10 Must-Read Pregnancy Books For Expecting Mothers

From feeling wonderful to worrying about weight gain and back pain, pregnancy can be an ever-changing journey. Cast your fears aside and be a confident mom-to-be armed with these best-selling books.

By Aarthi Arun  • 8 min read

10 Must-Read Pregnancy Books For Expecting Mothers

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey but can sometimes be as confusing as it is exciting. Morning sickness, weight gain, bloating, heartburn, swelling and other weird symptoms can be both puzzling and scary for expecting mothers. Not to mention the information overload from the Internet and, well-meaning but unsolicited advice from friends and relatives! If you’re looking to have a healthy pregnancy and keep up with your little one right from her earliest days, here is reliable advice: a list of pregnancy books from experts, especially curated for you.

1. What to Expect When You're Expecting by Heidi Murkoff

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

This extremely popular and critically acclaimed book has become nothing short of a bible on pregnancy. In simple language, the book explains your baby’s growth month-by-month and, gives you handy tips to ensure a healthy pregnancy. The book also answers your questions on uncommon pregnancy symptoms.

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2. The Pregnancy Handbook For Indian Moms: A Doctor's Answers To All Your Questions by Dr Vinita Salvi

Publisher: Penguin

Penned by one of the top gynaecologists in India, this book gives advice on diet and exercise, while walking you through your body changes, trimester-wise. Additionally, the book details what tests you need to take every trimester and guides you on what to do in case you fall sick during your pregnancy. There is also a section on high-risk pregnancy. The easy language and warm tone make this book a sure winner.

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3. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy by pregnancy experts at Mayo Clinic

Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books

If you’re looking for an authoritative and reliable book on pregnancy, look no further than this beautifully illustrated book from Mayo Clinic. With a well-planned layout and helpful charts, this comprehensive book has information on your baby's growth and your pregnancy-related changes. Without using medical jargon or complex language, the book and it's objective tone will leave you completely reassured.

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4. Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy by Gita Arjun

Publisher: Westland

With gorgeous illustrations, this book by Dr Gita Arjun educates and inspires you at the same time. With this in hand, you will be able to understand and enjoy those nine months. It strikes the right balance and provides just enough information without overwhelming you. And it arms you with the confidence necessary to tackle your pregnancy breezily by busting myths and misinformation. You will especially appreciate the clear and concise language.

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5. Pregnancy by Nutan Pandit

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Pregnancy will help you face your fears and apprehensions about pregnancy head-on. From breathing patterns to relaxation exercises and positions during labour, this book gives you solutions based on wisdom from science, as well as from tested home remedies. Chock-full of practical information, this book can also make a great gift for dads-to-be.

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6. The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book edited by Dr Maggie Blott

Publisher: DK

Through the incredible photographs and lavish illustrations in this best-selling book, you can see your baby’s growth and your body’s changes with utmost clarity. The book’s expert panel includes world-renowned obstetricians, midwives and other parents, who share tips and tricks. So you get a helping hand along your exciting pregnancy journey.

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7. Pregnancy Notes: Before, During & After by Rujuta Diwekar

Publisher: Westland

From one of India’s leading nutritionist comes this informative book. Pick this book for its solid advice on fitness, nutrition and sleep during pregnancy. The author takes inspiration from Indian heritage and culture to gather some inside tips from grandma. This must-read guide will also help you in easing out your stress and anxiety levels.

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8. Own the Bump by Payal Gidwani Tiwari

Publisher: Penguin Ebury Press

Payal Gidwani Tiwari, a yoga expert, prepares your mind, body and soul for a healthy pregnancy through this brand-new book. Through the asanas in the book, you can train your body for delivery by building strength and stamina. From pre-conception to post-delivery, this book can be your friendly companion.

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9. Fit Pregnancy: The Complete Health Plan For You And Your Baby by Namita Jain

Publisher: Collins India

If you think you have too many questions on pregnancy, then this is the book for you. From sitting comfortably to travelling right, this book answers every possible question you might have. Fitness expert, Namita Jain leaves nothing unsaid – there is information on shopping right, recipes, exercise routine and much more. With this book in hand, you’re all set to have a fit pregnancy.

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10. Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar by Shree Balaji Tambe

Publisher: Sakal Prakashan

Originally published in Marathi, this book is based on the age-old science of Ayurveda. It aims to bring balance in mothers-to-be by taking care of their physical, mental and spiritual health. The elaborate book starts right from pre-conception and deals with your child’s well-being until the age of two. You can get tips on every aspect of your pregnancy from nutrition and exercise to the type of music you can listen to. The herbal oil massages and health tonics recipes can be blissful additions to your relaxation routine. 

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These are trusted companions to be referred to, time and again. So that you have a safe, happy and healthy pregnancy.  

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