that he's feeling left out of the process. By brainstorming side by side you'll be less likely to form separate camps and have a better chance of finding the perfect name... together.”

While en process of finding this perfect name, there are several things you need to consider before giving your child a name. From the length of the word to the popularity of the name, anything can make your child love or loathe her name. For more suggestions on how to give your child a lifetime asset, go through this ClipBook.


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